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Do men and women need the HPV vaccine?

Writing note showing  Hpv. Business photo showcasing Human Papillomavirus Infection Sexually Transmitted Disease Illness written Painted background Crumpled Paper Balls next to it.

What is HPV?

HPV is a group of viruses passed on through unprotected sex. It’s the most common sexually transmitted disease in the world and is linked to some cancers as well as other conditions such as warts or verrucas.

Most people don’t know they carry HPV, because it usually doesn’t cause any symptoms. While there isn’t a cure, the immune system fights off HPV in most cases. The problem with HPV is that high-risk infections can cause complications, such as cancer, while the virus is in the body.

In 2008, however, a vaccine became available. Since then, it has since been given to girls between 12 and 18 years to protect them against numerous HPV strains before they are at most risk. And it’s soon to be on offer for boys.

Who does HPV affect?

Anyone can catch HPV, both men and women. Although many people believe it’s only linked to cervical cancer, it can, in fact, cause other genital, anal and oropharyngeal cancers.

Because 99.7% of cervical cancers are caused by HPV, schoolgirls across England have been given the vaccine. Most girls receive it when they are 12, because they are much less likely to be sexually active at this age.  Testing has found the vaccine to be highly effective and it is now going to be rolled out to teenage boys, too.

red aids ribbon in hand. soft focus on ribbon

Why are boys getting the HPV vaccine?

Research has shown that two types of HPV, 16 and 18, are linked to anal, penile and some head and neck cancers. By giving teenage boys the vaccine before the majority of them are sexually active, it is hoped they will be at a much lower risk of developing these illnesses. It also protects against the strains of HPV that cause 90% of genital warts.

The benefits don’t stop there. Herd immunisation is a method that helps protect non-immunised people by reducing the level of potential threats. With fewer people carrying HPV (thanks to the immunisation), there is also a lower likelihood of people who haven’t had the vaccine catching the virus.

Should men and women get the HPV vaccine?

The HPV vaccine is given to girls (and soon boys) up to 18, because it’s best to have it before someone is sexually active. Having said that, the vaccine can protect against future infections if someone has already had sex and had the virus in their system. That’s why adults up to the age of 45 can also get the vaccine, but it will usually have to be organised privately.

On the other hand, men who have sex with men can now get the vaccine through the NHS, as long as they’re under the age of 45. It’s because they’re not protected through herd immunisation, with their sexual partners also unvaccinated. They can arrange it through sexual health and HIV clinics, and it’s free of charge, so it’s hugely encouraged.

How can people over 18 get the HPV vaccine?

Even if you’re outside the NHS age window for the HPV vaccine, you can still get the jabs before you turn 45. It’s a course of three injections in the upper arm, and you can arrange it through immunisation clinics, such as Superdrug Health Clinics.

Getting tested for HPV

Currently, all women over the age of 25 (or those with a cervix) are screened for HPV when they attend their smear (or cervical cancer) appointment.  However, Superdrug do offer an at home HPV self-test kit, which is sent safely through the post and all results are treated with 100% confidence.

For men, some clinics will offer the HPV test if you are considered particular high risk, such as men who have sex with men.

Find out more about the HPV virus and other health services offered by Superdrug on the website today.


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What is Retinol?

Woman staring in mirror after using retinol skincare products

Those in the beauty biz (think dermatologists, editors, vloggers) have been raving about retinol for years. Scratch that, decades! But let’s be honest, sometimes all the jargon can be a little bit over our heads. We’ve sorted through the facts and the stats and have translated all the industry lingo so that your skincare regime can start reaping the benefits of this wonder ingredient. You can thank us later!    

Woman staring in mirror after using retinol skincare products

It may hide behind a scary, science-y name but to put it simply, retinol is a form of Vitamin A. Not so scary now, right? Retinol is an ingredient that is used in skincare products (serums, creams) because of its super power ability to speed up skin cell renewal and enhance collagen production.

Why use Retinol?

So you’ve heard the hype and want to know why beauty bloggers, facialists and your bff’s-cousins-stepsister swears by it?

Well, it’s an anti-ageing hero that can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, dark spots and wrinkles. Not only is it said to reverse the signs of ageing after daily use, but it can also act as a preventive measure too.

Studies have shown that using an over-the-counter product with 0.1% retinol (for prolonged, regular use) showed significant improvement to wrinkles, with visible results as early as one month.

How does it Work? 

Here comes the science lesson. When retinol is applied to the skin it is absorbed, broken down and transformed into retinoic acid. This compound can then impact cell structure (stimulate collagen/cell renewal process).

This conversion process doesn’t happen immediately when you use a skincare product containing retinol, it can sometimes take several applications before it then changes into retinoic acid. For faster, more immediate results you can turn to retinoids, but these are only available on a prescription basis.

Where Can I Find Retinol Products? 

There are many serums and creams that are available to buy in-store and online that feature this wonder ingredient. To figure out which skincare product features retinol always check the labels.  Or to get you started, here's a sneak peak at Olay's range of Retinol infused products...

Olay Olay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Cream Treatment Deep Wrinkles 15ml £29.99 Buy Now
Olay Olay Retinol24 Night Serum With Retinol & Vitamin B3 40ml £34.99 Buy Now
Olay Olay Retinol24 Night Face Moisturiser with Vitamin B3 50ml £34.99 Buy Now

OK, so what’s the catch?

Retinol may seem like it ticks every one of your boxes but it does come with fair warning. As retinol is quite a potent ingredient, when overused it could cause dryness and irritation. It can also potentially increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, so always finish your routine with an SPF-packed product to counteract this.

And if you have sensitive skin, approach the ingredient with caution. Skincare products can vary between 0.1% retinol up to 1%, so always check the label before use and seek advice if you’re a retinol newbie.

The best way to introduce retinol into your skincare regime is to start with a low concentration until you build up your tolerance bit-by-bit. If you experience any redness or peeling from a higher dose then limit your retinol usage or lower the concentration.

Now you’ve got retinol down, here’s everything you need to know about hyaluronic acid…  

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The ultimate guide to foundation

set of b. makeup brushes with swatches of foundation and powder

Foundation is the makeup bag essential. A girl and her foundation is one of the strongest bonds in the world - and with good reason. Learn everything you need to know (and find your perfect match) with our easy guide to foundation. 

three b. makeup brushes with swatches of foundation and powder

What does it do?

Foundation is your makeup’s support system – a right hand man, if you will. For most people, it’s the first step in their daily routine (after moisturising and priming, ofc). It helps to cover imperfections, minimise pores, and neutralise skin tones – leaving you with flawless skin. Some even come with added properties such as SPF, to keep your skin healthy and glowing. What more could you want?!

With endless shades, coverage, and finishes (we could go on), there’s a foundation for everyone. Whether you’re fighting breakouts or after a picture-perfect complexion, it’s a makeup bag essential.

Find your shade

The first step in finding your perfect foundation is finding the right shade. Otherwise, you’ll be dangerously close to looking like a wotsit. To find the right shade, you need to look at your skin’s undertone. Your undertone unlocks the secret as to why some foundations may look like your type on paper, but actually look ridic in real life.

Luckily, there’s a super easy way to figure out your undertones using the veins on your arms:


Cool undertones: If they look blue or purple, you probably have cool undertones. Opt for foundation with pink undertones to compliment you.

Warm undertones: If they appear green, you probably have warm undertones. Opt for foundation with yellow undertones.

Neutral undertones: If they’re a blue-green, you probably have neutral undertones. Opt for foundations with slightly golden or peachy undertones.

Foundation for skin types

Foundation is basically you in a group project – it does it all. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, ageing skin, or acne-prone skin, there’s a foundation that will fix your woes pronto.

Acne-prone skin: A full coverage foundation will hide blemishes whilst a matte finish will stop any attention being drawn to the breakouts you want to cover.

Ageing skin: Avoid full coverage as they may build up in fine lines and wrinkles– drawing attention to them. Opt for lightweight finishes to hide blemishes without highlighting signs of age.

Dry skin: Don’t be tempted by heavy coverage as it will just flake away. A moisturising, lightweight foundation is your best bet. If your skin is super dry, a tinted moisturiser, BB, or CC cream might be better for you.

Oily skin: Opt for a medium or full coverage and a mattifying finish to fight shine. Even better, you could go for an oil-free foundation.

Flawless finish

We’re almost done – promise! The grand finale of foundation types is the finish.

Natural: Perfect to trick people into thinking you’re not wearing makeup.

Matte: An evening-look fave. The formula soaks up excess oil, so is great for those with oily skin.

Satin: Gives you a healthy glow. Perfect for those with dry skin a it’s not drying.

Luminous: An illuminating, radiant, glow. Perfect with those who have normal or dry skin.

How to apply

Now you know all about foundation, you need to know how to apply it. The most popular methods are…

Using a sponge: A blending sponge gives you an airbrushed finish. If you want supermodel skin: Wet the sponge, squeeze out excess water, and dab it in foundation. Then lightly tap all over your skin, turning slightly to blend.

Using a brush: The OG way to apply flawless foundation. Swipe from the centre of your face outwards to avoid streaks. Make sure you keep your brushes clean!

Using your hands: If you’re on the go, you can apply your foundation using your fingers. Work from the centre and blend out to avoid streaks. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, it’s best to avoid this method.

Now you know all about foundation, why don’t you explore ours?

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What vaccinations do I need for Thailand?

Railay beach in Krabi Thailand

Famed for its golden beaches, floating markets, opulent temples, delicious street food and raucous full moon parties – it’s no wonder Thailand is nicknamed The Land of Smiles!

While you’re planning your trip of a lifetime, it can be easy to forget the less-exciting things such as vaccinations, but these things have got to be done so you can enjoy your holiday to the max! Soz.

Luckily, Superdrug have made it easy. If you’re wondering ‘what vaccinations do I need for Thailand?’ Don’t worry, Superdrug’s Travel Clinic has you covered by offering a wide range of vaccinations and a simple appointment booking process.

So, if you’re getting geared up to visit Thailand this summer, here is what you need to know about protecting yourself against illnesses, infections and diseases.

Get vacay ready with your vaccinations

Before you can start thinking about packing your bikini’s and jetting off, it’s important to know there are a couple of recommended vaccinations you should have at least 6-8 weeks before you leave.

Wat arun in sunset at Bangkok,Thailand


Tetanus is contracted through infected cuts, wounds and burns and is a potential threat in areas where medical care is limited. So, if you’re off up into the mountains or another rural area, get yourself protected. The majority of people will have had a tetanus injection at some point in their life, but if it has been more than 10 years since your last one - it’s best to get yourself a booster injection.

Hepatitis A

Hep A is spread through contaminated food and water – and just like food poisoning, you won’t know you’ve come into contact with it until it’s too late. Hep A symptoms are particularly nasty and can stop your holiday in its tracks quicker than you can say ‘Pad Thai, please!

Think high temperatures, severe nausea, vomiting, back and joint pain.  Not a good look when you’re loving life on the beach, so get your Hep A dose booked in.


And you may also want to consider…

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is spread by mozzie bites, and you best believe us, Thailand is well-known for its mosquito population! The yellow fever vaccination is NOT mandatory if you’re coming straight from the UK. However, if you’re coming from a country with a high yellow fever risk, such as certain countries in Africa, Central and South America then you’ll need to be vaccinated and travel with the certificate you receive to prove you are protected.

If you will be visiting rural areas, paddy fields or jungle areas in Thailand you may want to consider the vaccination, however chances of contacting yellow fever are low.

Other ways to protect yourself from mozzie bites is to simply keep covered up with long sleeves and trousers and spray yourself liberally with insect repellent – especially near water and in the evening.

Group of young adult friends outdoors recreational leisure, freedom and adventure concept

Is there a risk of Malaria?

Unfortunately, yes, but not everywhere. Thailand has an ongoing problem with mosquitoes, especially in lowland paddy fields and rural parts of the country where they breed and love to attack unsuspecting tourists and their exposed skin!

If you are planning to  go exploring off the beaten track, getting a course of malaria tablets is the best way to go. You will usually need to start a course a few days before you leave, so be prepared and arrange these at least a week before.

Top 10 things to try in Thailand 

Of course, visiting Thailand isn’t all about the health risks! Once you get there, with your vaccinations doing their thang, you can fully enjoy the sights and sounds this amazing country has to offer.

Stuck for ideas or first time visiting? Here’s a few ideas to get you in the holiday mood…

Wat Phra Kaew Ancient temple in bangkok Thailand
  1. Visit as many of Thailand’s 30k + temples as you can
  2. Eating on a budget? Street food doesn’t get much better than in Thailand!
  3. Had a long day? Treat yourself to a world-famous Thai massage
  4. Take to the waters and shop at a floating market
  5. Party like no one is watching at a full or half-moon party in Koh Phangan
  6. Take a trip in a TukTuk (but agree a price before jumping in!)
  7. Experience the truly amazing Maeklong Railway Market
  8. Practise your bartering skills and shop ‘till you drop in one of Thailand’s many (many) markets
  9. Go Island hopping from Phuket or Krabi and experience the golden sands, crystal blue waters and oh-so Instagrammable scenery
  10. Learn a thing or two about delicious Thai cuisine by taking a Thai cooking class.

Are you ready to experience all Thailand has to offer?

Find out more about Superdrug travel vaccinations and book an appointment below - happy holidays!

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How to get a Dewy Summer Glow

Summer Glow feature image

Summer and sun-kissed skin go hand-in-hand. But, often that natural, healthy glow needs a little helping along. A little sculpting here, a little dusting of shimmer there. Yes, it’s time to fake it ‘til you make it. Achieve a dewy, summer glow without having to spend any time soaking up the rays with our step-by-step tutorial. Hello, golden goddess!

How can I achieve a Dewy Summer Glow?

  • Illuminator
  • Foundation brush
  • Oval brush
  • Matt bronzer
  • Shimmer bronzer

Step 1 – Mix foundation with illuminator

Dewy summer glow step 1

Take your everyday foundation and add a few drops of illuminator to the formula. You can do this in a palette or on the back of your hand. Mix with a foundation brush before applying as normal.   

Step 2 – Apply blusher all over the face

Dewy summer glow step 2

Using a blusher brush, apply a matt bronzer all over the face following the natural contours of the face.

Step 3 – Apply shimmer bronzer

Dewy summer glow step 3

Taking a layered shimmer bronzer, apply to the hollows of the cheeks to add subtle definition.

Top Tip: Use an oval brush to do this as opposed to a traditional blusher brush to pack in as much pigment and shine on application. It’s also better at blending colour for a more natural finish.

Step 4 – Finish with highlighter

Dewy summer glow step 4

Targeting the highest points of your face, apply a highlighter with your fingertips. Use under brow arches, above cheekbones, centre of the forehead, down the nose, chin, and on the Cupid’s bow. Finish with a little dab of highlighter in the corner of the eyes for a more wide-eyed look. 

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Why men need moisturiser too

Welcome to skincare 101. If you’re baffled by bottles, lost by lotions and potions, and feeling you need a degree in chemistry to understand the beauty products you see in the bathroom cabinet, we’re here to help. And we’re starting with the one essential you should be using. Say hello to a daily moisturiser – twice daily, actually, in the morning and before bed. Still sceptical? Here’s why you should spare a few seconds for this habit.


What does it do?

Well, let’s look at what it says on the tin. It moisturises, aka it keeps your skin feeling hydrated – like giving your face a drink of water. And, no, you can’t just chuck a glass of water at your face – that’s not how skin works. Think of your face as paint on a car – over time it gets cracked and brittle, and what’s underneath isn’t protected. In the same way, if you leave your face to dry out, you’ll find it soon becomes sore, chapped and lined. Moisturiser gives you a coat of protection, which is essential for anyone who shaves regularly or spends a lot of time outdoors.

How do I know which one to buy?

Before you go in store, you need to know what skin type you are. Here are some hints and recommendations.

Sensitive skin

This means your skin can be red and sore, it sometimes stings when you put products on it, and it becomes inflamed after shaving.

Your prescription: Avoid anything fragranced or containing alcohol. Superdrug Men’s Grooming 24-Hour Hydrating Moisturiser is created especially for this skin type, and is soothing and non-sticky.

Dry skin

This can be a bit flaky, it feels a bit tight after washing and never looks shiny. You tend not to suffer from breakouts.

Your prescription: Vitamin E is great for dry skin, and Nivea Men Intensive Moisturising Cream has heaps of it.

Oily skin

You can look quite shiny, especially in the T-zone (across forehead and nose). You might have a few blackheads and the odd spot.

Your prescription: You might think you don’t need more moisture if you’re already oily. WRONG. A moisturiser specifically for oily skin will help balance skin out. Choose a mattifying one like L’Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Moisturising Gel if you want to banish the shine.

Normal skin

A little bit of shine/oil across your nose, but cheeks and chin feel soft to the touch.

Your prescription: For you it’s more about preference. You can choose between gels and creams, or go for the added extras of anti-ageing or anti-fatigue. A good everyday product to start with is Bulldog Original Moisturiser.

Ageing skin

You've started to notice a few fine lines on your forehead and around your eyes and quite frankly, you're keen to put a stop to 'em.

Your prescription: It's time to get a little serious with your skincare. Look out for thicker, creamier textures with added SPF (the sun's rays are responsible for most of the signs of ageing) and anti-ageing ingredients. B. Men Firm Anti-Ageing Moisturiser is affordable and effective - it's formulated with Coenzyme Q10 – antioxidant protection whilst reducing the depth of wrinkles - so spot-on for adding to your anti-ageing arsenal. 

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A guy’s guide to getting summer-ready

man lying on a beach in warm weather

If you live in the UK, you’ll be used to spending, oh, about 10 months of the year in your puffer jacket with your brolly a permanent fixture in your backpack. But with summer about to rear its heatwave head, your three pairs of holiday shorts are about to be called up for action. If you’re anything like us, though, your bod’s probably resembling a sun-starved cactus – all pasty flesh and not-so-smooth skin. So what’s a guy to do to ensure he’s not caught short during sun’s-out-guns-out season? Sort it, that’s what. Here’s how…

man lying on a beach in warm weather

Scrub up

When your skin hasn’t seen the light of day for most of the year, it’s going to need as much attention as you give your pint in the pub. Start by scrubbing up in the shower. This doesn’t have to be elaborate – you just need to add an extra step to your not-quite-a-regime regime. Simply add a scoop of exfoliator to your body wash and massage it all over, paying special attention to your knees, feet and other scaly spots. Try drizzling Palmer's Cocoa Butter Cocoa Body Scrub into Nivea For Men Silver Protect Shower Gel.

Make time to trim

While you might be able to get away with your best Chewbacca impression from October to April, come May, you’ve gotta do some manscaping before that T-shirt comes off. For a neat finish, comb your hair in the direction of growth and then get to trimming with a hair-snipping tool, such as the BaByliss For Men Acublade Lithium Multi Trimmer. Finish with a lick of B. Men Daily Moisture Cream to soothe any redness. 

Max out on moisture

The speediest route to summer skin? Clue: it starts with ‘hyd’ and ends in ‘rate’. That’s right, moisturiser ain’t just for the ladies – us men need it, too. But we get that it can seem like a whole lot of faff, with all that massaging and smoothing in. So, instead, go for a spray-on solution like Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair, which you can apply straight to shower-fresh skin. Be sure to do it every time you wash, though.   

A man with a tan

Skin that hasn’t seen any sun rays for a while is probably in need of a lick of colour. For a no-fuss, man-friendly way to get golden, try a gradual tanner like Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam For Men. Massage into clean, dry skin and wash your hands after use. You don’t want Tango’d mitts to give away your glow game.  

And there you have it. Four guy-friendly tips to get you well and truly ready for burger-and-beer season. See you in the park.

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Your Guide to Mini Toiletries and Travel Bottles

mini toiletries

No space in your suitcase? No worries! We’re here with a quick guide on what multitasking mini toiletries and travel bottles to take with you. It’s time to economise on precious luggage space, while making sure you look and feel fabulous.

mini toiletries

What Mini Toiletries and Travel Bottles Should I Definitely Pack?

Travel Dry Shampoo Bottles

Your trusty mini dry shampoo spray will not only help to keep your hair fresh between washes, but also help to keep the sand off your legs and feet if you are planning a beach getaway. This is because dry shampoo has talcum powder in its ingredients, which removes moisture from your skin, making sand simply fall off.

Plus, if it’s extremely hot, you can also spray a small amount around your arm pit area to prevent painful rubbing.

Mini Hair Conditioner Bottle

The humble hair conditioner is also a true multitasker. Not only will it work hard to keep your hair ends luscious and healthy, it can also dub as a shaving cream.

Perfect for when you quickly want to shave your legs before popping out.

Mini Hairspray

Sometimes hair can get frizzy when you are out and about in the sun. To tame unruly locks, simply go for strong hold hair spray and fix your hair in place.

It’s equally as good if you are going on a mountain retreat where the cold air tends to create static in your hair. With hairspray, static in your locks won’t zap you anymore!

Makeup Removal Pads

Makeup removal pads are a perfect way to take your makeup off after a busy day. If it’s really hot and some ice cream dripped onto your hand, they are also super handy to give your hands a quick clean between washes.

After Sun Cream

While a lot of us prioritise SPF sun block, it's important to remember after sun care is equally as crucial. Your skin needs a moisturising and soothing treatment after being out in the sun all day, and an after sun cream can do just the trick. If you are trying to save space in your bag, feel free to leave body butter out as after sun cream can work as both.

SPF Sun Protection

An absolute essential when out and about at the beach, the SPF cream can be a true multitasker. Some may come with insect repellent ingredients, tanning accelerator, extra moisturiser and more. It's a good idea to always have one mini bottle in your beach bag - it's fantastic for top ups.

It always pays to go for multitasking mini toiletries and travel bottles that work extra hard to keep you looking and feeling great while saving valuable luggage space.

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How to choose the right bronzer for your skin tone

set of makeup brushes with colourful swatches of makeup powders

Even if you’re walking around like a human burrito in a million jumpers, you can still have a golden glow. Yep, you can look like you’ve just got back from a tropical vacay even in the dead of winter. How? A sweep of bronzer is a game changer. We know, we know, bronzer can be a little daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Just find the right shade (we’ve got a guide right here – how handy?!) and you’ll never look back.

set of makeup brushes with colourful swatches of makeup powders


So how do you find the right shade? It’s simple, people! Just look at your skin tone. The secret to having the glow of your dreams is right there. First, you need to consider your complexion…

Fair: Lighter shades with pink tones compliment pale skin
Olive: Warm, golden undertones will look amaze on your warm skin
Medium: A pop of peach will totally upgrade your bronzer
Dark: Deep, brassy bronzers are the ones for you

All about undertones

Got it? Good. Now it’s time to get deep. Real deep – we’re looking at our skin’s undertones. And no, you don’t have to be a scientist to do this. It’s actually pretty simple.

How to figure out undertones

Think about when you were last sipping cocktails by the pool. How did your tan get on? If you tanned like it’s your day job, you may have warm undertones. If you tried your hardest to tan but ended up burning and as pale as ever, you may have cool undertones. If you’re somewhere in the middle, you probs have neutral undertones.

If you haven’t seen the sun in forever, dw – we’ve got you. Think about your fave jewellery. Do you go for gold or silver? If you think golden jewellery suits you best, you probably have warm undertones. If silver if your vice, you probably have cool undertones. And if you’re one of those lucky colour chameleons, you probably have neutral undertones.

What do I do with this info?

Now you know your undertones, it’s time to choose a bronzer that’s gonna leave you golden.

Warm undertones: Aren’t you lucky? Pretty much all bronzers complement you. If you really want to dazzle, golden bronzers are your bff.

Cool undertones: If you have cool undertones, getting peachy with your bronzer is your secret weapon.

Neutral undertone: Finding the perf bronzer is tricky if you’ve got neutral undertones (boo). To avoid unnatural looking faux paus, swap your bronzer for a pressed powder. If you really want to get your bronze on, opt for pink tones.

Now you know all about bronzers, why don't you get your glow on?

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Makeup tips and tricks with vegan cosmetics

makeup artist showing off products for hacks

One of the best things about makeup is being able to experiment – lab coats on, people! If you like being playful with your products, you’ve come to the right place to learn a few more tricks. Highlighting with blush? Multitasking makeup? Achieving pro results with simple techniques? We’re game for aaaaaall of that. When you want to be a makeup rebel, you need to get the pros involved, so we asked makeup artist Rebecca Barnes to show us how it’s done. She came up with game-changing tips and tekkers that you can use in your makeup routines to give your look that lil summin’ special. And as if that wasn’t enough, this has all been done using vegan makeup – so there’s really nothing holding you back if you wanna go a bit wild.


Forget dabbing, we’re all about draping – the technique used by profesh MUAs when they sculpt the face using blush. We all know blush has made a major comeback recently, so giving this technique a go will have you looking lit and on trend.

  1. Start by applying the product with a blusher brush to the high points of your cheekbones instead of the apples.
  2. Blend a super-light wash of blusher along the jawline.
  3. Sweep the product from your eye socket all the way up to your temples.
  4. Make sure everything is blended seamlessly and you’re good to go!

Lay down a base

You may know that primers do wonders for the pigmentation and staying power of eyeshadows, but what if you don’t have one? Well, there’s a simple trick that’ll give any pigment a little extra punch…

  1. Apply a white kohl liner all over your eyelid. Coloured eyeshadows show up better on top of white, so this is a great way to intensify them. The kohl base also has a slightly sticky surface, which holds onto the shadow and makes it really long-wearing.
  2. Soften the edges of the white kohl with a fluffy brush and get your blend on. You want this base to look seamless.
  3. Now for the fun bit! Pack on any colour you want and make sure you really press the shadow into that base. Voila! That’s the easy way to get long-lasting, colour-popping eyeshadow.

Ombré lips in no time

Got a thing for the ombré lip trend? So have we! But getting it right can be tricky if you’re not Picasso with your lippy. Well, not any more. Thanks to the creamy formula of B. Matte Liquid Lipsticks, creating a flawless fade on your pout couldn’t be simpler. And, let’s be honest, if you can wear two of your fave shades at once, why wouldn’t you?

  1. Start by priming your lips with Lip Primer. This neutralising prep product will smooth and hydrate your lips, providing the perfect canvas for a gorgeous lip look.
  2. Apply your darker shade to the outer corners of your lips. We’ve chosen a vibrant pink called Frollicked.
  3. Once you’re happy with the placement, grab your lighter shade (ours is called Pinky Promise) and place this in the centre of your lips.
  4. Now for the magic! These lippies dry down matte, but while they’re still wet they’re oh-so-creamy and super-simple to blend. Use your finger to pat the two colours together, creating a flawless ombré that’ll leave your lips lookin’ ready for the gram.
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