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Worship your Woo Woo with Megan

Megan Barton Hanson and woo woo

Okay ladies, it’s time to talk about sex and vaginas… without the raised eyebrows, whispered tones or hush hush nature!  And yes… we said the ‘V’ word!


According to new research 2 out of 5 women have lied about their number of sexual partners, 4 out of 5 women have had unprotected sex at some point in their lives and alarmingly, more than half of women asked have never had a sexual health check! 

This research was collected by Woo Woo. A new vaginal health, beauty and pleasure brand who want to start a conversation with women that’ll help them feel more comfortable talking about their sexual health, less worried about their sexual history and more focused on enhancing their sexual pleasure! And they’re kicking off their crusade with their ‘Worship your Woo Woo campaign’.  

Fronting the new kick-ass campaign is Love Islander Megan Barton-Hanson, who since finishing the show has been an advocate for speaking out against negative body and slut-shaming and the importance of self-care.

We sat down with Megan to talk about the new range of feminine products, old-fashioned sexual taboos and a few cheeky questions thrown in for good measure!

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HUGE makeup declutter with Nellie & Ropo

Bloggers Nellie and Romo declutter their makeup bags

Spring is finally within arm’s reach and we couldn’t be happier!

The arrival of spring means switching out some of our fave beauty products that we’ve been loving throughout winter in favour of lighter, brighter formulas.

So, to get you in to the spring spirit and to encourage you to delve  deep into your own makeup bag and part ways with that mascara you’ve held on to for a little too long, we challenged beauty baes Nellie Robert (@vintynellie) and Ropo Demure (@ropo.demure) to declutter their makeup bags. 

Let’s see how they did…

We hope Ropo’s and Nellie’s efforts have left you feeling inspired to give your makeup bag a through spring clean!

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Brilliant Beauty Easter Eggs

Bloom and Bath fizzer beauty Easter eggs on a pink and blue background

First came the beauty advent calendars at Christmas with secret delights hidden behind each door, now please give a huge welcome to beauty Easter eggs! 

For those of you who are not fond of chocolate (or perhaps want both beauty and sweet treats!) this Easter treat yourself or your friends to an egg with a twist!

Let’s see what’s crackin’, shall we? 

Eggcellent Scents

Bloom Mandarin & Lime Basil ETD Egg

Perfect for popping into your handbag for the day or night, Superdrug's Bloom Mandarin & Lime ETD features citrus notes with base notes of patchouli. Plus, the tin egg features a beautiful pattern perfect for keeping small trinkets in afterwards.  Can your chocolate egg do that? We think not!

Bloom and Bath fizzer beauty Easter eggs on a pink and blue background

Revolution makeup beauty Easter eggs on a pink, yellow and blue background

For a Bath Bomb Babe

Create a splash this Easter with the limited-edition Superdrug Flutter Bath Fizzer Egg. Containing two bath bombs, ideal for making a relaxing bath even more enjoyable, and housed in a super-cute egg tin with a fluffy bunny design.

*Adds to basket for some bank-holiday pampering*.

A Spring Time Surprise 

Get ready to go on the best Easter egg hunt EVER with the limited edition I Heart Revolution Easter egg palettes… yes, you read that correct… Easter egg palettes!

There's 4 eggs in total, each with two highlighters and 5 eye shadows inside to discover.  Let the hunt begin!

(Psstt... start by looking here … Beauty Easter Eggs)


Beauty Easter eggs

Superdrug fizzer Easter egg on a yellow and blue background with tulips

For a Skincare Cutie

LO'real Beauty Easter Egg

Give your skin some extra care and attention this Easter with LO’real’s Beauty Easter Egg offering. The trio of products inside the egg include a full-size Pure Clay Soothing Mask (usually £7.99 on its own) and a mini Smooth Sugars Glow Scrub and mini Hydra Genius Liquid Moisturiser - all for £5! Get yours before the Easter bunny dishes them all out! 

Have an egg-tremely fun Easter!

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3 E.L.F products you need right now

Elf cosmetics group shot

The internet has spoken, and it loves E.L.F!

We’re not talking about the one on the shelf that creeps us out at Christmas, but the Insta-approved, bank friendly beauty brand! If you’ve never heard of E.L.F before today, Hun, where have you been?

Adored by beauty editors, makeup lovers and beauty bloggers around the world, including none other than the fierce, the fabulous and the no-nonsense Jeffree Star!

E.L.F is proving that big beauty doesn’t have to have a big price tag and today, we’re looking at 3 of their items you need to add to basket, like now!

Elf cosmetics group shot

1. Putty Primer

E.L.F’s new Putty Primer will be back at Superdrug very soon!

This little pot of pore-perfecting primer sold out almost immediately, more than once, after Jeffree Star put it through its paces against a luxury primer on his YouTube channel, and guess what? It totally stood its ground! Beauty bae’s everywhere fell in love with the £8 luxury dupe, so if you were lucky to get your hands on one then, well done! If not, watch this space!

2. The 16hr camo concealer

Isn’t concealer a wonderful thing? It hides a multitude of sins on the skin and the 16hr camo concealer is no different! It’s earnt literally thousands of 5* reviews in online forums and it’s even been dubbed ‘the best budget concealer of all time!’ We mean, who’s going to argue with that!? The camo concealer is available in 18 marvellous shades, it offers long-lasting matt cover and we promise you’ll be head over feels in love after the first swipe!

3. Prep and Hydrate Balm

Skincare in a stick? Yup, that’s correct! For those of you who simply need that extra ten mins in bed in the morning, this dual-purpose product is right up your street. Think half primer, half moisturiser, this oh-so handy balm adds instant hydration with skin-loving ingredients shea butter, cocoa and aloe and preps your skin ready for makeup too! Thanks E.L.F, we can hit that snooze button now knowing our skin won’t go without in the morning!

Lovin’ the sound of E.L.F? Check out the  collection online today.

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Find out how to wash and style curly hair

Girl with curly hair holding products

If your curly hair looks more like a heap of havoc than a bouncy bundle of goodness, chances are you need to update your hair-washing routine. For girls with curls, this is an important part of haircare. It’s the time to pack your hair with moisture and shine, but it’s also really easy to dehydrate your curls if you’re doing the wrong things. That’s why we asked curly queen Simone Powderly to share some top tips with her wash ’n’ go routine that’ll leave you with curls to die for!

1. Pick the right product

And by that we mean shampoo! Curly hair needs silicone-free products with low or no sulfates. Split your hair into four sections and spend time working the product through each one. When you’ve given your mane a good ol’ massage, rinse thoroughly.

2. Go mad for moisture

Curly hair is dry by default, so you need to use a good conditioner and lots of it. Section your hair once again and work the product from root to tip, massaging it in thoroughly. Then take advantage of the super-smooth texture and use your fingers to detangle your curls before rinsing off the product.

3. Time for your styler

While your hair is still damp, section it and apply a styling product to the lengths and ends. Most of the best curl definers are quite thick, so if your curls are looser, mix a splash of water in with the product to thin it out.

4. Hair ’n’ air

It’s tempting at this stage to go in with a hairdryer and blow your curls all over the place. This manic movement will cause curly hair to lose its definition, and the heat will dry it out. It’s all about locking in moisture, so leave the air to do its work and wait for your hair to dry about 70% on its own.

5. Use a diffuser

Blow-drying does have its benefits, but you gotta do it right. Use a diffuser to minimise the curls’ movement. For super-luscious volume, tilt your head and gather sections of your hair in the diffuser attachment and push the dryer towards your scalp. Hold the hairdryer there until the section is completely dry.

TOP TIP: Use the cool setting on your hairdryer to avoid dehydrating your hair.

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Look after and love your lenses

Red hair model with yellow eye shadow making a heart over her eye with her hands for love your lenses week
Love your lenses week logo

Are you one of the millions of people who wears contacts lenses every day? If so, do you know how to look after them? As part of ‘Love Your Lenses’ week, which takes place from 23rd to 30th March this year, we’re encouraging everyone to take care of their eyes and their lenses. So, if you’re guilty of not making your contact-care a priority, here’s a gentle reminder of why it’s important to treat your lenses with respect and how to do so.  

Don’t lose sight of your optician

According to the GOC (General Optical Council) 1 in 4 contact lens wearers do not visit an optician for an aftercare appointment at least once a year. There could be a number of reasons why people don’t regularly check in with their optician such as they feel like nothing is wrong, they don’t have time, or they feel guilty for the amount of time that has passed since their last appointment.  So, if you do one thing this ‘Love your lenses’ week - make an appointment for a check-up with your optician, they’ll be so pleased to see you!

Optician with a patient for love your lenses week

Contact lens dos and don’ts

If you love your eyes, love your senses and follow our dos and don’ts!


  • Make (and stick to) regular appointments with your optician.
  • Double check that you’re putting the correct lens into each eye.
  • If you wear reusable lenses, make sure you’re throwing them out after the recommended time.
  • Use fresh solution to clean and store your reusable lenses.
  • Contact Superdrug, or your optician, if you have any queries regarding your lenses.
  • If your eyes become uncomfortable or irritated, take out your lenses immediately.
  • Ensure your hands are washed and dry when you put your lenses in.


  • Ignore any problems with your eyes.
  • Wear your lenses longer than advised.
  • Handle lenses with dirty hands.
  • Sleep in your lenses – unless you have been told specifically that you can.
  • Wash your lenses, or lens case, in tap water
  • Swim in your lenses unless you’re wearing some fetching watertight goggles.
  • Change your cleaning method or solution if you’re not advised by your optician first.
Shot of a young woman putting in contact lenses for love your lenses week

If in doubt, take them out!

If your eyes become blurry, irritated, red, sore or you experience pain or discomfort when wearing your lenses - DO NOT IGNORE IT. This is a big ol’ signal to get your eyes checked out. 

Either contact your optician or you can contact Superdrug with your concerns. 

Find out more about keeping your optician in sight when buying your contact lenses. 

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Makeup for glasses

thumbnail featuring woman wearing makeup with glasses

Getting your makeup to look perfect when you wear glasses can be a bit of a struggle if you don’t have the know-how. Specs can overpower your face and hide your eyes – and don’t even get us started on how they mess up makeup on the bridge of your nose. Now we’re not prepared to walk around blind, and contacts are just too much faff, so we need to work out a way to get around the problem. That’s why we asked pro makeup artist Cassie Lomas to give us some tips.

How do I stop makeup rubbing off?

makeup artist using a beauty sponge to pat off excess makeup

First thing’s first, you’ve gotta wear a primer. It really helps your makeup stay put throughout the day. Another trick is to apply just a thin layer of foundation to the areas where your glasses touch your face (like the bridge of your nose), using a B. Blending Sponge. Simply press it onto your skin to lift off any excess makeup.

B. Cosmetics

B. Cosmetics Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge


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B. Cosmetics

B. Souffle Face Primer


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How do I prevent mascara getting on the lenses?

makeup artist applying mascara to roots of lashes

This happens because your lashes naturally grow outwards rather than upwards, so curling them is a must if you wear glasses. It’ll lift your lashes, so they don’t touch the lenses. Use a volumising mascara rather than a lengthening one, so you get fuller-looking lashes without causing problems, and apply most of it to the roots of your lashes.

B. Cosmetics

B. Volumizing Mascara


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How do I make my eyes stand out?

makeup artist applying eyeliner to upper lash line

Give your eyes definition by adding liner but avoid black as it can make your peepers look smaller. Use something with a bit of colour, like B. Kohl Eyeliner in Copper, and apply it close to the upper lash line, concentrating most of the product on the outer corner and close to the roots. For even more of a pop, add a bit on your lower lash line.

B. Cosmetics

B. Kohl Eye Liner Pencil 02 Copper


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What can I do to stop my glasses overpowering my face?

Makeup artist applying red lipstick with brush

We’ve concentrated on the eyes but if you find your glasses are stealing all the attention, go for a really bold lip. Pick something bright and colourful like a classic red. We’ve gone for B. Cassie Lomas Matte Liquid Lipstick in The Nineties.

What do I do with blusher?

makeup artist applying blusher to cheeks using rim of glasses as a guide

If you wear glasses, you should apply blusher while you’re wearing your specs. The bottom rim of the glasses gives a guideline to where you should be placing it. Sweep the blusher onto the apples of your cheeks and blend it up to the centre of your ears – as you do this, the brush should just be hitting the bottom rim of your glasses.

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Get the Spring Look: Boho Braided Bun

Boho Braided Bun

When it starts to get warmer, there is no shortage of gorgeous festival braids, buns, and glitter hairstyles filling up our social feeds. While you can never go wrong with adorning your hair with a flower crown, we know you’ll get it all right with this chic boho braided bun - making you look like a total festival pro.

Boho Braided Bun


First, you want to get your hair fresh and ready to style.

Wash your locks with TRESemmé's Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner.

Apply TRESemmé Hairdryer Protect Spray, exclusive to Superdrug, from root to ends, then, blow dry your hair so it's completely dry.

Once dry, prep your dry hair with TRESSemmé's Shine Serum  from mid-length to ends of hair. 


Part your hair down the middle and section the top half of your hair into two pieces to use for the braids. 

With each section, braid your hair by crossing the right strand underneath the middle strand - then cross the left strand under the middle strand. 

Repeat this as you pull in hair until you've created dutch braids from your roots to the crown of your head. 

Tie the braids with clear elastic and tease loose hair from braids.


Pull your hair into a ponytail and wrap clockwise into a bun on the top of the head.

Secure with bobby pins.

Cover lengths and ends again with TRESemmé Hairdryer Protect Spray to ensure hair is protected from damage while heat styling


Create beach waves with remaining hair using the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Salon Shine Waves Curling Wand, in a vertical direction, wrapping the hair away from the face.


Finish your new up do with TRESemmé Ultimate Hold Hairspray.  

Et voila, you have one of our favourite hairstyles for mid length hair!

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Get the Spring Look: Sleek Ponytail

Lady with long sleek ponytail

Create a sleek, grown-up style ponytail that wouldn't look out of place on the runways at Fashion Week with our simple step-by-step process in partnership with TRESemmé. 

Lady with long sleek ponytail

Step 1:

Start with wet or damp hair.

With your fingers, apply TRESemmé Frizz free blow dry Crème.

This salon-professional favourite helps to provide heat protection, shine and smoothness. Make sure to distribute the Crème from roots to tips for full coverage.

Step 2:

Now, you’re not going to dry your hair the usual way.

Using a paddle brush, blow dry your hair away from your face.

Tip: The key is not to form a parting. You don’t need to section your hair, just brush away as you blow dry so you get an even head of hair.

Step 3:

Section your hair, then spritz on TRESemmé  Hairdryer Protection Spray, which is exclusive to Superdrug,  from mid-length to tip before straightening. TRESemmé's hairdryer protection spray is designed to work at temperatures up to an impressive 230°C, helping to stop heat damage and keep hair soft.

Spray from 10-12cm away and use a section clip to keep loose hair tied back.

Tip: Brush through any remaining kinks in each section before using the TRESemmé Salon Professional Smooth Control 230 Styler. This will help to reduce breakage and split ends.

Step 4:

Brush your straightened hair up using the soft bristle brush to make a high ponytail. Use the elastic to secure the hair.

Tip: Use a thin piece of hair from the ponytail to wrap round and conceal the elastic. Secure with a bobby pin to keep the overall look tidy.

Step 5:

Finally, give your sleek new look staying power without stiffness. Spray on TRESemmé Firm Hold Hair Spray from 10-12 inches away.

It helps to fight frizz to keep you looking polished all day and night.

And there you have it! One grown-up, sleek looking ponytail perfect for both day and night! 

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Get the statement look with B. Cosmetics

Young female with red lips and a messy bun

With warmer weather just around the corner it’s time for a little spring cleaning — well, when it comes to your makeup and skincare routine at least! Put away the smoky shadows and heavy moisturiser you favoured during winter and go ahead and play with colour.

Follow these steps using cruelty-free and vegan friendly B. Cosmetics and Skincare to create a glowing look that will be sure to put a spring in your step!

Young female with red lips and a messy bun

Step 1: Prep

Cleanse and tone your skin using B. Pure Micellar Water and replenish skin with B. Refreshed Soothing Essence Lotion which is not only lightweight also locks in moisture for 12 hours - bonus! 

B. Skincare

B. Essence Facial Lotion


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Step 2: Prime and base

Smooth the surface of your skin and increase the longevity of your makeup with B. HD Flawless Primer then apply B. Flawless Matte Foundation for a natural-looking, matte finish and an even skin tone all over. 

Step 3: Eyes for the prize!

Make your eyes pop with a pigmented shadow.

We love B. Cassie Lomas Glitter Pigment #ItsThem  for an intense shimmer that will suit all skin tones!  

Apply  B. Defining Duo Liner  to your upper eyelid and use an eyelash curler to open up your eyes.

Make the very most of your lashes with The B. Volumizing Mascara which separates, plumps and coats every lash for a voluminous look.

B. Cosmetics

B. Volumizing Mascara


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Step 4: Brow Game

The B. Pro Styler Brow Pencil is everything you need to reshape and fill your brows for a natural look. The pencil end can be used to fill sparse areas of the brow while the styling wand helps to define and reshape the brow to the shape you want.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Give your cheeks a B. Blush for a naturally flushed, lustrous finish. Apply a liquid or powdered highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and brow bones for that lit look and complete with B. Luminous Silk Lipstick  for a rich, deep colour all day and night.

B. Cosmetics

B. Blusher Cheeky


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