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Christmas Party Makeup Ideas

Christmas Party eye makeup feature

Sequined dress purchased. Sparkle eyeshadow at the ready. Sass mode activated. The season of celebrating has arrived! Whether you’ve got an office soirée or a girl gang night out pencilled in, make sure you stand out from the crowds of tinsel ponytails and novelty jumpers. How? With our Christmas party makeup ideas, of course.

Festive Eye Makeup

Smokey Gold Eyeshadow

Smokey Glitter Cat Eye

Pretty Party Makeup

Trend Alert: Mauve Makeup

The Finishing Touches

Your makeup may be all sorted, but remember the devil is in the detail. Finish off your festive look with these super easy nail art and hair how tos... 

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Christmas Red Nail Polish Ideas

Santa red nail polish

We have many traditions this time of year, from donning novelty Christmas jumpers to hanging mistletoe atop a doorway in the hope of scoring a little festive romance. While we appreciate the nostalgia, we also love to tear up the rule book too. So instead of painting our talons with a classic red, we’ve taken it one step further with these striking nail polish ideas…

Santa Nails

Give your red mani a playful twist with the addition of Saint Nick!

Santa red nail polish

What Will I Need to Create this Nail Art Design?

  • Nail file
  • Transparent base coat
  • Red nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Cuticle sticks/nail art stick
  • Top coat
Studio London Superdrug Studio 7 Way Buffer £2.99 Buy Now
Rimmel Rimmel Nail Polish 60 Second White Hot Love 8ml £3.49 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug Wooden Cuticle Sticks Pack of 10 £0.99 Buy Now

Step 1 – Shape nails & add tape

Prep your talons by filing them into your favourite shape. Once you’re happy with the size, add a strip of tape halfway down the nail bed.


Step 2 – Coat with red nail polish

Take your red nail polish and apply two coats to the exposed part of the nail bed. Don’t worry about going over the tape, as this is in place to ensure you get a straight line every time.


Step 3 – Remove the tape

Once the red nail polish is dry, remove the tape slowly. You can peel this back or use tweezers to do this, for extra precision.


Step 4 – Add the beard

Dip a cuticle stick/nail art stick into white nail polish and draw on the outline of the beard. Try to create defined scalloped edges for a more playful touch.


Step 5 – Complete the face

Take a clean cuticle stick/nail art stick and create Santa’s eyes by drawing on dots in black nail polish. Use the red to dot on his nose.


Step 6 – Seal with a top coat

Finish the design with a layer of transparent top coat, to preserve the nail art design for longer.

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How to: Red Snowflake Christmas Nails


If you are keen on a festive and cute Christmas nail design, look no further. This quick tutorial will show you how to get red snowflake Christmas nails in 7 easy steps.


What Will I Need to Get the Look?

  • Base coat
  • Red nail varnish
  • A nail pen tool
  • Top coat
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Barry M Barry M All in One Base & Topcoat £2.99 Buy Now

How to Get Red Snowflake Christmas Nails

Step 1: Prep Your Nails

To make sure your nail art stays on for as long as possible, prep your nails. Buff and file to the desired length.


Step 2: Base Coat

Apply the base coat nail varnish. Go for a nude shade or, if you have one handy – a transparent one.


Step 3: Paint it Red

Apply red nail varnish. To intensify the colour, apply two to three coats. Wait for the nail varnish to dry before starting on the next step. If you have a nail dryer, feel free to use it. Not to worry if not, simply wait for the nail polish to dry for about 20 minutes.


Step 4: Start Drawing

Pick one nail which you’d like to be the statement one – this is where your snowflake will go. Start drawing small dots on all the other nails. They don’t need to be in any order, simply dot around.


Step 5: Draw the Snowflake

While it may look intricate and detailed, the snowflake is easy to achieve. First, draw a plus sign and add an additional plus sign across it.


Step 6: Add the details

Add little “V” shapes to the ends of your snowflake. This will make your snowflake look really detailed. Draw a few dots around the star to finish the statement nail look.


Step 7: Top Coat

Apply a transparent top coat. Doing so will help the nail art to stay on for as long as possible.


Enjoy this cute red snowflake Christmas nails design!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Christmas Nails White and Silver Tips


You may not want to wear a flamboyant jumper to get you in the mood for Christmas, so why not create some sparkle on your nails instead. These Christmas glitter nails are the perfect way to celebrate the festive season and here’s how you can get the look.


What You'll Need:

  • Nail File
  • Clear Base & Top Coat Nail Varnish
  • White Nail Varnish
  • Glitter Nail Varnish


Rimmel Rimmel Nail Polish 60 Second White Hot Love 8ml £3.49 Buy Now
Barry M Barry M Nail Paint Diamond Glitter £2.99 Buy Now

Step 1 – File & Buff

Start by prepping your nails. File your nails down so they are all the same length and shaped to your preference, removing any irregularities.

Once you are happy with the shape, swipe the buffer in an upward motion across your nails. This will create a shiny and even base for easy nail varnish application.  


Step 2 – Base Coat

Apply a clear base coat to your nails. It’s important to apply a base coat for a few reasons: Firstly, it prevents chemicals from the nail varnish coming into direct contact with your nail bed.  Secondly it is a great way of creating an even surface for those that suffer from bumpy, uneven nail beds.

If you have weak nails, look out for base coats enriched in vitamins for extra nourishment.


Step 3 – Apply the White

Once the base coat has dried, apply the white nail varnish. To avoid scarce areas, apply two coats of the polish. It should look shiny and even. Any additional coats face the threat of the polish becoming gloopy and easily smudged.


Step 4 – Glitter it Up

Now it’s time to add some sparkle.

With the silver glitter nail varnish, apply to the top tips of your nails, creating an ombre effect between the glitter and the white varnishes.

As the varnish is white, you can experiment with different colours of glitter as they will all show up. We recommend a lighter colour.


Step 5 – Glitter tips

Next, using a darker glitter nail varnish, paint the tips of your nails. This adds another colour to the ombre spectrum, making your nails more interesting – and glittery!


Step 6 – Top Coat

Apply a clear top coat to your nails to conceal all the varnishes. It will prevent your nails from chipping prematurely and hold everything in place.

You can now dazzle everyone with your sparkly nails – perfect for the festive season.  

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How to: Christmas Party Hair

Christmas Party Hair 9 - Set With Hairspray (Featured Image)
Christmas Party Hair 9 - Set With Hairspray (Featured Image)

The party season is now in full swing and no doubt your social calendar is booked out, but with all these events to go to how are you going to wear your hair? You don’t want to be spotted with the same look more than you have to. Well don’t worry as we’ve got you covered.

In nine easy steps we’ll show how to get your hair perfectly preened and party ready.

What Products Will I Need:

  • Hair clips
  • Hair grips
  • Curling Tongs
  • Hair Comb or Brush
  • Hair Band

Shop Christmas Party Hair

Babyliss BaByliss 2289U Volume Waves Tong £19.99 Buy Now

Step 1: Centre Parting

Christmas Party Hair 1 - Centre Parting

Start by creating a centre parting.

Step 2: Section and Clip

Christmas Party Hair 2 - Section and Clip

Section the hair across the middle from ear to ear, then take the back section and clip the hair in place with a hair clip.

Step 3: Curl the Bottom

Christmas Party Hair 3 - Curl the Bottom

Using a curling tong, start from the front and gently curl your hair. Wrap the hair around the curling tong and work your away around your head until all your hair has been curled.

Step 4: Backcomb

Christmas Party Hair 4 - Backcomb

To add more volume to your hair backcomb the top section.

Step 5: Tie With a Hair Band

Christmas Party Hair 5 - Tie With a Hair Band

Tie the top section of hair with a hair band and gently tease out any tight curls, you want them to be loose and bouncy.

Step 6: Side Parting

Christmas Party Hair 6 - Add a Side Parting

Add a side parting to your hair and comb to the side, use the comb to help neaten the side parting and catch any stray hairs.

Step 7: Clip the Side Parting

Christmas Party Hair 7 - Clip the Side Parting

Clip the side parting with a hair grip to secure it in place.

Step 8: Accessorise

Christmas Party Hair 8 - Accessorise

To add extra glam to the look, add a hair accessory.

Step 9: Finished – (Optional - Set With Hairspray)

Christmas Party Hair 9 - Set With Hairspray (Behind)
Christmas Party Hair 9 - Set With Hairspray (Featured Image)

Lastly, to make sure that your hair lasts all night set it with hairspray.

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How to Handle Stress During Christmas


Preparing for the most wonderful time of the year can be nerve-wrecking. Thankfully, we have a whole host of tips and tricks that can help you handle stress during Christmas.


How to Handle Stress Before the Festive Season

Be Realistic

Are you picking out all of the gifts, volunteering to decorate the house while also cooking all the family meals? Don’t over-promise and stress yourself out by doing everything alone. Be realistic and opt for the tasks you know you’ll excel at. Know your limits, learn to say no and be open to compromising.

Is It Really a Tradition?

Traditions make families stronger and bring people together. But sometimes they start feeling forced. Does everyone in your family really want to see the same Christmas play every year? Sit down together and share ideas – it may be that you start finding new fun activities that you all can do together – from winter walks to fun at the ice ring.

Do Something That Makes You Happy

It’s ok to take time out for yourself in the build-up to the festive season. It can be a trip to the spa, or just an evening of reading that book or article you wanted to finish. Don’t feel guilty or anxious about taking time to yourself – you will find that you are more productive after an evening or day of relaxation.

Divide and Conquer

During the Christmas period all of the shops tend to be packed and online retailers low on stock. To avoid disappointment and the gift of your dreams being sold out, make a game plan. Decide on the gifts that you’d like to purchase online, and what presents you’d like to pick out from the shopping centre. It’s important to enjoy the process of getting gifts (or making them!), so try not to leave it to the last minute as this may make you feel stressed and resentful.

Winter shopping season

How to Handle Stress On Christmas Day

Schedule Your Day

Sit down with your family and make a plan of how you’d like the day to run. Divide the work load to ensure the day goes smoothly. Consider every activity – from the best time to wake up, to when you’d like everyone to sit down for the festive dinner.

You Are Not Alone

Don’t be tempted to do everything by yourself. If you need help, don’t shy away from asking your loved ones for a hand. If you feel stressed, don’t hold it in as it may make you feel alone and isolated. Take a break, see what triggers your stress and talk to your loved ones.

Focus on What Is Really Important

Feelings of joy, happiness and being surrounded by people you love is what Christmas is all about. Does it really matter that your home isn’t as decorated as a scene from a festive movie? Don’t let the little things stress you out. Focus on what makes you happy about the holidays and do your best to achieve them.

Have Fun

Don't forget, it's all about having fun – whatever your Christmas plan, make sure it makes you and your loved ones smile.

Planning Your Christmas Shopping Ahead?

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How to: Sparkly Christmas Nails

Sparkly Christmas Nails

Embracing the festive season needn’t stop at enjoying cups of frothy hot chocolate, wearing sequin-adorned dresses, and hanging up beautiful baubles. Focus on the finer details and get your talons as decked out as your fir tree with the help of our sparkly Christmas nails tutorial.

Sparkly Christmas Nails

What Will I Need to Create the Festive Nail Art Look?

  • White nail polish
  • Silver glitter polish
  • Metallic silver polish
  • Cuticle stick/nail art stick
  • Transparent top coat
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Barry M Barry M Nail Paint Diamond Glitter £2.99 Buy Now
Rimmel Rimmel Nail Polish 60 Second White Hot Love 8ml £3.49 Buy Now

Sparkly Christmas Nails: Design 1, Glitter

Combine these two different nail art designs to create a unique look. We’ve gone for a metallic nail on the index finger only but you can alternate designs on each nail for a more stand-out finish.

Step 1 – File & apply white base

Shape and buff nails until they are all similar. Then apply two coats of while polish until the base looks block colour – never streaky!

Sparkly Christmas Nails Step 1a

Step 2 – Glitter it up

Once your base coat is dry, take a glitter-specked nail polish and apply a coat of glitter. Build up the coverage until you get enough sparkle to dazzle at first sight. Finish with a clear top coat to prevent chipping and add a glossy touch.  

Sparkly Christmas Nails Step 2a

Sparkly Christmas Nails: Design 2, Metallic 

Step 1 – White base

As before, start with a block colour white base. Ensure you have a streak-free finish as the white will be showing more clearly with this design.

Sparkly Christmas Nails Step 2a

Step 2 – Add metallic stripes

Dip a cuticle stick in silver metallic polish and draw four horizontal lines across the nail. Go freehand if you have a steady control over the stick or use nail stencils for a little guidance. Once your nail art is dry, finish with a clear top coat.

Sparkly Christmas Nails Step 2b
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How to: Glitter Makeup Looks

Glitter Makeup Looks feature

‘Tis the season to sparkle, right? So give your beauty bag the bling treatment with a sprinkling of dazzling powders, glitter eyeliners and shimmering eyeshadows. Taking you from a festive-inspired smokey look to a bold blue number in the blink of an eye, check out our favourite glitter makeup looks…  

Smokey Glitter Cat Eye

Want to jazz up your favourite dress in time for the office Christmas party? Put down your glue gun and sack full of sequins and instead create this striking smokey eye look.

What Will I Need to Create this Smokey Glitter Cat Eye Look?

Eylure Eylure False Lashes - Dramatic No.157 (was texture) £5.99 Buy Now

Step 1 – Prep & prime

Smokey glitter makeup 1

As we want this look to last all night long, our first step is to prime the eyelids. This will ensure maximum hold!

Step 2 – Apply grey in the corners

Smokey glitter makeup 2

Take a smokey eyeshadow palette and coat your eyeshadow brush in a light grey. Apply in the inner and outer corners of your eye, leaving a gap in the centre (this is where the glitter will go). Apply underneath the lower lash line too, building up even coverage on both eyelids.

Step 3 – Add definition

Smokey glitter makeup 3

Repeat step two, but use a darker grey or black eyeshadow. Blend out the colours to achieve a smokey eye effect.

Step 4 – Glam up with glitter

Smokey glitter makeup 4

Clean your eyeshadow brush or take a new one and dampen with water – this gives loose pigment added pow! Coat in a glittery eyeshadow and fill in the central gaps across your eyelid and lower lash line.

Brush away any loose glitter by using a fan brush.

Step 5 & 6 – Fix on some falsies

Smokey glitter makeup 5

To bring your statement look together, add some false lashes into the mix. Coat the lash line in glue and use tweezers to position perfectly into place. Use mascara on your bottom lashes.

Step 7 – Last sprinkle of glitter

Smokey glitter makeup 7

Brush a glitter eyeliner through your lashes for a scattered sparkle finish.

Pink Glitter Cat Eye

Take your pretty pink eyeshadow to glamorous territory with this beautiful blush-tone look.

What Will I Need to Create this Pink Glitter Cat Eye look?

e.l.f. Cosmetics e.l.f. Intense Ink Liquid Eyeliner Blackest Black £4.50 Buy Now
Barry M Barry M Fine Glitter Dust Pink £4.59 Buy Now

Step 1 & 2 – Prep your eyelids

Pink glitter makeup 1

Using concealer or primer, dab and blend across eyelids – this will give your look added longevity. Then apply a nude-coloured eyeshadow to create the perfect starting point.

Step 3 – Apply pink to the creases

Pink glitter makeup 2

Take a matte pink eyeshadow and sweep it across the eyelid creases. Build up the colour bit-by-bit, blending as you go along.

Step 4 – Pop of pink

Pink glitter makeup 3

Coat your brush in a bold bubblegum pink eyeshadow and dab over the eyelids, underneath your cut crease colour. Once you’re happy with the vibrancy of the colour, use your brush to blend the two hues together.

Step 5 – Time for glitter

Pink glitter makeup 4

Dampen your brush with a spritz of water or makeup setting spray and dip into loose glitter eyeshadow. Dab across your eyelids until you have a disco-ball finish. Don’t worry about any glitter spillage, simply use a fan brush to wipe away.

Step 6 & 7 – Add definition

Pink glitter makeup 5

Take a darker pink/purple eyeshadow and blend into the cut crease once again to add a more intense colour change. Draw along your upper lash line in black liquid eyeliner and finish with a fluck for a feline touch.

Step 8 & 9 – Finishing touches

Pink glitter makeup 6

To complete your striking look finish with lashings of mascara and a mist of makeup setting spray.

Blue Glitter Cat Eye

The combination of the punchy colour and glitter effect makes this cat eye look one to watch.

What Will I Need to Create this Blue Glitter Wing look?

  • Eyelid primer
  • Tape
  • Angled eyeshadow brush
  • Blue eyeshadow
  • Fan brush
  • Silver glitter eyeshadow
  • Dark blue eyeshadow
  • Black kohl eyeliner
  • Mascara
MUA MUA Volume Mascara £2.00 Buy Now

Step 1 & 2 – Begin with primer

Blue glitter makeup 1

Prep your eyelids with a touch of primer, this will help maintain your bold eye look for longer. Apply a neutral eyeshadow to act as a base.

 Step 3 – Line up the tape

Blue glitter makeup 2

As we want to create a super straight cat eye flick, we’re using a little tape as a guide. Line it up with your lower lash line so it’s at the perfect angle.

Step 4 – Create your blue line

Blue glitter makeup 3

Dampen an angled brush and coat in blue eyeshadow. Then carefully draw along your upper lash line. Use the tape as a guide as this will help create a fierce flick! Go over the blue lines with silver glitter to add a dazzling touch.

Step 5 – Add contrast

Blue glitter makeup 5

Take a darker blue or grey eyeshadow and blend the colour along your lower lash line. This will add contrast to your bold blue cat eye, to make the look really pop!

Step 6 – Remove the tape

Blue glitter makeup 6

Gently peel back the tape to reveal your super straight cat eye flick. And dust away any loose glitter with a fan brush.

Step 7 & 8 – Finishing touches

Blue glitter makeup 7

To complete your look, draw along your waterline with black eyeliner and wave your magic mascara wand.

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How to Get the Christmas Glow With Strobing

The festive season is full of glitz and sparkle so why should your skin be any different? If you want gorgeously shimmering skin then strobing is the answer. If you’re not sure what strobing is, effectively it’s the use of highlighters to accentuate your features and give your skin a youthful glow.

Do it right and you’ll have a beautiful, radiant glow but done wrong strobing can make your skin look shiny and greasy. Read our simple tutorial and learn how to achieve strobing perfection.


Skin Prep

Before applying any makeup make sure that your skin is prepped correctly. To get the perfect Christmas glow your skin should be moisturised to avoid it looking dull and dry, if you have naturally oily skin then an oil-free moisturiser will help prevent it getting too greasy.

Shop Moisturisers

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Nivea NIVEA Face Cream Light Moisturiser, 50ml £1.99 Buy Now
Freederm Freederm Oil Free Perfecting Moisturiser £6.99 Buy Now
L'Oreal Paris L'Oreal Paris Triple Active Dry Sensitive Moisturiser 50ml £4.29 Buy Now

What Will I Need?

Step 1: Apply Your Base


As always, it’s best to start with a good base to apply your makeup. Once your skin has been moisturised apply primer then foundation, these will not only help to give your finished look a flawless finish but will also help to increase its stay power.

Step 2: Eyeshadow


Apply a nude eyeshadow to your eyebrow bone and eyelid.

Step 3: Mascara


Add volume to your lashes with your favourite mascara. Don’t be afraid to apply a few coats to ensure you get full coverage.

Step 4: Emphasise With Highlighter


This is where the fun begins, the key to strobing is to apply highlighter to areas that light would naturally hit. Start with your cheek and lightly dust highlighter over your cheekbones with a makeup brush.

Step 5: Highlighter or Strobing Stick


For hard to reach areas, such as your brow bone, use a highlighter or strobing stick. These allow for more precise application.

Step 6: Highlight Your Nose


The bridge of your nose is also a good spot to apply highlighter. Remember not to overdo it, use your finger to gently apply highlighter from the centre bridge of your nose down to the tip.

Step 7: Lip Gloss


Your lips should also match the rest of your look. To give them a shimmery, soft look apply a natural or nude tone lipgloss.

Step 8: Cupids Bow


To make your lips look even more voluptuous apply highlighter to your cupids bow.

Step 9: Décolleté


To complete the look, dust highlighter over your décolleté focusing on your collarbone. Your skin will now be perfectly dewy, shimmery and party ready.

The Finished Look


There you have it, your warm winter glow with strobing.

Shop Strobing Products

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How to: Easy Christmas Tree Design Nails

Christmas nail tutorial

Keen on an intricate yet effortless Christmas nail design? We have you covered. Follow our quick and easy steps to achieve this cool geometric Christmas tree nail art look.

Christmas nail tutorial

What Will I Need to Achieve This Look?

To achieve this look you will need:

  • Base coat
  • White nail vanish
  • Green nail varnish
  • Sticky or double sided tape (cut in thin lines)
  • Golden star stickers
  • Top coat
Essie essie 1 Blanc White Nail Polish £7.99 Buy Now
Orly Orly Top2Bottom Base Coat Nail Polish 18ml £9.59 Buy Now

How to Get The Easy Christmas Tree Design Nails

Step 1: Prep Your Nails

Buff and file your nails to the desired length. This is key to making sure your nail design doesn’t chip and stays on for as long as possible.

Christmas nail tutorial

Step 2: Apply Base Coat

Once you are happy with the length of your nails, apply a base coat. Opt for a nude colour or if possible a transparent one.

Christmas nail tutorial

Step 3: White Nails

Apply two coats of white nail varnish. Wait at least 20 minutes for the nail varnish to dry. Feel free to use a nail fan dryer if you have one handy. If not – just wait for the varnish to dry.

Christmas nail tutorial

Step 4: Time for Sticky Tape

Criss-cross the sticky or double sided tape and apply to your nails. Make sure you’ve cut it thinly and evenly. Choose your statement nail – this nail will have a slightly different design. Apply the tape to your statement nail so that it forms a triangle. This will be our geometric Christmas tree.


Step 5: Go for Green

Cover the entire nail on every finger with green varnish apart from the statement one; make sure the green nail varnish stays within the triangle you’ve created on that nail.

Optional: You can make the statement nail more intricate by criss-crossing sticky tape within the triangle.

Christmas nail tutorial

Step 5: Tape Comes Off

Make sure you give time for the green varnish to dry completely. Wait at least 20 minutes before taking the tape off.

Christmas nail tutorial

Step 6: Apply the Stickers

Once you have taken the tape off, apply the small golden star stickers to each nail. For easy placement, you can apply the stickers using a thin brush, a cuticle stick or a dropper tool to the areas where the white lines cross.

Christmas nail tutorial

Step 7: Top Coat

Apply a transparent top coat. This will make the nail varnish last longer.

Christmas nail tutorial

We hope you enjoy this festive design! 

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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