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How to remove false eyelashes

Eye makeup remover to remove false eyelashes

Ever stumbled in from a night out and pulled your false lashes off before heading to bed? We’ve all been there. While you may think this is the quickest way to deal with the situation and hey, no biggie, it isn’t the best way. So, we’ve put together a handy ‘how to’ video to show you exactly how you should be removing your falsies.

How do I remove false strip lashes?

Step 1 & 2 - Soak cotton bud and run along upper lash line

Soak a cotton bud (or pad) in an oil-based eye makeup remover. Close your eye and run the bud over your lash line. This will help loosen the eyelash glue.


Step 3 - Peel away eyelash

Starting from the outer corners of the eye and working inwards, gently lift the false eyelash. 

Step 4 - Remove excess makeup and glue

Once the lash is removed, soak a pad in eye makeup remover and wipe over your eyes to get rid of the rest of your eye makeup and any glue residue.  

How do I get the glue off my false eyelashes?

Eye makeup remover to remove false eyelashes

If you’re extra careful throughout the removing process you may be able to squeeze out an extra use. Make sure to peel off any leftover glue residue and if you still have the packaging to hand then store in the box until your next night out.

Stubborn mascara stuck to the lashes? Saturate two cotton pads with eye makeup remover and sandwich the lash in between the pads. Leave for 5 minutes and then gently wipe the lashes to remove all traces of mascara. 

How do I remove individual lashes?

The glue for individual lashes tends to be stronger than the glue used for strip lashes because individual lashes are designed to stay on longer. Never pull out the individual lashes, as you’ll pull your real lashes out with them – eeeeek! Instead using a combination of steam and an oil-based remover will r. And unlike strip lashes they cannot be reused.

Step 1 – Remove eye makeup

Start by removing any mascara, eyeliner or other eye makeup you have on. While you’re doing that, boil the kettle (no you’re not about to make a cuppa!) and let it cool down. It needs to be hot enough to be steaming.

Step 2 – Add steam

Put the hot water from the kettle into a bowl, then hover your face over the bowl. You can put a towel over your head if you want to trap the steam. Stay there for about 10 minutes and let the steam work its magic to loosen up the glue.

Step 3 – Gently wipe lashes with makeup remover

Next soak a cotton wool pad in an oil-based eye makeup remover (or you can use baby oil) and gently wipe in a downward direction over your eye until the false lashes start to fall out.

Step 4 – Finishing touch

Once you’ve got the inserts out then rinse your face, including your natural lashes, with water to get rid of any oil residue.

How do I look after my natural lashes after falsies?

If you’re stuck in a cycle of falsies and lash inserts, then life after them may feel a little strange! [Insert mole eye joke here]

Investing in a little aftercare will help you embrace your natural lashes, once and for all. Try using eyelash serums and conditioners to encourage growth and definition. And never underestimate the power of a great lash-defining mascara!

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This year’s runway-inspired eye looks

collage of three runway eyeliner looks for 2018

If you’re looking for out-of-the-box beauty, the best place to look are the runways. They’re a hub of creativity and rule breaking, which we absolutely LOVE. After all, what’s the point of makeup if you can’t have fun with it? And with SS19 collections being shown off all over the world, there are tons of trends to keep an eye on. Here are our three faves, along with our step-by-step guide to achieving them at home.

Scarlet spider lashes from GCDS

  1. For this one-eye-wonder look, it’s all about the lines… and the bright red, of course. Use MUA Lip Liner in Red Drama to draw a line starting just beyond the inner corner of the eye, on the side of your nose. Arch it up above your crease, then extend it downwards, to finish level with the outer corner of your eye.
  2. Line the upper lash line with the same shade. Curve around your tear duct slightly and follow the shape of your eye to extend the line down past the outer corner.
  3. Now draw several evenly-spaced lines underneath your eye. Start at the root of your lashes and direct the lines down and outwards, tapering each one at the end so it looks a lil spiky. You want them to be quite long on the outer corner, gradually becoming shorter as you move towards the inner corner.

Satsuma eyes from Ashish

  1. Apply Rimmel Wonder’swipe Liner and Shadow in So Savage all over your lid. You want to focus the colour on the inner three-quarters of your eye and take the shade round your inner corner and underneath to your lower lash line – use your eye socket as a guide. Once applied, blend out with a brush or your finger and fade the edges towards the outer corner to soften any harsh lines.
  2. Apply the shade Daydream from the Revolution Pro Regeneration Eyeshadow Palette in Mischief Matte over the top of the other shadow to intensify the satsuma colour.


Rimmel Wonder'swipe Liner & Shadow So Savage 004


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Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro Regeneration Mischief Matte Eye Shadow Pal


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Watercolour eyes from Lamyu

  1. Like any true artiste, we need a blank canvas to make these colours pop. Use GOSH Kohl Eye Liner in White to cover your entire eyelid, going all the way up to your brow bone. Blend this out with a brush to create a smooth wash of white across the lid.
  2. Draw an exaggerated wing with Revolution Pro Pigment Pomade in Ocean Blue and splodge some more of this tone randomly across your eyelid.
  3. The Revolution Pro Regeneration Eyeshadow Palette in Mischief Matte is full of fun, bright colours to use in this look. Apply a selection to your lid using different brushes and intensities. Get creative – the more random the better. We even applied some hot pink into the brow hairs – nothing is off limits.
  4. Use the kohl pencil to put some white space back in – and you’re good to go.

Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro Regeneration Mischief Matte Eye Shadow Pal


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How to: galactic Halloween makeup with Real Techniques

Nellie Robert (@vintynellie) wearing galactic makeup and holding Real Techniques new Brush Crush collection

Halloween doesn’t have to be all ghoul and glitter. The subtler stuff can look just as effective, and – let’s be honest – it’s great if you’ve left planning your look to the last minute. For this super-simple galaxy-themed Halloween makeup look, we teamed up with Real Techniques and Nellie Robert (@vintynellie) to show you how it’s done. Pair this look with an all-black outfit and you’ll be looking out of this world and ready for any Halloween party.

Baby blues

To start, use the Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume 2 305 Shadow Brush to apply a deep blue shade from the MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Tropical Oceana underneath your eye. This colour should an upside-down triangle directly under your waterline – a bit like an exaggerated teardrop. For more dimension and intensity, layer the shimmery lighter blue from the same palette over the top.

Pretty in pink

No one said you can’t be pretty on Halloween, and nothing is prettier than a flush of bright pink. Use the Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume 2 302 Blush Brush (say that five times fast!) to apply the shade Underdog from the Revolution Pro Regeneration Eyeshadow Palette in Mischief Matte to your cheekbones. You’ll want to sweep this colour from the apples of your cheeks all the way up to your temples for max drama. Using the shadow brush from before, blend the pink and blue shadows together with the shade Shrine, making sure you blur out any harsh lines.

Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro Regeneration Mischief Matte Eye Shadow Pal


Buy Now

Purple power

Apply a deep indigo shade from the MUA palette to the hollows of your cheeks and right to your hairline, using the Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume 2 301 Foundation Brush. This has angled bristles with a flat top, which makes it the perfect tool for carving out those cheekbones and getting intense colour payoff. Blend the pink and indigo shades together with the blush brush you used before.

Tie it together

Clean the small fluffy shadow brush that you used at the start with some of the shade Underdog to tie all the colours together. Blend the shadow from the bottom of the indigo tone up towards your inner corner, to round everything off and give a seamless finish.

Just a touch…

We’re not going cray with the glitter, but a little bit never hurts – right? Apply Revolution Glitter Bomb in Glitterazzi LINK? on top of the shadows, using the Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume 2 302 Cosmic Sponge LINK?. Pick up the glitter with the sponge and press the sparkle all over your cheeks.

Starlight, star bright

A galaxy ain’t a galaxy without stars, so we’ve gotta get them in there. To do this, we’ve drawn crosses with the Revolution Pro Supreme Pigment Dip Eyeliner in White over the cheeks. You can do as many as you like, but vary their sizes for the best overall effect.

A dusting of highlight

We’re sticking with the galaxy theme by using an iridescent lilac highlight. Dust MUA Shimmer Highlight Powder in Twinkling Violet onto the bridge and button of your nose, your Cupid’s bow and in the centre of your forehead with the Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume 2 304 Fan Brush.

Finishing touches

Complete the galaxy look with a lip to match – Revolution Scandalous Lipstick in Depraved is perfect – then apply some falsies and you’re good to go!


Superdrug False Eyelashes Intense Volume Edition 30


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Just Landed: Bubble T Confetea range

Flat lay of bubble T products

Here’s the deal – Bubble T has launched a brand-new, super-colourful, super-fun and super-deliciously scented range of bath products. We’re talking six new pamper products, exclusive to Superdrug, designed to take bath time to a whole new level. With the Bubble T Confetea range, you can fill your bath with rainbow colours and fruity scents. Here are the six new products that will upgrade your me-time from average to awesome…

Flat lay of bubble T products

Bubble T Confetea Edition Somewhere Over The Rainbow Giant Bath Bomb Fizzer

You’ll be clicking your red shoes to get home from work asap to try this magical bath fizzer, which works to soften your skin. Fill the tub with water, pop in the rainbow-shaped delight and watch the colours swirl.

Bubble T Confetea Edition Bath Bomb Fizzer

Need a mood booster after a long day in the office? This rainbow bath fizzer smells like a summer orchard and is jam-packed with fruity scents.  

Bubble T Confetea Edition Bath T-Bags

Imagine if making bath time special was as simple as putting a tea bag in the bath. Well, now it is. But this ain’t no ordinary tea bag. It’s packed with summer-scented bath salts ready to take over your tub with fruit fragrance. What’s more, the bath salts help to ease stress, relax the body and relieve pain and muscle cramps. You’ll feel more chilled out than ever.  

Bubble T Confetea Edition Mini Macaron Bath Fizzer Stack

Want a lil luxury in your life? Prone to eating a macaron or two in the bath? Mix a macaron-shaped bath treat in with the water for the perfect combination of your two fave treats. Designed to replenish the moisture in your skin, they’re sweet, fruity – and a bit of you.  

Bubble T Confetea Edition Bath Confetti Push Pop

Do you love getting ready almost more than the night out? These skin-conditioning party-popper bath fizzers will make girls’ night even more fun. Get this – the confetti melts into the water and fills the room with fruity fragrances. Your legs will look and feel so smooth when you’re rocking your LBD at the club.

Bubble T Confetea Edition Melting Marble Oil Bath Pearls

Teeny little pearls of oil that melt in the water? Uh, yes please! What could be better than combining our love of cute things with pamper time? The oil bath pearls come in a variety of colours, so it’s kinda like throwing a load of Millions into the tub – only these bad boys act to lock in moisture to keep your skin super-hydrated. We told you first.

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How to: vegan halo eye makeup

eloise mitchell wearing a vegan halo eye makeup look

Everyone and their mother has jumped on the glam cut-crease trend, and we’re no different. Except we’ve made it vegan. That’s right – it’s aaaaall vegan. Here at Superdrug we don’t want anyone to think there are any limits with vegan makeup. That’s why we’ve asked Eloise Mitchell (@eloisemofficial) to show you how to create a cut crease using all vegan makeup. You’ll get the same result (perfect for party season) and all using products that are cruelty-free. Sound good? Keep reading…

Warm up the crease

It’s winter, so we’re going for a warm brown in the crease and pink and golden shimmer to light your makeup fire. Apply a golden-brown shade from the Revolution Re-Loaded Palette in Iconic Fever to the crease and blend out with a fluffy brush for a smooth, seamless finish. For more glam, deepen under your eyes by smoking out the lower lash line with a darker brown shade from the same palette, blending it up towards the outer corner.

Prime time

Before we get into the glitter (collective woo!) you’ll want to cut the crease with a concealer or eyeshadow primer. We chose Revolution Pro Eye Elements Eyeshadow Primer, which gives a sticky base for the shimmer shades to cling on to. Simply pat the product on the centre of your lid with a flat shadow brush.

Shimmer baby

Now for the fun bit! Use a clean flat shadow brush to pack on Bleach London Legal Highlights in Pink Glitter on top of the primer. Blend out the edges with the same fluffy brush you used for the crease, to get rid of any harsh lines. For even more sparkle, press Bleach London Glitterati in Golden 06 onto the centre of your lid with your finger.

Liner time

Finish the look by lining your tightline and waterline with B. Kohl Liner in Black, to give the look more definition and oomph. And that’s it – you’re ready to party the night away and snap some grid-worthy pics for the gram.

B. Cosmetics

B. Kohl Eye Liner Pencil 01 Black


Buy Now

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Just Landed: Olay Whips Collection

Feeling weighed down by your face cream but think it’s just something we have to deal with in our quest for softer, smoother skin? It’s a fact that, according to research conducted by Olay, 36% of UK women said they were dissatisfied with their current anti-ageing moisturiser, finding it thick, heavy or greasy.

What if we were to throw a curve ball out there and tell you there’s a way to get powerful results as well as a weightless finish? Well, THAT certainly got your attention.


May we introduce you to Olay Whip, which has been created by the legends at Olay to give women a light-as-air feel with certified results. How, we hear you ask? The whipped delights feature Active Rush Technology, which holds and releases a thousand times its weight in hydration and active ingredients. The product transforms from cream to liquid on contact, absorbing into skin as quick as a flash, while delivering anti-ageing magic powers.


Olay Regenerist Whip Moisturiser

This pot of gloriousness reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles while actively hydrating to improve elasticity and firm skin.


Olay Regenerist Whip 50ml


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Olay Total Effects Whip Moisturiser

Formulated using Active Rush Technology with VitaNiacin Complex II and Vitamins C and E, this baby delivers six benefits in one:

  • Helps skin to maintain its moisture
  • Evens skin tone appearance
  • Enhances brightness
  • Visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimises the look of pores
  • Hydrates to make skin feel firmer


Olay Luminous Whip Moisturiser

Looking for lasting radiance without the dreaded shine? Formulated with Active Rush Technology and PearlOptics, this moisturiser gets to work to even skin tone and minimise the appearance of pores, all while keeping your face hydrated.

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How to: Scary Halloween Makeup

Scary Halloween Makeup

Ah, the annual Halloween dilemma. You want to go to your bff’s party looking frighteningly fabulous but you don’t want to cross that very, fine line and end up giving her little bro nightmares (ahem, Mean Girls). We have struck the perfect balance with this ghastly ghost look. Cue scary Halloween makeup with just the right amount of spooky…  

Scary ghost makeup

What will I need to create this scary ghost makeup look?

Step 1: Dab on white foundation over & around eyes

Scary Halloween Makeup 1

Coat a makeup sponge with white foundation (or white face paint) and gently dab over both eyes.

Build up the coverage bit-by-bit until the white is a block colour, with no streaks or gaps. Set with a powder for a matte finish.

Step 2: Draw around the eyes with black kohl eyeliner

Scary Halloween Makeup 2

Next, we’re going full-on goth mode by lining the eyes with black kohl eyeliner. Apply under the lower lash line and along the upper lash line until you have a thick, defined line. Once your liner is looking fierce, go over with black eyeshadow across both lids, overlapping the crease.

Top tip: Don’t worry about excess powder falling underneath the eyes/cheek area. Once your eye makeup is all in place use a makeup wipe to clean up under the eyes.  

Step 3: Coat lashes in mascara & apply falsies

Scary Halloween Makeup 3

Dig out your trusty mascara and coat your top and bottom lashes. Apply in a zigzag movement, from root to tip, to get the most lash-lengthening effect from your wand.

Next, coat false lashes with glue and focusing on one eye at a time, position and secure in place. You can use tweezers to help guide the lash, for added ease!

Step 4: Cover face & neck in white foundation

Scary Halloween Makeup 4

With your eyes looking oh-so smokey, next is time to whiten up the rest of the face for this ghost look.

Take the same white foundation (or face paint) and dab all over the face and neck using a sponge. Keep going until the colour is an even, blocky shade. Set with powder, to keep it in place and shine-free all night.

Step 5: Contour using black eyeshadow

Scary Halloween Makeup 5

As there’s no such thing as subtle when it comes to this look, we’re going to be contouring using black eyeshadow.

Use a fan brush for easy application and create a diagonal line from the top of the ear down to the cheekbone. Then move to the jaw line and apply the black eyeshadow all along, shading down towards the neck.    

Step 6: Fill brows with black eyeliner

Scary Halloween Makeup 6

Continue the monochrome theme by filling in your brows with black gel eyeliner.

Go for a blocky finish for added drama (no ombré allowed!)

Step 7: Apply black gel eyeliner to lips

Scary Halloween Makeup 7

Using the same black gel eyeliner (or a black kohl pencil) line lips and fill. As the colour is so dark, take your time at this point and apply in short strokes to avoid smudges.

Step 8: Backcomb hair & apply white hairspray

Scary Halloween Makeup 8

The bigger the hair the better, so take a backcomb brush and go crazy! Next, use a white hairspray to create a seamless blend from the edge of your white foundation to your hairline and beyond. Spray as much or as little as you like and then weave spiders in your hair for a frightening finish.  


Scary vampire Halloween makeup

Want a look that’s both glamorous and gothic? Give into your dark side with a vampire costume and take your beauty game to the next level with this striking look.

What will I need to create this scary vampire look?

  • Concealer
  • Highlighter
  • Brow pencil/pomade
  • Angled brow brush
  • Nude powder eyeshadow
  • Foundation (a few shades lighter than normal skin tone)
  • Bronzer
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • Eyeliner in a bright colour (we’ve gone for pink)
  • Red matte lipstick
  • Red lip liner
  • Red/clear lip gloss
  • Vampire fangs

Step 1: Conceal around the brows

Model adding concealer around brows

Coat an angled brow brush in concealer and outline your brows, drawing lines above and below the brows. Next, apply a nude powder eyeshadow across the entire eyelid blending up towards the brow arch.

Go over your brow outline under the arches using a highlighter – this touch will make you look Fierce with a capital F in your Halloween selfies. 

Step 2: Overdo it on your brows

Model applying brow pomade

Go bold on the brows and fill in gaps with a dark eyebrow pomade or powder. Don’t hold back on this part, you want to go heavy on the brows but avoid a blocky finish by applying in short lines. We’ve created a feathered effect by deliberately brushing and enhancing a few strands outside the lines. 

Step 3: Create a smokey eye 

Model creating a smokey eye with eyeshadow

Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush apply a light grey eyeshadow across the lids. Next, take a dark grey eyeshadow and define the eyelid creases. We’ve used the edge of a circle cotton pad to create perfect semi-circles.  Create a smokey effect by adding the darker grey eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 4: Add definition

Model applying eyeliner

Next, add contrast by using a colour-pop eyeliner under the eyes. Choose a shade that creates a strong contrast with your eye colour. 

Add more definition by applying black eyeliner along the upper lash line, starting in the inner corners and ending in a feline flick. Lengthen lashes with coats of mascara and add lash inserts/false lashes for a more dramatic touch.

Step 5: Apply light foundation & contour

Model applying white powder

Evenly apply foundation all over the face. But, instead of using your perfect shade of foundation go for one that’s a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone. This will give you paler finish which will work wonders for this vampire look. Set the foundation using a translucent powder.

Lightly contour the face (focus on areas like the hollows of the cheeks and jawline) to create a chiselled effect. If you want a spooky touch, try swapping your usual bronzer/contour for a grey matte eyeshadow. Yes, really!

Step 6: Go for red lips & fangs

Model adding vampire fangs to teeth to create a vampire Halloween look

For the ultimate finishing touch, apply red matte lipstick. Intensify your pout by adding a gloss too and tidying up with a lip liner.

Next, add your costume vampire fangs to embrace your new Halloween character – the stunning vampiress is born!

Beetlejuice-inspired Halloween look 

Inspired by the iconic eighties movie, this look is so striking it will allow you to haunt the living at your Halloween party. Disclaimer: this look may have your fellow party go-ers shouting ‘Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice’ at you night long!

Want a look that’s both glamorous and gothic? Give into your dark side with a vampire costume and take your beauty game to the next level with this striking look.

What will I need to create this scary Halloween look?

  • Black eyeshadow
  • Purple eyeshadow
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • White powder
  • Powder puff/blending sponge
  • Black eyebrow pomade

Step 1: Go heavy on the eyes

MUA applying dark eyeshadow to model

This isn’t a subtle look, so it doesn’t have a subtle start. Reach straight for your darkest shade of eyeshadow and apply to the eyelids. Now switch to a purple eyeshadow and sweep across the eyelid creases. You can blend the two together but remember the harsher the contrast the better.

Take the same colours under the eye, starting with the black eyeshadow under the lower lash line and blending out to the vibrant purple.

Step 2: Blot on white powder

MUA applying white powder to model's face

Take a white powder or foundation and gently blot it across your entire face. Build up the coverage bit by bit by using a blending sponge or powder puff.  Take extra care to not overlap the white with your bold eyes, but if you accidentally colour outside the lines then touch up the eyes before you move onto the next step.

Step 3: Darken your brows

MUA adding black pomade to model's brows

Use a dark eyebrow pomade or black eyeliner to define your brows. Don’t be afraid to go heavy on the brows – it’s Halloween after all!

Step 4: Add touches of green & purple

MUA adding green face paint to model's face to create a Beetlejuice makeup look

To make this as close to the iconic movie look as possible, take a green eyeshadow or face paint and gently blot across your typical contour areas – think hollows of your cheeks and forehead. Be messy with it and smudge it across the corner of your mouth. Follow this down your neck too.

Next, take the same purple eyeshadow you used around the eyes and draw along the sides of your nose.

Step 5: Finishing touches

MUA adding purple face paint to model's face to create a Beetlejuice makeup look

The devil is in the detail – quite literally. Start by building up the colour on your purple and green blotches so that they really pop. Add a white/silver eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes and add volume to your lashes with mascara (followed by falsies if you want to stand out even more!).

Step 6: Get wiggy with it

MUA adding a green wig to model to create a Beetlejuice makeup look

You can create the signature Beetlejuice hair by using a wash in/wash out spray colour. But, for added ease we’ve gone for a green wig that packs a punch.  

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Cute Halloween looks

Model with deer-inspired Halloween makeup

If the terrifying, heart-stopping, blood-oozing makeup looks aren’t for you then we’ve got the cute Halloween looks to give you all the ‘aw’ not ‘ah’ feels. Reach pur-fection with our classic cat with tones of sass or if you want to flex your artistic skills we’ve got the i-deer for you…  

Cute Halloween look: Cat

Shrouded in mystery and spiritualism, cats are a popular Halloween costume idea for good reason. Get your claws into our make-up tutorial to embrace your wild side.

What will I need to create this cat makeup look?

B. Cosmetics

B. Pro Contour Stick Medium


Buy Now

Step 1: Start with a blank slate

Start with a clean and clear base. Cleanse and moisturise your skin and apply lip balm to your pout.

Model applying lip balm

Step 2: Create a classic cat eye

Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and nude eyeshadow and apply across the eyelids – this will act as your base. Next, use a dark brown/bronze eyeshadow and sweep across the eyelid crease and to the outer corners. Build up the colour bit-by-bit and blend as you go for a gradient effect.

Draw along the upper lash line with black eyeliner and create a cat eye flick. This will add that much-needed feline touch. Use eyelash curlers to pump up lashes and apply mascara for extra lash-lengthening definition. 

Model applying cat eye makeup

Step 3: Contour like a queen

Apply an even layer of foundation all over the face and blend using a brush, sponge or your fingertips. Next, we’re going to contour by using a double-ended contour stick (for added ease!).

Use the darker shade for the shadows and the lighter shade as the highlighter. Once you’ve drawn on your contour lines, blend using a brush/sponge. Finish with a dusting of bronzer to the cheeks.

Model contouring

Step 4: Define the brows

Keep unruly brow hairs at bay by using a brow spoolie and brow wax/pomade. Brush through in the direction of growth so all your hairs are groomed to perfection. Add a touch of highlighter under the brows and above the brows for added definition.

Model grooming brows

Step 5: Add the whiskers

Now for the fun part. Coat a thin brush or angled brow brush in a black gel eyeliner (for extra precision) and create whiskers and a cat nose. We recommend using shorter strokes as there’s less risk of getting the lines wrong.

Model drawing whiskers with eyeliner to create a cute cat Halloween makeup look

Step 6: Pur-fect the pout

Using the same black eyeliner, line your top lip and fill it in so that your entire top lip is coated in black. Next, take a golden gloss and apply to the bottom lip to create an eye-catching contrast. Now, get your claws out and strike a pose – meow!

Model drawing with black eyeliner to create a cat Halloween look

Cute Halloween look: Deer

Want to be leaps and bounds ahead of all the typical animal-inspired outfits? This Bambi-inspired makeup look can transform an otherwise normal look into an adorable one – perfect for a last-minute idea!

What will I need to create this deer makeup look?

  • Nude/brown eyeshadow palette
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Black gel eyeliner
  • Angled eyeliner brush
  • White eyeliner/face paint
  • Foundation/powder lighter than your skin tone


Collection Kohl Eyeliner Precision White


Buy Now

Step 1: Go nude on the eyes

Sweep a nude eyeshadow over your eyelids to create a neutral base. Take this colour up to under your eyebrow arch too. Next, coat your eyeshadow brush with a darker brown eyeshadow and apply over the eyelid crease and blend for a gradient finish.

Model applying nude eyeshadow

Step 2: Add drama with your eyeliner

Draw along the upper lash line with black gel eyeliner and continue the line to create a dramatic flick. You don’t have to be too neat with this as next you’ll be going above the line with white eyeliner/face paint. Draw a line first, just above your black eyeliner line, as this will create a border to work within. Continue colouring in your eyelid with the white but stop when you reach the eyelid crease as we want your brown eyeshadow to shine through.

Apply the white eyeliner to the inner corners too and make it into a fierce point and extend it halfway under the lower lash line. For the other half switch back to the black eyeliner to meet with your point you made along the upper lash line. Apply mascara to pull it all together.

Model applying white eyeliner

Step 3: Powder your face & contour

Take a powder or foundation that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it all over your face. Use a blending sponge for precise, even application.

Take a dark crown contour stick and draw along the sides of your nose, as this will help you add that animalistic charm. Colour in the end of your nose too.  

Define your contours as you normally would, either with cream contour or powder, but go darker than usual for a more defined finish.

Model applying powder foundation

Step 4: The finishing touches

Coat a thin brush in black gel eyeliner (or face paint) and fill in your top lip and draw a line to create your deer-inspired mouth. Next, cover any exposed areas in shimmering body oil or glitter to really wow.

Add some false lashes into the mix if you want the extra wow-factor and finish off with some white freckles all over.

Model applying white freckles with eyeliner

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Skincare routine for oily skin with Lauren Naylor

Lauren Naylor holding up a clay face mask for oily skin

You’ve tried it all – matte foundations, every powder known to woman and countless blotting papers – but nothing’s getting rid of that grease. With skin shinier than RiRi’s diamonds, you need a fix, and fast. Curbing oily skin is more about the pre-makeup routine and less about packing on powder. We asked beauty journalist Lauren Naylor to share her skincare wisdom and give us the lowdown on a routine that’s simple, works wonders and is super-affordable…

If you’re wondering why you’ve got oily skin, it’s all in the sebaceous glands. These little babies produce sebum – the oil that lubricates our skin and hair – but if they’re overactive, they can cause our faces to look waxy and feel greasy. You’ll probably notice this more in your T-zone (which includes your forehead, nose and chin), as there are more oil glands in that area, and you’re probs prone to a pimple or two… hundred! Sebum blocks pores, so breakouts are all the more common if you’ve got oily skin.

Don’t skip double-cleansing

When you’ve got oily skin, it’s important to double-cleanse. Start with a cleansing oil – try B. Pure Micellar Oil – which may seem counterintuitive, but trust us. Oil dissolves oil, so use it to get rid of the grease and grime from the day, as well as your makeup. Next, you need something that’s going to go deeper into the pores, so wash your face with Superdrug Tea Tree Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, so it’ll banish any bacteria and give you a good deep-cleanse. Repeat these steps night and day for maximum oil control.

Always exfoliate

Get rid of any build-up on your skin with a good ol’ dose of glycolic acid. This will eat away at those dead skin cells and exfoliate your face, leaving it looking fresh, fresh, fresh! It’ll also free up your pores and help prevent any pimples popping up. A great way to get your glycolic fix is with Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Foaming Pads. They’re simple to use, and there’s also a gentle version if your skin is sensitive.

Moisturiser is a must

If you don’t moisturise, your skin will overcompensate for the dryness and produce even more oil. Use Nip+Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser with SPF30 to comfort your skin after exfoliating. The formula is oil-free (always one to watch out for) and will help control sebum production throughout the day – perfect!

Nip+Fab Skincare

Nip+Fab Post Glycolic SPF30 moisturiser 40ml


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Make time for a mask

Try to use a mask at least once a week. The B. Purified Clay Face Mask contains kaolin clay, which purifies your skin without drying it out. Apply it to your face and neck for a deep-cleanse and say bye-bye to clogged pores. It also has eucalyptus extract and a mix of oil-absorbing ingredients that give a cooling tingly feeling, which makes you go ‘ooooh’.

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Just Landed: LighterLife Fast vegan range

woman eating soup in the kitchen

It’s no secret that we love seeking out the very best vegan beauty and health products for our committed, animal-loving community. So much so, that we now have over 950 (and counting!) vegan treats to choose from online and in-stores. Adding to the ever-growing list, discover LighterLife Fast’s latest vegan foodie drops.

woman eating soup in the kitchen

Super green soup

Looking for comfort food in preparation for the colder months? This delicious plant-based soup is sure to soothe the soul. Featuring superfoods like broccoli, spinach, pea protein and soya its as virtuous as it is comforting.

LighterLife Fast

LighterLife Fast Super Green Vegetable Soup


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Banana porridge

Kick-start your mornings (or enjoy a little midday snack) with a bowl of LighterLife’s banana porridge. Made with gluten-free oats, chia seeds and flax seeds, it’s a tasty and low-calorie alternative to regular oats. Just add water and you’re good to go!

LighterLife Fast

LighterLife Fast Banana Porridge


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What’s LighterLife Fast?

Both new meals are part of the LighterLife Fast plan, which has been designed to help those following an intermittent fasting diet plan. This plan follows ‘fast’ days (three days a week, eating 4 LighterLife Fast products to provide roughly 800 calories) and four ‘smart’ days where you can increase that calorie intake to your usual recommended allowance.  

What’s the deal with intermittent fasting?

First up, let’s clear up the confusion. The ‘fasting’ part in ‘intermittent fasting’ doesn’t mean that a lack of eating is involved. What it means is that you keep your calories low in order to create a deficit. You should still eat a nutritious, balanced meal on these fast days, but just be more mindful!

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