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September 2018 – Superdrug
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5 minutes with Little Mix

little mix interview

We caught up with the gals from Little Mix for a good ol’ session of Would You Rather, to celebrate the launch of their false lashes. Yep, that’s right, Little Mix have launched their very own falsies – and we’re OBSESSED. These easy-to-apply strip lashes are giving us serious party vibes… the festive season can’t come quick enough! Speaking of which, you can watch below to find out whether the Little Mix girls would rather party all night or snuggle on the sofa with their pals, and which one of them HATES pizza. Oh yes, and you’ll get all the goss on their new lash launch, too…

Little Mix Little Mix LMX Off Duty Volume Lashes £5.95 Buy Now
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Little Mix Little Mix LMX Jesy Lashes £5.95 Buy Now
Little Mix Little Mix LMX Perrie Lashes £5.95 Buy Now
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Beautiful Darkness makeup look for Halloween with Carmi

Carmi MUA from @carmimua showing off a halloween makeup look with the Revolution Beautiful Darkness Palette

On the hunt for a Halloween look that isn’t too out there? We may have just what you’re after. Not everyone’s willing to go all out on fright night, and some of us wanna stay glam no matter what the occasion is. That’s why we asked Carmi from @carmimua to show us how to achieve this gorgeous look inspired by the Revolution Beautiful Darkness Eyeshadow Palette – think smoky eye with a spooky twist…

Transition tones

We’re starting with the base and brows already done, so it’s straight to the eyes. First, apply the shade Nightmare from the Revolution Beautiful Darkness Eyeshadow Palette to your crease for a zombie-like transition shade. Then deepen your outer corners with the shade Possessed.

Blacker than black

This look is all about intensity, and we want there to be some major pigment at the lash line, then a fade-out to those ghoulish transition tones. To get that pow from the pigment, we’re going in with the black from the Revolution Pro SFX Face Paint Palette. Use a damp brush to pick up the colour and stamp it on your lid, focusing the shade near your lashes. Once you’re happy, set this with the shade Tainted from Beautiful Darkness.

Blend like a boss

Time to release your inner makeup artist and blend the black into the yellow-y transition tones. Go in with a fluffy brush from the Revolution Ultra Metals GoContour Eyeshadow Brush Set and use windscreen-wiper motions to blend the shades together. If it looks a little patchy, use more of Nightmare and Possessed to smooth out the finish.

Revolution Revolution Ultra Metals GoContour Eyeshadow Brush Set £11.99 Buy Now

Smoke it out

Now you need to balance everything out with a smoky lower lash line. Use the brush with short, dense bristles from the same brush set to apply Tainted along your lower lash line. Tie it all together by smoking out the intense black with the shade Nightmare on a fluffy brush.

Halloween highlights

Just because we’re going for the fear factor doesn’t mean we can’t get our highlighter on fleek. Apply Revolution Haunted Lights Highlighter to your inner corners for a gorgeous yet ghoulish glow. For your cheekbones, use Revolution Haunted Liquid Highlighter Drops in Lover’s Wrath, then set with the same powder highlight you used on your inner corners.

Now for lippy

With such intense eyes, we’re going for a nude lip. Apply Revolution Haunted Lipstick in Sinister Seduction for the perfect pout. Finish with lashes and liner – and you’re done!

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Get the look: Justine Skye

Model with Justine Skye makeup

Justine Skye always looks flawless. One look at her Insta and you’ll have serious makeup envy. She somehow manages to look fierce and effortless at the same time – who knew that was possible?! Luckily, for you, we’ve figured out how to get her trademark look.

What you’ll need:

Brow pomade/pencil
Eyeshadow palette
False lashes
Liquid eyeliner
Kohl eyeliner
Brown lip gloss

Rimmel Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer 03 £6.99 Buy Now
Revolution Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eye Shadow Palette £9.99 Buy Now

Step 1: Create a flawless base

Miss Skye always has glowing skin. Get on her level by airbrushing your foundation using a blending sponge. Simply dab on your foundation using the sponge and twist slightly to blend. Once done, add an illuminating concealer to hide imperfection whilst giving you an effortless glow.

Justine Skye makeup step 1

Step 2: Contour like a pro

To channel Justine’s fierceness, you’re gonna need fierce cheekbones. Using an angled contour brush, start by contouring from in line with your ears down to the middle of your cheeks (in line with your pupils). Blend it well. Next, switch to a powder brush so you can lightly define the rest of your features. Start by sweeping contour gently over your jawline, before dusting over your forehead. If you want a lighter look, swap out contour for a sweep of bronzer.

Justine Skye makeup step 2

Step 3: Define your brows

Brush your brows, giving them shape. Then fill in using light strokes and build up strong brows. Define by blending an illuminating concealer under your brows. This will give your brows an extra edge.

Justine skye makeup 3

Step 4: Apply pink eyeshadow

Start by dusting a nude shadow all over your eyelids before adding a slight shimmer (we prefer silver). Next up, it’s time to get bold with a pink eyeshadow – dust all over your lids. Oh, and we’re still not done! Take it to the next level with a pop of iridescent shadow.

Justine skye makeup 4

Step 5: Lengthen the lashes

Thought we were done with eye makeup? Tut tut. We’re just getting started. This look is all about definition, so obvs you need to define your eyes! Start by lining your lashes with a liquid liner before coating your lashes in mascara. Then, line your waterlines using a kohl liner, smudging lightly (and we mean lightly – we want effortless cool, not crying panda). Blend a blue eyeshadow underneath. Finish your lashes with a set of falsies and another coat of mascara.

Justine skye makeup 5

Step 6: Finishing touches

Once your eyes are done, it’s time to make sure you’re glowing efficiently. Dust highlight over your cheekbones before moving to the bridge of your nose and centre of your forehead. Blend it well – we’re going for a natural looking glow.

To finish this flawless look, apply a coat of brown lip gloss to your lips. Simple.

Justine skye makeup 6
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Get the look: Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell makeup

We’ve gotta secret, can you keep it? We heart Shay Mitchell’s beauty game. Whether the 'Pretty Little Liars' star is stepping on the red carpet in full-on glam mode (no doubt thanks to her fav MUA, Patrick Ta) or keeping it stripped back and flawless under the glare of the paps, she’s killing it.

Thanks to her new-found love of vlogging her beauty looks are becoming more achievable than ever – but should come with a disclaimer. That ‘stripped back’ look we mentioned needs a whopping 24 products to create! We thought we’d investigate a bit more and recreate one of her stunning award ceremony looks with far less products and in way less time!  

What will I need to create this Shay Mitchell-inspired beauty look?

Revolution Makeup RevolutionxSoph Extra Spice Eye Shadow Palette £10.00 Buy Now
Revolution Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer C5 £4.99 Buy Now
I Heart Revolution I Heart Revolution Highlighter Goddess Of Love 10g £4.99 Buy Now

Step 1 – Start with concealer

A tip taken straight from Shay Mitchell’s routine, begin with concealer. Cover over any blemishes, under the eyes and any uneven skin tone. Blend it out using a blending sponge. Next, go over with your foundation, to create an even base.

MUA applying foundation to create Shay Mitchell makeup

Step 2 – Groom your brows

Frame your face with perfectly groomed arches. Start by brushing through with a spoolie brush and pencil in any gaps and add definition using eyebrow pomade.

MUA grooming brows to create Shay Mitchell makeup

Step 3 – Draw along the upper & lower lash line

Using brown eyeliner, draw along the upper lash line. You don’t need to be very precise with this, as you’re applying for the colour and not for a block line. Once you have built up enough colour, blend it out with a brush to create a gradient effect that gets softer towards the eyelid crease.

Take the same eyeliner and draw underneath the lower lash line. Blend it out to soften the lines and create a smokey effect.

MUA applying eyeshadow to create Shay Mitchell makeup

Step 4 – Add eyeshadow & eyeliner

Take a flat eyeshadow brush and gently press a burgundy-hued, shimmer eyeshadow over the top of your base. This will amp up the drama and create that signature Shay Mitchell red carpet look. Blend the colour out towards the crease. Apply eyeshadow under the eye too and blend. Draw along the waterline using black pencil eyeliner to make the eyes pop.  

MUA applying eyeshadow to create Shay Mitchell makeup

Step 5 – Lengthen lashes

Use eyelash curlers to give your lashes a much-needed lift. Next, apply mascara using a zig-zag motion from the root to the tip. Get rid of any clumps and space out the product by going over with a clean spoolie or mascara wands. For a more dramatic party-ready finish, add some falsies into the mix.

MUA applying mascara to create Shay Mitchell makeup

 Step 6 – Finishing touches

Apply bronzer to the apples of your cheeks to create a natural-looking glow. Switch to a shimmering highlighter and apply to the cheeks, under the arches and Cupid’s bow. To keep your striking eye makeup as the key focus of the look, we’ve finished up with a clear gloss on the lips.

MUA applying lip gloss to create Shay Mitchell makeup
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Halloween Nails: Pop Art

pop art nails for halloween party costume

The pop art movement has been making waves since the fifties and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Pay homage to the Andy Warhol’s of the world with a fancy dress idea that’s more creative than hauntingly terrifying.

We’ve taught you how to look like a walking Roy Lichtenstein painting with our Halloween tutorial, now get the talons to match the makeup…

pop art nails for halloween party costume

What Will I Need to Create Pop Art Nails?

  • 5 x nail polishes in block colours
  • Black nail polish
  • Nail art stick/cuticle stick
  • Transparent top coat

Step 1 – Go bright on the base

Once you’ve filed your nails to the desired shape and applied a base coat, take a bold block colour and apply two coats to your nail. Allow the colour to dry before moving on to step 2.

Pop Art Nails Step 1

Step 2 – Add a border

Coat the tip of a nail art/cuticle stick in black nail polish. Draw a thick border around the nail.

Pop Art Nails Step 2

Step 3 – Highlight with white

Take a clean nail art/cuticle stick and coat in white nail polish. Draw a line offset to the left of the nail and finish with a small dot, similar to a curved ‘i’ letter.

Pop Art Nails Step 3

Step 4 – Finish with a top coat

To prevent any chipping and add a high-shine gloss, finish with a transparent top coat. Repeat steps 1-4 on each nail using a contrasting bold colour as the base coat. 

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Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas Using Just Your Eyeliner

halloween skull makeup

No time to prepare for Halloween and your party is just moments away? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered. Follow our quick and easy Halloween tutorials where all you need is just the humble black eyeliner and a spare five minutes.

infected halloween look 7

What will I need to achieve these last minute Halloween looks?

These Halloween makeup tutorials will show you how to achieve three fun looks using just a black eyeliner. All you need to do is prep your skin, apply foundation and add a little bit of mascara – everything else can be achieved with your eyeliner.

B. Cosmetics B. Pro Duo Eye Liner Black £4.66 Buy Now

Look 1: Infected

Step 1

Draw a thick line underneath your eye. Make sure you cover your water line, your lash line and underneath the eye too.

infected halloween look 8
infected halloween look 9

Step 2

With a light motion, draw a thin line going down from your eye on your cheek. The line should resemble a vein or a tree branch, so don’t worry about making it symmetrical or perfect.

Step 3

From the line you’ve just completed, draw another one. This one should be much shorter and thinner. Draw another two or three “veins” connected to the main one.

infected halloween look 10
infected halloween look

Step 4

Continue drawing at least 6 thick lines and attached smaller “veins” on each eye. These can be random lengths and varying thickness.

Step 5

After you’ve completed your eyes, it’s time to make your lips look infected too. Following the same style, draw thick lines with a few attached “veins” heading from your bottom lip to your neck or even collar bone. You can make this look as intense or as subtle as you want.

infected halloween look

Step 6

Make sure your hair is messy. You can do this by putting your head down and messing it up with your hands or back combing it, and finally setting it with hair spray.

infected halloween look

Look 2: 20s Flapper Girl

Step 1

Go for a sleek low ponytail or bun and make sure your hair is pulled back as tightly as possible.

20s flapper halloween 2
20s flapper halloween 1

Step 2

With your eyeliner, draw a thin round eye brow above your natural brow. Ladies in the 20s used to conceal their natural eye brows or shave them off completely and opted for a pencil-thin line instead. Don’t worry if your natural eye brow hair is left visible, simply make sure your drawn-on eye brow line is as round and dark as possible.

Step 3

Remember that flapper girls in the 20s liked a strong curl or two. Recreate this by drawing three kiss curls on both sides of your face. You can add more curls, depending on how intense you want this look to be.

20s flapper halloween 4
20s flapper halloween 5

Step 4

Line your lip with the eyeliner, making sure the Cupid’s bow is really defined. Add a beauty spot on your cheek.

Step 5

If you have some pearls in your jewellery box, these will add a glamorous touch to the look. You can also use a headband with feathers and a fake cigarette holder to really embrace the vibe of the 20s. Finish off the look by wearing a little black dress.

20s flapper halloween 6

Look 3: Skull

halloween skull makeup

Step 1

Back comb your hair to form a beehive hair style. It can be as messy or as sleek as you want.

Step 2

Using your eyeliner, mark the area of your eye you’d like to paint black to resemble the hollow area of the skull. Afterwards, paint it fully in. A great tip is to keep the top part of the skull eye curved in the opposite direction to your eyebrow.

halloween skull makeup
halloween skull makeup

Step 3

Repeat the same technique on the other eye. Make sure you paint over your eye brows and your water line. This look will require a lot of eye liner!

Step 4

From the curved points on top of the skull eye, draw a few lines to resemble bone cracks. Draw a few cracks on the side of the skull eye too for extra effect.

halloween skull makeup
halloween skull makeup

Step 5

It’s time to draw on the nose. Draw two triangles and fill them in. This will create the effect of a completely dark and hollow area where your nose is supposed to be. You can add a few small cracks too.

Step 6

Draw two horizontal lines from each corner of your mouth. Then draw short vertical lines on your lips across the horizontal ones. Do it both above and below the line.

halloween skull makeup
easy halloween skull makeup using just an eyeliner

Step 7

Draw arches between the short lines to create the skull’s teeth.

Ready to go!

Enjoy this easy and quick Halloween skull look. If you decide to go for this look, make sure you smile throughout the whole night – it gives an added scare factor.

halloween skull makeup
B. Cosmetics B Stubborn Make Up Remover £3.98 Buy Now

Take the eyeliner off in a swipe:

Don’t worry if you didn’t have time to make or buy a costume this Halloween. You can achieve these quick and easy last minute Halloween looks just using a black eye liner. With a little imagination, your look can definitely be the most memorable of the entire night.

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How to help beat the post-summer blues

Group of young girls laughing having a pamper day with face masks

Ah, summer. A season that allows us to live our best lives – think socialising in the sunshine, exotic holidays and binge-watching our favourite shows (ahem, Love Island!). But, then those long, summer days start coming to an end and suddenly those positive vibes you enjoyed when the sun was beaming is now starting to fade – and fast. Don’t panic. There’s plenty of things to stop you from getting those pesky post-summer blues. Here’s how to keep riding that wave all the way through the year…

Group of young girls laughing having a pamper day with face masks

Set new goals

We’re very good at setting ourselves resolutions at the start of the year and then it’s never mentioned again past January 31st. Now you’ve just past the half-year mark, it’s a great time to reevaluate what you want to gain by the end of the year. This might give you that new leash of motivation to keep you upbeat. And while it’s tempting to reach for the stars with your goals (you know world domination, winning the lottery, getting a killer pay rise) try to be realistic and set yourself small but achievable objectives to keep the momentum going.

Top-to-toe refresh

Who said having a massive clear-out was just for spring? Get yourself ready for whatever autumn has to offer by switching on ‘new start new me’ mode.

When it comes to a mass overhaul, don’t overwhelm yourself before you’ve even begun. Start with the small stuff, like that messy drawer that you hide all your unsightly clutter in. And then ease yourself into the rest of your wardrobe, accessories, beauty kit and odd knick-knacks. Tidier home = tidier mind.   


If you think that the change in your mood is down to the change in the weather – namely lack of vitamin D from sun exposure – then you might want to try a vitamin supplement. Visit our in-store pharmacists for more advice.  

Pencil in plans

Summer always leaves us on a high because of all the social activities in the calendar, so treat autumn/winter the same way. Pencil in meet-ups with friends and family gatherings from now, so you’re not tempted to go into hibernation solo. And meeting up doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money or heading outside, you can get together on a budget and in the comfort of your own home with a little creativity. How about hosting a pamper night in your squad? Sheet masks at the ready!

Soo'Ae Soo'Ae Supreme Gold Hydrogel Mask £3.99 Buy Now

Get excited for the new season

OK, so you might have to pack away your bikinis, festival flower crowns and flip-flops but think about all the stuff you’ll get to fall back in love with. Think cosy knitwear, cups of hot cocoa and using the weather as an excuse to never leave the sofa. Hello, autumn.  

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How to: Halloween Mime Makeup

Halloween Mime Makeup

Want to snag that ‘best Halloween costume’ award this year? Be quietly confident with this mime makeup look. An adorable take on a classic fancy dress party character, you’ll be sure to steal the show with our super-easy, speedy tutorial. Better get practising those hand gestures…

What Will I Need to Create the Halloween Mime Makeup look?

Revolution Pro Revolution Pro Supreme Pigment Dip Eyeliner Black £3.00 Buy Now
MUA MUA Professional Loose Setting Powder £4.00 Buy Now

Step 1 – Draw a heart shape on your face

Halloween Mime Makeup 1

Take white foundation (or you can also use face paint) and your trusty foundation brush and draw the outline of a heart on your face. The heart should go around all your features, starting above the eyebrows and reaching to a point at your chin.

Step 2 – Fill in heart by dabbing with sponge

Halloween Mime Makeup 2

Dab white foundation on to a makeup sponge and start applying it to the area inside your heart outline. Build on the coverage bit-by-bit to create an even, symmetrical finish. Once happy with the final shape, set it with powder for a matte finish.

Top Tip: Don’t worry too much about staying inside the lines, as once your heart is finished you can tidy up the edges by going over with a makeup wipe.

Step 3 – Apply pink eyeshadow to the crease

Halloween Mime Makeup 3

Using a hot pink eyeshadow, apply to the crease of the eyelids. The brighter the colour and coverage, the bolder the look!

Step 4 – Go feline with black liquid eyeliner

Halloween Mime Makeup 4

Define your eyes by drawing a cat eye-inspired flick with black liquid eyeliner. Apply in short strokes - for added ease - as close to the lash line as possible and finish with a subtle upwards flick.  

Step 5 – Coat lashes with mascara

Halloween Mime Makeup 5

Apply mascara to your top and bottom eyelashes. Get the most from your mascara by moving the wand in a zigzag motion from root to tip as this will evenly distribute the product for a lengthening finish.

Step 6a – Add false eyelashes

Halloween Mime Makeup 6a

Focusing on one eye at a time, coat your lashes in glue and secure as close to the lash line as possible. You can use tweezers to position them perfectly and you can always carry a little lash glue in your clutch bag if you’re worried about them lifting throughout the night.

Step 6b – Apply falsies to the bottom lashes

Halloween Mime Makeup 6b

Halloween is all about going bold with makeup, so we’re going to add even more definition with some bottom false lashes.

Concentrating on one eye at a time, coat the lash in glue and then position. Apply these close to your lower lash line, going underneath your lashes and gently press to secure.

Step 7 – Define brows with black gel eyeliner

Halloween Mime Makeup 7

As we want this mime makeup look to stand out, your normal brow pencil simply won’t have the wow-factor. Switch to black gel eyeliner and brush through your brows for added contrast.

 Step 8 – Add a slick of pink lippie

Halloween Mime Makeup 8

To pick up on the punchy pink hue used on the eyes, apply a slick of bright pink liquid lipstick.

Step 9 – Finish with pink blusher 

Halloween Mime Makeup 9

Take a fan brush and pink blusher (or use the same pink eyeshadow you used earlier) and gently dust on to the apples of the cheeks. This will tie together all the pink elements and make for a striking finish!

B. Cosmetics B. Fan Brush Soft Highlighter Makeup Brush £6.99 Buy Now
B. Cosmetics B. Matte Liquid Lipstick Lulu £4.66 Buy Now
I Heart Revolution I Heart Revolution Angel Heart Eye Shadow Palette £6.99 Buy Now
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Gary Thompson aka The Plastic Boy tried 100 highlighters and these were his faves

gary thompson aka @theplasticboy holding 100 highlighters he loves

Sifting through 100 highlighters is defs OTT – but we believe in the power of science, so how are you meant to really know which ones are blinders without a proper experiment? That’s why we asked glow king Gary Thompson (aka @theplasticboy) to test out 100 – yes you read that right, 100 – highlighters. We’re talkin’ powders, drops, creams sticks… the lot! Here are his five faves.

Revolution Face Quad in Ignite

As soon as you swatch this palette you’ll know that it’s time to get well and truly LIT. With four colours to choose from there will defs be one that suits your skin tone and with such a buttery texture expect that glow to be blinding baby.

Maybelline Face Studio Chrome Extreme Highlighter in Gold

For a reflective glow that’ll give your look some serious sparkle, this baked highlighter with a metallic finish is just the thing. Dust onto cheekbones for a glow that’s second to none.

Revolution Pro 4K Highlighter Palette in Gold

Now for another quad with an array of shades for you to choose from. This set will have you shimmering through the autumn and straight into party season.

Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro 4K Highlighter Palette Gold


Buy Now

L’Oreal Paris Glow Mon Amour Highlight Drops in Bellini

For those of you who prefer a liquid highlight, these drops are gonna be your glow-to. Dab onto cheekbones or buff onto shoulders and collarbones for that full-body highlight.

L'Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops Bellini


Buy Now

Rimmel Insta Strobing Highlighter in Bronze Glow

If you’re all about that luminous look, get your hands on this strobing cream that’ll leave you looking Insta ready. Apply under foundation to achieve that glow-from-within vibe that we’re all dying for.

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How to: mermaid hair for Halloween

Mermaid Halloween Hair with glitter and jewels

Mermaids are famous for sitting on rocks, looking on fleek and brushing (and braiding) their long, luscious hair. And in case you hadn’t noticed, braiding is SO IN right now. And what better way to complement your merm-azing makeup look than with a pretty plait or two? Keep reading to discover how to live out your ocean-goddess dreams IRL…

Flick your tail (comb)

Use the Superdrug Tail Comb to section your hair into three parts, so you’ve got one at the top of your head and one on either side.

Braid it baby

Start with the middle section and weave a Dutch braid backwards to the crown of your head then secure with an elastic. Repeat this style on the other two sections so you’re left with three Dutch braids that go halfway back on your head.

Deep volume

No self-respecting mermaid should rock flat hair. So use your fingers to tease out the braids and unleash the siren.


Glitter splash

Starting with the left side of your hair, spritz V05 Edit Fixing Spray for Glitter onto visible roots. Now for the arty bit ­– dip a brush into some V05 Style Edit Mermaid Green Hair Glitter and gently pat over the sprayed area. For a two-tone effect, apply more fixing spray over the roots and pat the V05 Style Edit Ocean Blue Hair Glitter over the top. Repeat on the other side.

VO5 Style Edit

VO5 Style Edit Fixing Spray for Glitter


Buy Now

Making waves

Every beach babe needs big hair, so spray a load of the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray all over your locks and tease out with your fingers. Get freestyling, for a fun, carefree look.

Want your mystical mane to last all night? Set the look with TRESemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray.

Toni & Guy

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray 200ml


Buy Now


Tresemme Extra Hold Hairspray 100ml


Buy Now

Congrats, you are now officially queen of the ocean – kitted up and ready for a dance off with the crystal skull.

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