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How to cover a tattoo

Girl with tattoos using makeup to cover tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment – you know that going in. But, what you don’t know is if you really want an adorable swallow peeking out on your wrist during a job interview (hey – we don’t judge but you never know who will!). You might not be able to foresee if your dream wedding dress complements your tribal neck tattoo. And you may not know in the moment that ‘Malia 2k10’ isn’t worth commemorating. Whatever the reason, there may come a time when you want to temporarily cover up your tattoo. Nonsense, you can’t possibly do that right? Wrong!  

What do you need to cover a tattoo with makeup?

Step 1 – Apply red/orange colour corrector 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to colour correcting as everyone has their own unique skin tone as the starting point. But, it’s now common beauty knowledge that an orange/red concealer can help cancel out green/blue undertones – which is perfect when covering up a tattoo. Apply this all over your tattoo (use a brush for accuracy) and set with matte powder.

If you have a dark skin tone, you could try correcting with a red – even a matte red lipstick could work as a base. While on paler skin tones you might see a peach tinge if you use an orange corrector so you may want to skip straight to step 2.

Girl with tattoos applying colour corrector to shoulder

Step 2 – Add high coverage foundation

Blot on an even layer of high coverage foundation using a blending sponge. Build up the coverage until your tattoo is completely out of sight. We love using Revolution PRO’s highly pigmented formula that has been specially created with this type of coverage in mind – it can even cover birthmarks and pigmented skin tone.

Girl with tattoos applying foundation to shoulder

Step 3 – Set with powder & spray

It’s important to set your foundation with a matte powder and setting spray to create a natural-looking finish. Always opt for a waterproof and long-lasting foundation too to prevent any blotches if it starts raining or you start working up a sweat.

Girl with tattoos applying setting spray to tattoo
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The whats and whys of common STIs

Alix Fox thumbnail with text reading 'the what and why on common STIs

If all the info flying around on the internet about STIs has sent your head into a spin, we’re not surprised! There’s a lot to take in, which is why we’ve asked our resident sexpert, Alix Fox, to explain the whats and whys of common STIs. We’ll run through the basics of three STIs (gonorrhoea, chlamydia and herpes) and let you know the symptoms and treatment options available. If you wanna up your know-how of STIs, watch Alix’s video and read below to find all the info you need.

Superdrug’s got your back

First up, it’s important for you to know that Superdrug has an amazing service called Online Doctor, where you can find everything you need to keep your sexual health on point. From tests to treatments, we’ve got you covered. Simply click below to check out your options.


Aside from being impossible to spell, gonorrhoea is a pretty common STI in the UK. The bacteria can be passed between people through unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex and can affect the cervix, urethra, rectum and even the throat and eyes.

Symptoms: You might notice a thick green or yellow discharge from the penis or vagina, and it could be a tad painful to wee. Women may also experience bleeding between their periods. However, one in 10 men and 50% of women show no symptoms at all… eek!

Treatment: Gonorrhoea can be treated really easily with one antibiotic tablet and a single antibiotic injection. From gonorrhoea to GONE-orrhoea (sorry, not sorry!).


Another common STI in the UK, chlamydia is also passed from person to person through unprotected sex. One thing to note with this STI, though, is that there doesn’t have to be penetration for the infection to be passed on. Chlamydia can be spread through simple touching of genitals if one partner is infected.

Symptoms: Once again, most cases of chlamydia show no symptoms. Some people might have a bit more discharge from the penis, vagina or rectum, and there could be some bleeding between periods or after sex, but generally it’s a pretty tough one to spot without a proper STI check.

Treatment: This STI can also be cured by good ol’ antibiotics. Simply ask your GP, visit a sexual health clinic or check out Superdrug’s Online Doctor for treatment options. 


Herpes is easily transferred through sex or even skin-to-skin contact, but the chances of contracting it are made higher if a sufferer is showing symptoms. These include small blisters or cold sores around the mouth or genital areas. Once you catch herpes, it’s there for life – but it tends not to cause any problems for most people.

However, others might experience outbreaks of blisters, which can become quite painful. Your doctor can prescribe soothing creams, which will dry out the sores and help them heal.

If you know you’re a carrier of herpes and you tend to get outbreaks of the virus, bear that in mind when you’re with a partner. As the infection is so easy to pass on, it’s best to refrain from sex whenever you feel an episode coming on.

Get tested… like now!

So now you know the whats and whys of common STIs, but what about your status? Knowing your STI status can be really empowering as it means you can give yourself the proper care and look after others as well. To get tested, visit Superdrug’s Online Doctor for more information.

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5 best mindfulness apps

Flat lay of beauty products and smartphone showing mindfulness app

Mastering the art of mindfulness is not easy. One minute you’re trying to meditate and the next you’re 10 stories deep on your ex’s new bae’s dedicated brunch page. We got you. Instead of using your phone to distract from the task at hand, try downloading a mindfulness app to put your scrolling skills to good use. Here are some of the best…

Woman holding smarphone showing mindfulness app


Available on Apple iOS or Android devices

A self-proclaimed ‘meditation guide’ and endorsed by the likes of Emma Watson (girl crush alert!), this app is a great introduction to the world of mindfulness. Packed with bite-sized tutorial to ease you into meditation, it’s low effort high payoff if you need help destressing, sleeping and switching off.


Available on Apple iOS or Android devices

If you’re one of those ‘I don’t have time for mindfulness’ types, the Aura is the app for you. Whittling down its sessions (or micro meditations) to 3 minutes means you can slot in a little me-time even if you’re a hot shot CEO with no free time.

Flight mode

OK, so it’s not a legit app. But, flight mode is not just for cruising through the clouds safely and preserving battery life. Use it to switch off from social media and completely disconnect to allow you time to do something offline – for yourself. Get lost in a good book, do some colouring in/doodling or meditate.

Flat lay of beauty products and smartphone showing mindfulness app


Available on Apple iOS or Android devices

Run by teachers and leaders in the field of meditation, Buddhify is a bit different from the other meditation apps out there. It starts by asking you to pick where you are in your day (eg. waiting around, cant’s sleep, waking up), and then matches you to a custom meditation.

Mindfulness daily

Available on Apple iOS or Android devices

If you need a little nudge every day to be more mindful, then this app is the digital equivalent to an affirmation scrawled across your bathroom mirror. It provides short and snappy lessons in mindfulness that are created for you to be able to enjoy throughout the day.

Need a little help drifting off to the land of nod? We explore how mindfulness can help you sleep…

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How to care for hair extensions

Rachel Fenton modelling hair extensions from Arabella Rose Salon

Everyone loves a good hair transformation and nothing does the trick quite like a fresh set of hair extensions. We’ve come a long way from dodgy tape jobs and clumpy clip-ins – now it’s all about micro ring extensions, which blend seamlessly into your natural hair… uh, yes please! To get the scoop on how to care for these mane enhancers, we asked Noush from Arabella Rose Hair Extensions for her expert advice…

Don’t skip detangling

The point of getting extensions is so your hair looks long and luscious 24/7, so the last thing you want is any tangling or matting at the root. All you’ve gotta do is spend five minutes every day detangling to keep hair looking sleek. Simply go to the micro rings on the scalp and separate each extension with your fingers, working your way carefully around your scalp. Keep on top of this and your hair will be on the money!

Worry-free washing

When you’ve got hair extensions, you need to wash with a little more care than usual. To shampoo, tilt your head back and work up the lather gently by massaging down the hair. You don’t want to scrunch and scrub at the roots, as this could cause tangles or breakage. Rinse the lather out thoroughly, then condition from mid-lengths to ends. When choosing shampoo and conditioner, steer clear of silicones and sulfates, and stick to products with organic ingredients. If you regularly use tongs and straighteners, it’s also worth giving your hair a conditioning treatment every so often.


Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream 453g


Buy Now

Start at the bottom

When brushing your hair, the aim is to cause as little tension at the root as poss. So, work from the bottom up in small sections, rather than dragging your brush from root to tip. Use a soft-bristle brush and hold your hair with one hand to give it extra support.

Hair on hols

If you’re taking your new do on holiday and plan to swim in a pool or the sea, you’ll need to take protective steps. To help prevent your hair from absorbing loads of chlorine or salt water, saturate it first with clean water, then give it an extra barrier by applying a coconut or argan oil. Once you’ve had your swim, wash your hair asap. And if the weather’s windy and you wanna avoid tangles, style your hair into a quick and easy side plait. 


Superdrug Coconut Oil with Argan Oil


Buy Now

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Skincare do’s & don’ts

Model showing skincare do's and don'ts

You could have a skincare kit to rival Caroline Hirons (aka our master!), but if you don’t know how to use each product properly you’re not going to achieve those glow goals. It’s not rocket science, we know, but there’s a fine line between the right and wrong way to apply your favourite products. Learn all the skincare do’s and don’ts with our easy-to-follow guide.  

The product: Eye cream

Do: Gently apply eye cream in even blobs. Blend gently, with light pressure, by using your ring finger.

Don’t: Apply too much in one go. Blend using a rough technique (ie, using hard pressure).

The product: Eye makeup remover

Do: Soak a cotton pad. Gently wipe in a downward motion. 

Don’t: Soak the cotton pad with too much eye makeup remover. Rub your eyes with too much force, back and forth.

The product: Face mask

Do: Apply evenly by using a brush.

Don’t: Fidget too much when your mask is on as it will crack. Don’t leave it on for too long either, always go by the instructions on the packaging.  

The product: Moisturiser

Do: Apply your moisturiser bit-by-bit and allow the product to absorb into the skin.

Don’t: Apply too much so it looks like a mask of product, you’re using too much!

The product: Nose strip

Do: Peel in a quick motion, but lift from both sides of the strip.

Don’t: Rip it off aggressively, this could tear the skin.

The product: Face scrub

Do: Apply the scrub evenly and rub into skin gently. 

Don’t: Roughly rub the product into the skin as this could aggravate and cause redness/irritation.

The product: Serum

Do: Apply blobs of product in targeted areas and gently blend into skin until the product is fully absorbed.  

Don’t: Continue rubbing the product into the skin, this is not helping and in fact could end up clogging pores if you’re not careful!

The product: Toner

Do: Soak a cotton pad in toner and gently wipe over face after cleansing.

Don’t: Apply toner to your face using your fingertips.

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Meet the Korean skincare routine you can do every day

Young woman wearing a korean beauty sheet mask

So, you’ve seen the snail slime products, watched videos on the full-on 10-step routine and taken selfies with your bubble mask on. Yes, Korean beauty – aka K beauty – has revolutionised our kits for the better. Whether you’re already on board with the latest developments or are a self-proclaimed beginner, we have the ultimate regime that throws all the best bits of the trend into one. And the best part is? It won’t take you all day to do it!  

Step 1: Apply an oil-based cleanser

There’s no shortcut to the good stuff (we’re looking at you gold jelly sheet mask). First, you need to start with a clear base. Use an oil-based cleanser to remove all makeup and debris – this will wipe the slate clean.

Step 2: Cleanse again

This is where the two-step cleanse came about. Some stubborn bits and bobs (think sweat/pollution particles) need this second cleanse to disappear.  But, rather than using another oil-based product, switch to a foamy cleanser to completely get rid of the grime. With clean fingers, rub the product on to damp skin until it bubbles up to a frothy foam. Rinse off with water and gently pat dry.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Next its time to unclog pores with a little gentle exfoliation. Focus the product on areas that need this the most (like blackheads on the nose or chin). 

Exfoliate as much or as little as your skin needs you to – this isn’t something you need to fit into your everyday if you find your skin is sensitive or irritates easily.

Step 4: Face masks

Here comes the fun part – face masks. Korean beauty has given us new toys to play with such as bubble masks (the one where your face looks like a cloud!), collagen-packed lip patches and compression chin masks. Whatever your skin concern, there’s a face mask for the job! Or if you want to try a whole bunch, try a difference one once a week until you find one that works the best for you. Cue the pamper sesh!


Soo'Ae Charcoal Clay Bubble Mask


Buy Now

Step 5: Apply eye cream

Bright, glassy eyes are a big trend in Korea. And so is anti-ageing. So, a key product is eye cream to achieve both sought-after looks in one. Gently apply cream under the eyes, using your ring finger (light pressure) to hydrate the delicate area. If you go for a cream with anti-ageing properties, you’ll see it work wonders on fine lines too.

Step 6: Moisturise some more

Yes, moisturising your face is a big tick. But, how often to rejuvenate other areas, like your neck and your lips? To fully immerse yourself into a Korean-inspired beauty regime, you shouldn’t overlook these not-so-common areas. Give them some TLC with a nourishing face cream and softly scented lip balm.  

B. Skincare

B. Radiant Day Cream 50ml


Buy Now

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Sporty skin: How to tackle skin problems while training

Young woman working out

Sports are fun. They’re a great way to keep fit and hangout with your friends. But, they can also be a cause of what’s often referred to as ‘sporty skin’. So, what is this? It’s an umbrella term for skin problems that are common in athletes. Yep. Even NBA players and Olympians can suffer from them. Here’s everything you need to know, including top tips on how to tackle skin problems.  

Young woman working out

How to prevent back acne

From bacne (aka back acne) to breakouts on your face, your favourite sporty past time could be a factor that’s adding to your blemish count. There’s a specific type of acne (acne mechanica) which is super common amongst athletes. It can be caused from factors such as sweat, staying in sweaty clothes for too long, and the friction from your training clothes.

To help prevent breakouts, here are our top tips:

Shower after the gym ASAP

Breakouts can be caused by clogged pores. So, shower as soon as you finish training to rid your skin of oils, bacteria and sweat before they can seep in and clog pores.

 Fresh outfit

No, this isn’t just an excuse to rock a new look pre/post gym class. Staying in sweaty clothes for too long is a major reason why athletes suffer from breakouts. The moist conditions are a breeding ground for bacteria. Change into fresh clothes asap – don’t sit around in your training clothes.


A good fit

Who knew your clothes were so instrumental in fighting acne? Poor fitting clothes cause friction against your skin, which can cause acne. Wear clothes that fit properly when training and wear an extra layer (e.g. a light tee) if the problem persists.

Get blotting

Wiping away sweat is such a natural reflex, sometimes we don’t even realise we’re doing it. The problem is, this could be causing you to break out. Not only will your hands be transferring a lot of bacteria to your face, but you’ll be spreading sweat across your face and into your pores.

Breathable skin

Sometimes if you’re heading to a class straight from work or on your lunchtime, it can be tempting to workout with your makeup on. But, if you’re not using the right products (eg. breathable, non-comedogenic powders), this could also mean that you’re more prone to clogging your pores as you sweat it out. If in doubt, remove heavier makeup before you work up a sweat.

Treating athlete's foot

It's called athlete’s foot for a reason, people. It’s a skin infection on the feet caused by fungi that can become inflamed, sore, and itchy. This fungi thrives in warm, moist environments – so all those hard training sessions resulting in sweaty socks could be the culprit. Also, athlete’s foot is known for being contagious and can be spread through contact with the skin, so the showers could be responsible.

Don’t worry, though! You don’t need to avoid showering after practice (*cough* refer to our ‘breakouts’ section). To prevent athlete’s foot, avoid walking barefoot in public changing rooms by wearing shower shoes or flip-flops. You should also avoid sharing towels with others and wash them frequently.

If you’re already suffering from athlete’s foot, then there is something you can do to help clear it up. Use an anti-fungal cream, gel, or spray to ease your symptoms. If you need more advice (especially if symptoms are still present after 2 weeks) then chat to a Superdrug pharmacist for more advice.



Superdrug Athletes Foot Gel 30ml


Buy Now


Sports and sweat go together like Bonnie and Clyde. Obviously, it’s natural to break a sweat while you get your game on, but sweating excessively can make people self-conscious and lead to breakouts. But, there are a few ways to reduce the amount you sweat (but not too much – your body needs it to cool itself down).


Antiperspirant deodorant

This may be obvious, but one reason a lot of people sweat so much when playing sports is that they’re wearing the wrong deodorant. Antiperspirants work to produce the production of sweat and break up odours – making them much more effective than a standard deodorant (which masks odours).


Superdrug Womens Roll on Antiperspirant Deodorant Soft Pink


Buy Now

Light clothes

Upgrade your game kit by opting for breathable fabrics. As the name suggests, they’ll give your skin room to breathe, which will also allow sweat to evaporate.

Keep it clean

Not only does putting on old workout clothes feel super gross, but it could be making you sweat. You want sweat to evaporate when you’re active, so you don’t want to start with a layer of extra moisture to get rid of.


If your sport of choice is weightlifting, then you may be familiar with calluses. Calluses are caused by excessive pressure and friction, which creates a hardened/thick patch of skin. For athlete’s, they’re commonly found on the palms of the hands as you grip into things like bar and weights.

To avoid this skin problem when training you can reduce the friction by using chalk when doing weights, or keeping the skin moisturised after you work out.



Superdrug Foot Corn And Callus Remover


Buy Now

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The dos and don’ts of wearing fragrance

Group image of perfumes and aftershaves

Think you know everything there is to know about fragrances? Ok, let’s play a game of two truths and a lie.

-        It has a shelf life and can change in scent as it expires.

-        It smells different on different skin types.

-        Your wrists are the only place worth spraying it.

We’re not surprised if you find it hard to spot a scent myth from a scent legend. Here to help you decipher the best ways to make the most of your favourite fragrances, we’ve put together a handy list of ‘do’s and don’ts’. Now let’s get spraying started…

Group image of perfumes and aftershaves

Fragrance Do's

Target pulse points

It might feel like second nature to grab your favourite scent and spritz it straight onto your wrists and chest. But, there are other target areas worth paying attention to.

Try spraying areas where blood vessels are closer to your ‘pulse points’ as this is where most heat will be given off. Good areas to focus on include your ankles, behind your knees, décolleté and near your elbows – yes, really.

Layer, layer, layer

Most fragrances have matching scented lotions and potions that have been designed to maximise the longevity of your chosen spritz. The typical layering combination would be starting with the scented shower gel, then adding a generous later of body cream before finishing with a mist of perfume.

Gift sets featuring matching body care and fragranced products are perfect for mastering the art of layering:

Top tip: Be careful when layering up mismatched scented products as this could completely change your finishing scent! Unless, of course, that was the aim of the game.

Lightly spritz

If you want to apply perfume correctly, a little restraint goes a long way. While spraying fragrance into the air and walking into it may be the dramatic finishing touch to your night out ensemble – well, if it’s good enough for Elle Woods – it simply creates a mist and much of the scent goes to waste. It also may lead to stains on clothes and jewellery.

Instead, opt for a light spritz held at about 5-7 inches away from the targeted pulse points and pump between 2-3 times.

Spray at the right moment

The perfect time to spray aftershave or perfume is right after moisturising as moisturised skin holds fragrance better. Also, after a shower, your pores are open and able to soak up both moisture and scent really well.

Fragrance Don'ts

Store in extreme temperatures

The best place to store your perfume or aftershave is in a cool, dry area. Also, if you have a cupboard of scents that you’re not ready to use yet – think last year’s birthday gift list – then do not take it out of the packaging until you’re ready to spray away.

Got carried away with the #Shelfie hype? You may want to reconsider displaying your fragrances if your shelf/dressing table is near a bright window or in the bathroom – the conditions won’t do the perfumes any favours. Direct sunlight or other extreme elements can completely change a product’s composition, so your sweet-smelling scent may become something entirely different and often will have a vinegar-esque note.

Dab, roll or rub

Dabbing, rolling or rubbing your perfume or aftershave is a big no-no! Doing any of these things will damage or negatively affect your scent. Rather than releasing the scent, it actually bruises the notes and this will affect its overall smell and longevity.

Applying perfume behind the earlobes is also a common mistake. This can mix with substances that the skin releases and gives off an unpleasant odour.

Although rollerball applicators are great for topping up on the go, it’s worth knowing that every time you roll the perfume it starts to mix with your skins’ natural oils. This could gradually alter the scent – so no you’re not going crazy it’s likely to change over time!

Wear the same fragrance all year

Over time, you may get attached to a ‘signature’ spritz, but try not to get stuck in a rut. Instead switch up your scent according to the season or the occasion. In fact most fragrances have been formulated with this in mind.

By day opt for light a breezy fragrance with citrus top notes that are not too overpowering for an open plan office environment.

Day Scents:

As the sun sets, stronger notes such as jasmine, musk and patchouli are a great choice. These branch into the woody Oriental realm, which is perfectly suited to evening events. Although they may be heavier, these scents will last throughout the night.

Evening Scents:

Continuously spray

Most people comment that after an hour or so they can no longer smell their own fragrance, but this doesn’t mean it has evaporated – it’s actually the contrary! If you can sense your own spritz then eventually it can give you a headache and this generally means the scent does not suit your skin type. If however you can no longer smell it, it has settled well on your skin.

So there’s no need to keep spraying every hour, instead reapply every 3-4 hours to freshen up the scent.

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How to enhance your freckles

model showing off natural makeup that enhances freckles

With the likes of Meghan Markle and Kylie Jenner flaunting their freckles, it’s no surprise that people are starting to look for makeup that enhances, rather than hides, them. All we can say is, we’re here for it! Whether you’re naturally freckled and ready to embrace it, or you’ve come back from vaycay with a face full of freckles and wanna show ’em off while you can, we’ve got just the makeup routine for ya…

Nail your BBase

You wanna go as light as possible with your coverage, so try Superdrug BB Cream 5-in-1 Day Cream. It’s a base that’ll even out your complexion without hiding the freckles, and contains moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer AND SPF15 – so all in all a one-step wonder! Apply it with a duo fibre brush to keep the finish light and natural.

TOP TIP: If you’re after an even lighter coverage, wet your duo fibre brush first.

Pinpoint perfecting

We’re aiming to keep everything light and lovely, so just conceal the areas you have to. Use a small blending makeup brush to apply B. Flawless Concealer Duo to any spots and imperfection. Then take some of the concealer on your ring finger and pat it under your eyes in a V-shape to get rid of any dark circles.

B. Cosmetics

B. Eyeshadow Blending Makeup Brush


Buy Now

Slightly sunkissed

Now for bronzer. We’re constantly lusting after that sunkissed look, so sweeping B. Cassie Lomas Whipped Bronzer over your cheeks and nose, and around the hairline will give you just that. You don’t want any harsh contouring here – just a natural buffed-out bronze to give your face some life. Use the duo fibre brush again to get that light and even coverage.

TOP TIP: Blend product on the back of your hand first to control application.

Glow baby glow

You can’t achieve that healthy glow without a touch of highlight. Sticking with the light theme so your freckles shine through, we’ve chosen Nip+Fab Liquid Gold Highlighter Drops. Put some of the highlighter on your hand, pat it out with your ring finger and apply anywhere the sun naturally hits (cheekbones, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow). We’ve used the shade Rose Gold, but there are loads of shade options for you to choose from to complement your skin tone.

Fake it till ya make it

This step is optional, but if you want to give your freckles their POW back, go over them with a Revolution Pro Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil. You can even add a few more if you like. Simply dot the pencil where you want extra freckles and pat them out with your fingers.

TOP TIP: If you get lots of freckles around your lips, enhancing your lip line with a lip pencil is a great way to get back some definition.

Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil L Brown


Buy Now

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Get the look: Mabel

Mabel storms through the charts (and our Instas) thanks to her unique style. Not only are her songs totally amazing, but her effortlessly flawless style has inspired a generation of makeovers. What can’t she do?!

What will I need?

Primer                                              Brow pencil
Sheer coverage foundation          Highlighter
Concealer                                        Bronzer
Orange eyeshadow                        Liquid liner
Eyelash curler                                 Pink satin lipstick
Mascara                                           Lipgloss 
Individual lashes                            Concealer brush
Foundation brush                          Lip liner

I Heart Revolution

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange Eye Shadow Palette


Buy Now

Step 1: prime and prep

Mabel needs her makeup to stay put while she kills it on stage at the world’s biggest festivals. We need our makeup to stay put while we kill it in the crowd at said festivals. To do so, apply primer all over your face. Don’t forget to prime your eyelids – Mabel’s eye makeup is iconic.

Mabel prime

Step 2: Keep it fresh

One of the best things about Mabel’s makeup? She keeps it light. This is super refreshing for both your look and your skin. Use a foundation brush to blend a sheer coverage foundation (trust us, you’ll be radiant) over your skin. If you’ve got any blemishes or dark circles you want to hide, cover them with a concealer. To achieve an airbrushed look like Mabel, use a concealer brush to blend well.

Mabel foundation

Step 3: Orange we glad for Mabel (sorry)

Before we go any further, we’re gonna let you in on a little secret: Concealer helps eyeshadow stay put. You’re welcome.

Mabel eyeshadow prime

After you’ve primed with concealer, it’s time for eyeshadow. Mabel has helped to bring back bold eyeshadow and we couldn’t be happier. Take full advantage by dusting an orange shadow over your eyelids and blending well.

Mabel eyeshadow

Step 4: Lashes for days

Follow these 3 steps to get envious lashes like Mabel:

1. Lengthen your lashes with an eyelash curler.

Mabel 5

2.  Coat your lashes with mascara - don’t forget your lower lashes!

3. Apply individual lashes (you only need one bunch) to the outer corners of your lashes to really make them pop.

Mabel individual lashes

Step 5: Brows on fleek

If you find Insta brows a tad intimidating (who doesn’t?!) today is your lucky day. Simply brush your brows and fill in using light strokes. You can use whatever eyebrow product your heart desires, but we prefer a pencil because you can get the pencil and brush all-in-one. Smart, right?

mabel 8

Step 6: Killer cheekbones

Give yourself a radiant glow instead of a blinding strobe by dabbing highlight along the tops of your cheekbones.

Mabel highlight

Once done, lightly contour your cheekbones using a bronzer. Brush the bronzer outwards in, from the line of your ears down to the middle of your cheekbones. Blend it well.

Mabel 10

Step 7: Fake it ‘til you make it

Freckles are all the rage now. Couture shows feature them, make-up artists rave about them, Mabel has them… they’re a big deal. Use a fine tip eyeliner to dot where you want to enhance your freckles. If you don’t have any, simply dot where you want to fake them.

Mabel freckles

Step 8: A perfect pout

  1. Start by lining your lips with a pink lip liner.
Mabel lip liner

2. Paint your lips with a pink satin lipstick. A satin finish will help to enhance your overall glow. And finish your pout with a clear lip gloss.

Mabel lipstick

Step 9: The finishing touch

You’re almost done! There’s just one more thing… are you ready to trust us? Okay. Apply the clear lip gloss over your eyeshadow. It looks totally amazing – once you try it, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before!

Mabel gloss

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