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How to treat oily skin

Model with oily skin products being

If your oily skin is giving you less glow goals and more looks-like-I’ve-just-done-a-HIIT-workout vibes, then it’s time to get your shine under control. But, before you start slapping on every charcoal product you can get your paws on and dabbing yourself incessantly with blotting paper, you might want to take a minute and get to grips with all the oily skin treatments. You can thank us later.  

Model with oily skin products being

Best oil-busting beauty products

We’re not going to sugar coat it for you, there are a lot of multi-tasking, fabulous oil-reducing products out there. So, before you invest in a complete kit, get yourself familiar with the must-haves:

Oil-free makeup

If you don’t want to add more fuel to the fire, then switching to oil-free makeup products may give you added peace of mind that your T-zone won’t make a shiny appearance throughout the day. Try swapping out your usual primer and foundation for formulas that have an oil-free, non-comedogenic ingredients list.

Mattifying, setting powder

While a setting powder won’t unclog the pores and target the cause of oily skin, it could help keep shine at bay – especially on a big night out. Dust the powder over your face using a soft-bristle brush to preserve your makeup look for longer.

Blotting paper

When your nose is running like a tap, you wouldn’t leave the house without a pack of tissues right? Well, blotting paper is the tissue to your shiny spots. Gently dab one over your face in areas for concern (like your T-zone) for a short term anti-shine remedy. This savvy tool is perfect for de-shining while you’re on the go.   

Charcoal masks, exfoliators and cleansers

Yes, we bang on about activated charcoal a lot – but that’s because it’s one of those ingredients that’s the stuff of skincare dreams. The reason why oily skin types should know all about it, is because it helps pull dirt out of pores which not only makes them less visible but also removes excess oil in the process. It’s a win-win.

Young woman applying a charcoal mask to half of her face

Targeted serums

It’s not unusual to raise an eyebrow at our mention of a serum because most of the time we’re bombarded with messages that serums are great for hydrating and plumping. But, if you incorporate targeted, oil-controlling serums into your regime you can help eliminate excess sebum production. Do your research and make sure you’ve chosen a serum that’s lightweight, not greasy.


It’s a tricky balance to strike between exfoliating too much and not enough, no matter the skin type. But, when it comes to oily skin it’s important to rid the pores of impurities and if you can add a touch of salicylic acid into the mix, even better. We recommend exfoliating once a week – you shouldn’t need more than this but if you feel you do build it up slowly and space it out further if you begin feeling any tightness.  

3 must-know tips for oily skin

Introduce new products one-by-one

So, you’ve done your research. Got an army of oil-fighting skin saviours at the ready. What now? Do not - as much as you might be tempted to! – slap them all on your face ay the same time. If you introduce too many new things in one go, you will never truly know which product is working wonders and which ones aren’t helping much. Instead add new products one-by-one, trial for a couple of weeks and monitor the results. And continue this process until you know which ones work for you.

Set your own trends

There’s always a new trend in the skincare game and it’s easy to get carried away with the next, big thing. But, always take every trend with a pinch of salt. Double cleansing might work for your bff, but it could throw your oil production into disarray.

Don’t skip the moisturiser

A common misconception is that oily skin and hydrating moisturisers don’t mix. But, once you’ve done your full-on oil-busting routine, you will absolutely need to moisturise to keep a better balance of oil and water within in the skin.

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The ultimate travel makeup kit

Flat lay of holiday makeup kit

Do you really need 6 shades of a nude lipstick for your week-long holiday to Marbs? How about every single makeup brush, JIC? Should you risk the baggage limit for the sake of the freestanding ring light for balcony pics? The answer to everything that might have crossed your mind is a big, fat – NO! Yes, we know it’s hard to predict exactly what parts of your precious makeup kit you’ll need on hols, but be ruthless and be honest. Here’s how to pack the ultimate travel-friendly kit.

Flat lay of holiday makeup kit

Holiday must-haves

Waterproof errrrrrrythang

It’s going to be hot. You’re going to sweat. You’re going to need extra help making sure your makeup doesn’t slide down your face and into your all-inclusive buffet dinner. So help your future self out by going for waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid any panda eye situations.

Lip balm queen

An oldie but a goodie. Lip balm on holiday is not only necessary for keeping your pout free from dehydration but if you go for one with added SPF it can protect them from burning too.

Blinding highlighter

Reflect that extra sunlight with the power of highlighter! And no it’s not a one-hit wonder. Use it in the usual places (Cupid’s bow, cheekbones, under brow arch) but also use it as eyeshadow, dab it over a gloss and dust it along the collarbone for bad girl Riri vibes.  

Wipes for the win

If you want to limit your risk of spillages in your suitcase and also save a bit of room too, then you need go for wipes all the way. From nail polish remover wipes to makeup wipes and also anti-bac wipes too, they will do the trick when you can’t indulge in your usual 10-step routines.

Coconut oil

Have we lost you with this one? Yes, that was kinda the plan. But, you’ll be surprised how much you can do with trusty coconut oil. You can use it in place of shaving cream, to condition your hair and control frizz, to calm down itchy bites, and to remove makeup. Remember to transfer it from that supersize container, only a small pot can do wonders!

Superdrug Superdrug Coconut Oil For Hair & Skin 125ml £2.99 Buy Now

The space-savers

From multi-tasking marvels (helloooo lip and cheek tint) to teeny, tiny travellers, stock up on these immediate essentials.

Miniature fragrances

Unless you are spraying a mist of fragrance with every step you take, then you won’t be getting through a 100ml bottle of your favourite scent. Trust us on this one. Instead, take a miniature or get yourself a perfume atomiser where you can fill a mini 5ml bottle with your usual go-to.

Brush tricks

If you don’t want to carry every single brush (do you really need a lip brush if you have lip liner, gloss and lipstick?), then just learn a few easy tricks instead. You can transform a fluffy blusher brush into a more delicate fan brush by pushing your thumb down in the middle to allow the bristles to move into a highlighter-friendly shape. Or try dual-ended and multi-use brushes, to take more options without compromising on precious space.

A killer palette

We all have that one palette that helps us in our time of need. No not the one where you only reach for that same colour and nothing else. We’re talking about THE palette where every, single pigment is appreciated for its gloriousness. Pack that one. Leave the others on home land.

All the tints

Perfect if you want to pack light, a dual-purpose lip and cheek tint will give you a rosy glow in one. Or how about a tinted moisturiser? Light coverage + instant hydration = summer skincare love story. 

Garnier Garnier BB Cream Anti Ageing Light Tinted Moisturiser 50ml £9.99 Buy Now

City break makeup kit checklist

If you're eye-rolling at our aspirational to-pack list because a budget airline luggage restriction is getting in the way of your picture-perfect glow goals, then you need to go back to basics. If your packing ultra-light and with a carry-on case (so can’t take a lot of liquids), then here is your must-have list:


 BB/CC cream




 1 x eyeshadow palette (look at your outfits and pick a palette that’ll complement every look)


 Brow pencil

Waterproof eyeliner


Double-ended ombre lip crayon

Lip balm


Small pack of makeup wipes

Dual-ended blush/foundation brush

Need more packing advice? Check out our holiday essentials checklist... 

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A guy’s guide: how to MANicure

Trio of pictures showing a man manicuring his nails

After a quick straw poll at Superdrug HQ, it’s official – there’s nothing more off-putting than a man with manky hands (yes, lads, the ladies DO notice them). And, no, this is not fake news. From nails that are too long to rough skin and crusty cuticles, there are loads of man-hand no-nos. But the GOOD bit? It’s easy to sort. Here’s our quick MANicure guide for guys. Do the gals a favour and pass it on to your mates when you’re done.

Get clipping

If you’ve noticed that you’re getting some serious side eyes when you pick up your pint in the pub, it might be time to sort out your nails. Let’s not lie – talons that are too long don’t look great on a guy, so leave those to the girls. But don’t go crazy and trim too much with your nail clipper. Position it so that just a little of the nail is visible and cut straight across, leaving the edges.

Tip-top shape

Raggedy, rough edges should be left to distressed denim so, next up, shape and smooth. Using a nail file, round and soften the corners of each nail. Work repeatedly in the same direction to avoid snagging. And go easy – you don’t want to take so much off that your nails look stubby. Groomed is what we’re going for here.


Superdrug Professional Nail Shaper Nail Files 2 Pack


Buy Now

Smooth operator

It’s not just your nails that need a little attention – those cuticles (the skin at the base of your nail) need a little loving, too. Smooth on a spot of cuticle cream, work into the cuticles and massage in for a minute – for hands your date will defs want to hold.


Superdrug Condition Cuticle Cream


Buy Now

Soft touch

From lifting weights to washing up, life throws some serious shade your hands’ way. But no one likes crusty, cracked skin and chances are you could also benefit from a lick of hand cream. Apply a 10p-sized blob and slowly massage into the fronts and backs.

That wasn’t so bad now, was it? Stick to these steps twice a week and your girlfriend’s gonna thank you


Superdrug Hand Cream Intensive Moisture 75ml


Buy Now

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3 celebrity hairstyles for prom

Headshots of Emma Roberts, Blake Lively and Rihanna showcasing red carpet hair looks

Apart from results day, prom is probs gonna be the biggest day of your life, and you need to look the part – right? You’ve got the dress, you’ve found the PERFECT shoes, and your makeup look is sorted… but what about your barnet? We understand how hard it can be to find the perfect ’do. Most of them look too complicated, and the ones that aren’t just don’t cut it. Well, look no further. We’ve taken our inspo straight from our fave celebs on the red carpet, so if you want class with just the right amount of sass, you’ve come to the right place. Oh, and did we mention they’re all ’dos you can create at home?

Vintage Hollywood waves

Girl with hear styled into hollywood waves

For this timeless look, we’ve taken our inspo from Emma Roberts, a true Hollywood beauty. It’s classic and feminine, and it’ll take you next to no time to achieve.

  1. Begin by creating a side parting and then divide your hair into a top and bottom section to make it easier to handle. Secure the top section out of your way with Superdrug Sectioning Clips.
  2. Spritz with a heat protectant before styling your waves. We used Style Expert Protecting Heat Styling Spray.
  3. Start curling the bottom section of hair with a wide-barrelled curling iron. The key to achieving drop-dead gorgeous Hollywood waves is the direction of your curls. Curl each piece towards your head, right to the ends of the hair. As you release the curl, hold it in your hand while it cools, to let it set.
  4. Once the bottom section is curled, let down the top section of your hair and repeat the process. Don’t forget to use heat protection and, again, always curl towards your head.
  5. If you’ve got a side fringe like our model’s, you can use it to frame your face. Curl it in the same way as before, but instead of letting the curl drop, hold it so it keeps the shape of the tong, and pin it to your head to cool.
  6. Once all your hair is cool, soften the curls by brushing them through.
  7. Finish with a spritz of Superdrug Natural Hold Hairspray to secure your style in place and you’re done!

You will need


BaByliss 2289U Volume Waves Tong


Buy Now

Studio London

Superdrug Studio Paddle Brush


Buy Now


Superdrug Hairspray Natural Hold 300ml


Buy Now

Soft braided chignon

Girl with hair styled into a chignon bun with halo braids

Blake Lively is showing us all how it’s done (as always) with this soft braided-chignon hairstyle. It’s hitting all the right notes for us – elegant, romantic and pretty – and is perfect for your prom or a summer wedding.

  1. Start by sectioning the front of your hair on each side from the crown to the top of your ear and clip it out of the way.
  2. This will leave you with a large back section to work with, and you want to get as much volume and texture in there as possible. To achieve this, spray dry shampoo into the roots and brush through.
  3. Gather the hair into a low ponytail and tie with a Superdrug Poly Hair Band. Use the end of a pintail comb to tease out a few sections of hair at the back of your head.
  4. Using your fingers, pull and tease the ponytail to add volume to the hair, and spray in place with Superdrug Natural Hold Hairspray.
  5. Tie another hair band right at the bottom of the ponytail and fold the ends up, tucking it in. Begin to roll the hair towards your head until you get to the nape of your neck.
  6. Use one hand to hold it in place and the other to secure the bun. Use Superdrug Hair Grips to secure the bun to the back of your head, pushing the grips in at the top and down, so they’re hidden. Use as many grips as you need, and then set in place with hairspray.
  7. Now for the braids – WOO! Take one of the pieces at the side of your head and plait it until you have enough to wrap around the bun. For a fuller, more feminine look, gently coax out the strands of hair in the braid.
  8. Once you’re happy with the look of your braid, direct it around the side of your head and lay it over the top of your bun and around, tucking any excess underneath. Then (you guessed it) secure with a hair grip. Use another grip to pin the braid to the side of your head. Push it up and into the braid to keep it hidden.
  9. Repeat the same process with the front piece of hair on the other side and set it all in place with a good dose of hairspray.


Superdrug Hairspray Natural Hold 300ml


Buy Now

Sleek low ponytail

Girl with hair styled into a sleek low ponytail

If you’re after something a little sharper, this is gonna be the style for you – and who better to turn to for a sleek and sexy hairstyle than RiRi? This is probs the easiest of the three and all we can say is that we are totes in love with it.

  1. Start with a deep side parting, using the end of a Superdrug Bobbled Pintail Comb to get a super-sharp finish.
  2. Clip the top section of your hair out of the way and straighten the bottom half of your hair. Once the bottom is done, let down the rest of your hair and straighten that too. PS: don’t forget heat protectant.
  3. Gather all of your hair into a low pony and secure with a clear elastic hair band.
  4. If you think RiRi lets anyone see her hair bands, think again! Take a teeny piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the hair band to hide it and secure with a grip.
  5. Now for that extra touch of sleek finesse. Take some wet-look hair gel on a toothbrush (bear with us) and lightly brush back any flyaways. The toothbrush will give you precision and make it easy to achieve that super-sleek, slicked-back style.
  6. Seal it all in with hairspray and you’re done!


Superdrug Total Care Toothbrush X2


Buy Now

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How to Deal With Oily Skin

Woman applying green face mask

Expert tips and product picks for dealing with overactive, oily skin and spots…

What causes oily skin?

There’s nothing you’re doing wrong that causes oily skin because it’s all down to genetics. However, there are certain reasons your skin produces more oil at certain times, such as during your menstrual cycle or when you’re physically or emotionally stressed – or you may simply be using products that don’t suit your skin type.

Best cleansers for oily skin

Don’t be tempted to scrub your skin into submission: over-cleansing can cause dryness, which stimulates the sebum flow and causes skin to become even oilier. Surprisingly, oil-based cleansers are good for oily skin: they attract the excess oil on your face like a magnet and remove it. But if you can’t face using anything oily on your skin, try micellar water, which removes dirt and makeup without leaving the skin stripped of moisture.

Woman applying green face mask
Simple Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil 125ml £3.45 Buy Now
Garnier Pure Active Pure Active Micellar Water Oily Skin 400ml £4.99 Buy Now

Using exfoliators and facemasks on oily skin

Using a gentle exfoliator two to three times a week will help keep oiliness and blemishes to a minimum. A deep-cleansing facemask once a week will also help with the condition. Choose one containing tea tree, which will help fight spot-causing bacteria. When the weather is warmer, your skin produces more sebum, so pop your facemask in the fridge for a cold, soothing effect.

Superdrug Superdrug Jojoba Seed Oil & Aloe Vera Foot Scrub 100ml £3.49 Buy Now
Tea Tree Superdrug Tea Tree Mud Mask Sachet 10ml £0.99 Buy Now

Using moisturisers on oily skin

It’s a common misconception that you shouldn’t use a moisturiser on oily skin, but it’s really important not to miss this step out. Skin can become dry after cleansing and if it’s not rehydrated, it will produce more sebum to compensate. Apply morning and evening to regulate your oil production and to keep skin supple. Moisturiser also acts as a barrier, protecting the skin from free radicals and toxins. The secret is to choose a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type, such as a light, mattifying formula. A thick moisturiser will be too heavy for oily skin, further clogging pores.

Simple Simple Kind To Skin Protect Light Moisturiser SPF 15 125ml £3.45 Buy Now
Olay Olay Complete Moisturiser Fluid Normal/Oily 100ml £6.99 Buy Now

Best makeup for oily skin

When choosing primers, moisturisers and makeup, opt for a mattifying formula to prevent shine. Start with the primer, which will keep your makeup firmly in place. Aim for light, oil-free makeup, which not only conceals any blemishes, but treats them, too, then finish with a light dusting of powder. Don’t layer powder on too heavily as it can clog hair follicles. Carry mattifying shine control papers in your bag and use them throughout the day to get rid of excess oil. Alternatively, if you find your makeup slips out of place during the day, use a damp foundation sponge to smooth it back into place.

Moisturiser swoosh
Matte make up palette
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Father’s Day gifting with Love Island’s Chris Hughes

Father's Day with Love Islands Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes is without a doubt one of our favourite contestants from Love Island... ever! (Which is quite a feat) So, we were super-excited to invite the man himself to come and talk to us all things Father's Day and, of course, he bought his Pa, Paul, along too! After some disastrous buys in the past (watch the vid to get the lowdown), Chris has come a long way with his present picking, and he’s ready to impart that wisdom on those of us who are feeling a bit stuck. So forget about socks, pants and slippers – poor dads, aye! – and find out about the pressies that’ll really make him smile…

The daytime fragrance

If you wanna get your dad something he’s really gonna love, you can’t go wrong with a good fragrance, and Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is timeless and so effortlessly cool! Nice pick, Chris!

Jean Paul Gaultier Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau de Toilette 40ml £34.50 Buy Now
L'Oreal Paris Men Expert L'Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift 5 Anti Ageing Moisturiser 50ml £13.99 Buy Now

Men need moisture, too

If you’re on a bit of a tighter budget, Chris has got that covered, too. Skincare might not be top of your pop’s shopping list, but it’s a great thing for you to treat him to – especially if you know your stuff. Keep it simple and go for a good quality anti-ageing moisturiser like L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift 5 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser. With Pro-Retinol (a powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient), your dad will be looking fresh-faced in no time…

The night-time fragrance

Musk is a must for the evening scent. Chris has opted for Hugo Boss BOSS Bottled Night EDT (a great choice), which has musk in its base, along with warming notes of sandalwood and Louro Amarelo wood. These deep scents are balanced with softer top and heart notes of lavender, African violet and jasmine – he’ll LOVE it.

Hugo Boss BOSS Bottled Night Eau de Toilette 50ml £49.50 Buy Now
Philips Philips AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver AT899/06 £109.99 Buy Now

Close shave

If your dad’s a bloke with a beard, a really good quality razor will make his day. Chris knows that when you’re shaving, convenience is key. That’s why he’s giving his dad the Philips AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver. The Aquatec seal on the product means he can shave in the shower if he wants to and shave dry as normal. For a close, clean shave and easy-to-clean blades, this is the one.

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Guide to holiday skin preparation

Young woman with great skin smiling

You’ve booked the flights, stalked the #wanderlust feed and packed outfits for every scenario (you know, for those ‘impromptu’ photoshoots on the balcony). Ok, now what? Instead of simply playing the waiting game, you can start prepping your holiday skin before you even think about the packing checklist. Here’s how to glow from the minute you run to your airport gate…   

Young woman with great skin smiling

First up, exfoliate

If you’ve stumbled upon our wise words with only enough time to fit in one quick pampering sesh, then exfoliating is where you should start and end. 

Take a hard-working body scrub and start buffing to remove all those dead skin cells while you shower. Or try dry body brushing which can also help improve the appearance of cellulite, double win!

Exfoliating is even more important if you plan on a pre-holiday wax or a spray tan! 

Moisturise more!

Chuck together humidity, sunlight and a restrictive plane carriage and you’ve got yourself a recipe for dehydrated skin. Start moisturising as early as you can before your holiday for a head start on that glow. Drinking plenty of water is also important for keeping skin hydrated.

Moisturising can also help prolong a tan so remember to slap on that aftersun when you’re away.


We’re all for the au naturel look, but if you decide you want to have a little defuzzing before you pop on your bikini then remove unwanted hair before you jet off.  

If you don’t fancy shaving every day on hols then opt for waxing or epilating before. These options may take a little longer at the time, but the payoff is better and should give you up to 4 weeks of stubble-free legs.

Planning on a bikini wax? Remember you want to leave enough time for any redness to go down so try not to leave it to the last minute!

Put your best foot forward

Flat lay of pedicure products

If your heels have more cracks than the Sahara Desert, then you need a pedicure – like, yesterday. And you don’t need to go straight to the pros, you can easily smooth over your dry skin in the comfort of your own home.

Try using a pumice or electronic foot file to remove any dead skin and apply an intensive foot cream all over focusing on you heels and toes. If you give yourself enough time, you can even try an intensive foot sock treatment. Ah, that’s better!


Superdrug Rapid-Pedi Electric Foot File


Buy Now

Gradually build up your tan

Cheat the system by giving yourself a little faux glow before you lap up the sunshine. A gradual tanning lotion is perfect for a natural finish or if you want a more dramatic starting point then you could always go for a spray tan. But, even though a tan may give you a false sense of security, you can still tan through a fake tan so always apply SPF to stay protected.  

Glow from the inside out

If you want to indulge in the ‘no makeup, makeup’ trend when you’re on holiday then your answer may not be in the bottom of a Meghan Markle-inspired beauty kit. Instead start the glow from within by topping up on your vitamins and all the nutritious food stuff! For those impatient types (guilty as charged) try a smoothie.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes 2

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How to get holographic hair for festival season

Girl showing off front and back of hair which has been died to a holographic style

Can’t decide which colour to dye your hair for festival season? Why not try ’em all? Rainbow – or holographic hair, as we like to call it – is all over Instagram, and we can’t get enough of it. You might think that a hair look involving so many colours is too hard to achieve in your bathroom with only a mirror for company, but you couldn’t be more wrong. We’re here to show you just how easy it is to get holo hair at home. Get your dye brushes at the ready, people – it’s about to get colourful…

Prep the hair

Dampen your hair slightly and brush through any knots and tangles. Then divide your hair into three sections, which will make it super-simple to handle. Take one section from your ear to your crown and hold it in place with a hairband or sectioning clip. Do the same on the other side and leave the back as its own section.

Pink all over

For this look, you’ll need a base colour to use on the roots – we chose Colour Freedom Pink Pizazz. Working on one section at a time, use a dye brush to paint the colour all over your roots, taking it about five inches down the hair. As you’re working on each section, lift the hair in layers to make sure you saturate the roots with colour.

TOP TIP: If you’ve got thick hair, lift smaller sections of the hair, to make sure you aren’t left with any patches.

Colour Freedom

Colour Freedom Pink Pizazz 006


Buy Now

Tone it down

Although this is a holographic hair look, we want to avoid the My Little Pony vibe and hit the right notes. That’s why we added Colour Freedom Pasteliser to our chosen colours (Colour Freedom Mystic Purple, Truly Blue and Green Emerald) – to give the shades a more muted tone. Follow the instructions in the box to achieve the effect you want.

Colour Freedom

Colour Freedom Mystic Purple 076


Buy Now

Colour Freedom

Colour Freedom Truly Blue 077


Buy Now

Colour Freedom

Colour Freedom Green Emerald


Buy Now

Colour Freedom

Colour Freedom Pasteliser 250ml


Buy Now

Randomised rainbow

Once all of your colours are mixed with the pasteliser, start painting small sections of hair, alternating the colours as you go. You don’t need to follow a strict pattern – just go with what you think looks great. Apply the colour, starting where the pink ends right down to the tips of your hair. Blend each colour into the pink, using your hands to massage the two shades together.

TOP TIP: Use a different brush for each colour to keep the tones defined.

Wait it out

The intensity of the colour depends on how long you leave it to develop. Check the instructions in the boxes, but to give you a guide, we waited 30 minutes. Once you’re satisfied, rinse the colour out thoroughly.

Dry and style

Take a blow-dryer to your barnet and, once dry, use tongs to style it with loose waves, which will give the different colours lots of movement and make the whole style pop. And that’s it – you’re ready to take on the festival scene like a pro!


TRESemmé Fast Dry 2000 Hair Dryer


Buy Now

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How to: Glitter Festival Makeup

Festival Mystic Glitter

Glitter, glitter, glitter – what could be better than glitter festival makeup? We’re here with a subtle yet cool makeup idea that you could rock in minutes! The look is super simple, which means it’s the perfect prep routine for a festival morning.

What Will I Need To Get This Glitter Festival Makeup Look?

  • Glitter Spray
  • Highlight and Blusher Palette (an eyeshadow palette can also work)
  • White Eyeliner


Superdrug Colour Hairspray Glitter Gold


Buy Now

Steps to Achieve Glitter Festival Makeup

Glitter Festival Makeup

Step 1: Create two space buns

Go for a middle parting and create two small 'space' buns. Simply wrap the hair strands around and secure with a hair band.

Glitter Festival Makeup

Step 2: Time to add glitter

Here’s the fun part! Spray your middle parting with glitter hair spray. After that, apply glitter with a brush. Feel free to mix up glitter colours for a truly eye-grabbing look.

Glitter Festival Makeup

Step 3: Go for a highlight and a fun colour

Highlight your cheekbones with a light metallic shade using your finger. Feel free to make your cheekbones really stand out and shine. Add another layer underneath where you highlighted. We’ve gone for a peachy pink, but you can have fun with any shade - either an eyeshadow palette or highlighter kit will work perfectly.

Glitter Festival Makeup

Step 4: Draw a white dotted line

Make sure all eyes are on you and draw little white dots above your eyebrows with white eyeliner. This look is all about the wow factor after all!

Glitter Festival Makeup

Step 5: Add some beautiful shimmer to your lips

Using the same palette, dab some shimmer to your lips. Why not to go for a fun metallic colour, we’ve used the same pink as we did underneath the highlight. If your lips are prone to dryness, simply apply moisturiser.

Glitter Festival Makeup


Looking truly festival-ready!

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Holiday essentials checklist

girl in pool with bag of summer essentials

Stress. Excitement. Stress again. It's natural to have mixed feelings about packing for your sun-drenched holiday. But, we're all about the fun part and less of the faff part. So, take a deep breath before you try to jam in 9 pairs of flip-flops for a weekend mini-break and go over our easy, breezy checklist - perfect if you're packing for a week away.  

model in pool with summer bag full of summer products

The vitals

Meet the must-pack items. Without these, you're not going anywhere (abroad at least!) so pack them first. They should never be an after-thought!

 Passport (with at least 6 months validity)

 Foreign currency

 EHIC card

 Flight ticket/boarding pass

 Hotel booking details

 Travel insurance documents

Clothes & shoes

Overpacking is easily done when going on holiday but bear in mind that half the items you over pack rarely get a chance to be worn – so go for pieces you can dress up and down different ways. 

 Day/evening dresses

 Light jacket/cardigan

 Underwear (including strapless bra)

 Flip flops/sandals


 Beach/bath towel

 A pair of trainers/flats


 Tees, vests, blouses


 A pair of heels/wedges

Beauty & toiletries 

Stock up on all your everyday toiletries - choose travel-friendly sizes for hand luggage only flights and to save space/precious kg!

 Shower gel


 Sun tan lotion


 Wet wipes


 Toothbrush & toothpaste

 Hairbrush, hair bands, hair grips

 Sanitary towels/tampons

 Travel-friendly toiletries (if travelling with hand luggage, stick to 100ml or less)

 Contact lenses & solution (if needed)

 Insect repellant & anti-histamine cream

 Holiday makeup kit


Unless you want a digital detox on your hols (yes, didn't think so - hot dog legs for days, right?), you're going to want to pack these handy tools. Also, for those that want to tame the mane - that hotel hairdryer may not be enough!

 Travel hairdryer

 Phone & charger

 Selfie stick

 Travel adapters

 Travel straighteners/curler

Extra accessories

These accessories will come in handy throughout your entire holiday so don’t forget:

Beach bag (big enough for towel, water and sun cream)

 Sun hat



 Day/evening bag

lifestyle model on sun lounger next to pool sun cream

Other important docs

It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it...

 Sterling currency

Credit card (some hotel rooms require one to create a 'tab')

Vaccination documentation

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