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How to: Rainbow Nails

Rainbow Nails

Make ‘one day over the rainbow’ every day, with this colourful nail art idea that’ll get all the beauty pack talking. A quick and easy way to add a pop of vibrancy to your look (not to mention fun!), our rainbow nails tutorial is one to trial this summer.

Rainbow Nails

What Do I Need to Create Rainbow Nails?

  • Colourful nail polish (red, yellow, white, blue, purple)
  • Nude nail polish (for base coat)
  • Transparent top coat
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Step 1 – Draw a white zig zag stripe

Rainbow Nails Step 1

We’re going for a single-nail art look so we’re going to apply this rainbow design to the ring finger. But, this can also be applied to as many nails as you like. First up, ensure you’re starting on a neutral base and apply a couple of coats of nude base coat. Once this is dry, take white nail polish and draw a zig zag diagonal line close to the tip of the nail.

Step 2 – Draw a lilac stripe

Rainbow Nails Step 2

Once the white line has completely dried, take lilac nail polish and draw a line alongside your white line.

Step 3 – Draw a blue stripe

Rainbow Nails Step 3

Again, repeat step 2 but this time with a light blue stripe.

Step 4 – Draw a yellow stripe

Rainbow Nails Step 4

Next take a sunshine yellow nail polish and draw a line alongside the blue stripe.

Step 5 – Finish with a red stripe

Rainbow Nails Step 5

To complete the colours of the rainbow, draw a red stripe. The key is to get as close to the cuticle as possible to create a rounded finish. To seal the design and to add a gloss, apply a transparent top coat.


Step 6 – Paint all nails alternating block colour

Rainbow Nails final image

To continue the multi-coloured nail art look, paint the rest of your nails alternating block colours that’s featured in your rainbow nail.

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How to Deal with Travel Sickness

Travel sickness feature

Travel sickness is something that needs to be felt to be believed. So, if your stomach flips at the mere sight of a moving vehicle – we’re here to help deal with the drama.

Travel sickness headache

What is Travel Sickness?

Some people see a beautiful boat. Others see a swaying machine that induces ripples of nausea. Some people see a car humming along the countryside. Others see a zooming engine across a dizzying road. And don’t get us started on aeroplanes!

Travel sickness, or motion sickness, is when conflicting signals are sent to the brain from the eyes and the inner ears (which is what our body uses for balance). This mismatch of information can occur when travelling as the eyes are often focused on a moving image while the body is still.

As the name suggests, coping with travel sickness is not pleasant. Symptoms can include spells of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, cold sweats and headaches.

Remedies for Travel Sickness

So your friends are bugging you to go on that summer road trip, but you can’t stomach even the thought. Don’t miss out on all the fun and instead subside the sickness with these helpful treatment options.

Travel sickness car trip

Take Travel Sickness Tablets

If you’ve identified that you’re prone to suffering from motion sickness, then it’s advisable to take hyoscine before travelling - however always check with a pharmacist to make sure they are suitable for you. Although they can reduce nausea and vomiting they do come with additional side effects including blurred vision, drowsiness and blurred vision.

Always ensure you take the recommended dose in the time frame to get effective results.


Avomine 25mg tablets 28s


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Kwells Travel Sickness Tablets 12 Pack


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Stugeron Cinnarizine 15mg Tablets 15s


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Alternative Tips & Tricks

Those with travel sickness know that it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to treating. But, you may find that one or a combination of these self-care remedies can help relieve symptoms:

  • Look at a fixed spot. Staring at a stable object can help keep focus on one thing instead of a fast-moving image.
  • Avoid large meals before travelling. It may sound simple enough, but we know how tempting that big burger can be at the motorway services!
  • Close your eyes. This one has a mixed response, but sometimes a quick cat nap or time away from a moving image can help ease motion sickness symptoms.

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Wedding Nail Ideas: Glitter Tips

Glitter Wedding Nails

Glamorous, decadent and blinged out to the max. If this perfectly describes your big day vision then get set to channel the glitzy vibe from head to talons, with our help. Cancel that salon appointment and instead take on this dazzling glitter wedding nails look to add an extra dose of fabulousness to your aesthetic.

Glitter Wedding Nails

What Will I Need to Create Glitter Wedding Nails?

  • Nude nail polish
  • Clear nail polish/top coat
  • Silver glitter nail polish
  • Copper glitter nail polish


essie 278 Set In Stones Silver Glitter Nail Polish


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Step 1 – Apply a nude coat

Step1 Glitter Wedding Nails

Using nude nail polish, apply two coats to create a solid base. As this colour will be visible in the final look, be sure that you’re happy with the block hue before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 – Seal with a clear top coat

Step2 Glitter Wedding Nails

To prevent this base colour from chipping and to add a little gloss, apply a couple of coats of transparent polish.

Step 3 – Apply glitter polish to tips

Step-3 Glitter Wedding Nails

Take silver glitter polish and apply to the top half of the nail. Fan the brush wide to ensure the sides of the nail is coated in flecks of glitter too. Build up the coverage until you’re happy with the amount of sparkle.   

Step 4 – Add contrasting glitter to tips

Step-4 Glitter Wedding Nails

To inject added ‘wow’ to the look, finish with an application of a contrasting glitter to the very edge of the nail. Pick a coloured glitter than matches your big day scheme or a hue that’ll complement your bouquet. If you want to keep it simple, keep the same silver hue but switch to larger flecks of glitter.

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Wedding Nail Ideas: Gold Band

Wedding Nails Gold Band

As every bride-to-be knows – after the never-ending mood boarding, Pinning and bookmarking – the devil is in the detail. So naturally, wedding nails should never let the side down. After all, your ring finger is going to be immortalised by the camera lens, chipped polish simply won’t do!  

Skip out on the visit to the nail salon on your big day and save a few pennies by prepping your talons in the comfort of your own home the night before. This gold band look is a modern take on classic white tips and will be easy to recreate. And for those with a shaky hand (from the nerves!), remember your maid of honour is always but a text away.

Wedding Nails Gold Band

What Will I Need to Create Gold Band Wedding Nails?

  • Nude nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Nail Tape
  • Gold nail polish (or any other hue to match your colour scheme)
  • Clear nail polish/top coat
Rimmel Rimmel Nail Polish 60 Second White Hot Love 8ml £3.49 Buy Now
Essie essie 1 Blanc White Nail Polish £7.99 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug 2in1 One Top Coat with Nail Strengthener £2.99 Buy Now

Step 1 – Apply a nude base

Step-1 Gold Band Wedding Nails

Take a nude nail polish and apply two coats for a solid base. This colour will be visible in the final look, so build up a nude base that isn’t streaky or too opaque.

Step 2 – Place tape over nail

Step-2 Gold Band Wedding Nails

Cut a small strip of curved nail tape and position two thirds down the nail. Ensure the base coat is completely dry before placing the tape to avoid any smudge dramas. For extra precision, place with tweezers.

Step 3 – Paint the top section white

Gold Band Wedding Nails 3

Take white nail polish and apply above the tape line. This part will act as the tips, so build up the colour until it appears as a block – a minimum of two coats is recommended.

Step 4 – Draw a line in gold

Step-4- Gold Band Wedding Nails

Once the white tip is completely dry, take gold nail polish and draw a line above the nail tape. Use the curve of the nail tape to guide the line and don’t worry if the polish goes slightly over the tape, this is what it’s there for! Using a thin brush nail polish will help to achieve a more whimsical look.

Top Tip: If you do not have a thin nail brush, dip a lip brush into the polish to create the thin line. Only use a brush you wouldn’t want to use again after as a lip brush as the nail polish will harden the bristles.

Step 5 – Remove tape

Step-5 Gold Band Wedding Nails

After the nail polish has completely dried, carefully remove the tape to reveal a clean gold band. For extra precision use tweezers to remove tape.

Step 6 – Apply top coat

Step-6 Gold Band Wedding Nails

For a glossy finish apply a transparent top coat. This will also protect your design from chipping so maximises the longevity of the look.

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How to: Cage Braid

Cage Braid feature image

Ever look at that 10-second braiding clip on your Insta-feed and think, how on earth did they do that? Trust us, you’re not alone. So when we spotted an emerging trend of the intricate cage braid (a hybrid braid – part classic French and part fishtail) we thought it was best to slow it down and show you exactly how it’s done.

Whether you’re confident enough to give it a go solo or have a bestie you can rope into helping you out, this tutorial will help you be the one to leave the timeline stalkers in awe!

What Will I Need to Create a Cage Braid?

  • Detangler brush
  • Elastic bands
  • Hairspray
  • Grips
  • BFF (optional)


Superdrug Hairspray Extra Firm Hold 300ml


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Step 1 – Brush hair & create ponytail

Cage Braid step 1

Brush through hair with a detangler and always start with super straight locks. This is the optimum starting point for braiding. Sweep hair up into a mid-height ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Pull the ponytail tight and brush through.

Step 2 – Separate a top section & plait

Cage Braid step 2

Take a small section of the ponytail and divide into 3 equal parts. To kick-start the cage braid, begin to plait this section as normal.

Step 3 – Introduce outer sections into main plait

Cage Braid step 3

With the three top sections in hand, now you want to begin introducing outer sections into the braid. It may appear fiddly, but patience is key and always keep the sections pulled tight for a neater finish. So starting with one side, take a small outer section and introduce it into the main plait by overlapping it until it reaches the middle section. With this in hand, alternate to the other side and repeat the process of going from the outside in.

Continue these steps, alternating sides and always using hair from the back of the ponytail and bringing it into the middle of the main plait. With the last remaining section, bring it into the braid and then plait as normal until it nears the ends. Secure with a clear band.

Step 4 – Pull the braid upwards & secure with grips

Cage Braid step 5

With the braid in place, now it’s time to manipulate the sections to create a dramatic cage effect. Start by grabbing the top of the braid between the thumb and forefinger and gently lift until it reaches the top of the band. The entire braid will move and expand to reveal its layered look. Secure into place with grips and ensure hair is high enough to cover the elastic band.

Step 5 – Tuck in ends & apply hairspray

Cage Braid step 6

To polish the look, tuck the straight ends of the braid underneath the braid and use grips to secure. And lightly apply hairspray to keep any flyaways at bay.

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How to: Romantic Bridal Makeup

Romantic bridal makeup

If Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton and Audrey Hepburn define #weddinggoals to you, then we can predict it will be class all the way on your big day. Inspired by their timeless looks, we’ve created a tutorial that embraces all things sophisticated – cue romantic bridal makeup.

Whether you choose to rope in a bff to follow the steps to a tee or trust no one but yourself to get your eyeliner flick on point, this DIY guide is sure to inspire a wedding morning masterclass. 

What Will I Need to Create a Romantic Bridal Makeup Look?

  • Eye primer
  • Eyeshadow palette (cream, lilac, brown)
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Lash inserts
  • Tweezers
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Face primer
  • Foundation
  • Blending sponge/foundation brush
  • Concealer
  • Brow contouring kit
  • Brow brush
  • Shimmer-effect blusher/radiance powder
  • Translucent powder
  • Setting spray


Maybelline Mascara Rocket Waterproof Very Black 9.6ml


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Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Black


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Step 1 – Apply primer, eyeshadow  & eyeliner

Romantic bridal makeup step 1

A wedding day look needs to stand the test of time, so the top tool in your arsenal should be a hard-working primer. First dab primer on to the eyelids and next add a light layer of cream-coloured eyeshadow. Apply this nude hue across the eyelids, up until the eyebrow. Next take a lilac-coloured eyeshadow and apply to eyelids. Now with a neutral base in place, take a darker hue (a brown or darker lilac) and apply to the corners of the eyes and eyelid crease. To add definition to the shape of the eyes, draw a line with liquid eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. For a feline feel, finish with a flick to the ends.

Top tip: Hold the skin taut as you apply the liquid eyeliner as this will help to achieve a straight line.

Step 2 – Insert false lashes & add mascara

Romantic bridal makeup step 2

To lengthen lashes in a dramatic yet natural-looking way, lash inserts are a top choice over full sets. To apply, place a blob of glue on the back of your hand and gently place the edge of the lash against this until it is full coated. Take a pair of tweezers and pinch the edge of the lash insert and place along the lash line where you need extra length.

Focus on building up lashes at the outer corners of the eyes and work along the line for an even finish. Finish with a coating of waterproof mascara. 

Step 3 – Apply primer & foundation 

Romantic bridal makeup step 3

Take a hydrating primer and apply all over the face, as this will give you the perfect base that will hold the rest of your look. Next, add a coating of foundation all over the face. For optimum results apply with a blending sponge or foundation brush for even coverage that gets into every crease. Use a concealer over any areas that need a little extra coating, like dark circles or blemishes. 

Step 4 – Define brows

Romantic bridal makeup step 4

Brush brow hairs upwards, then across, to help the natural shape take form. Once you’re happy with the shape, apply brow wax to set into place. Next, add a bit of definition with a dark brown brow powder or cream. 

Step 5 – Apply shimmer blush

Romantic bridal makeup step 5

For added glow that’ll catch the light beautifully in photos, apply a radiance powder or shimmer-effect blusher to the apples of your cheeks and temples. 

Step 6 – Line lips & apply nude lipstick

Romantic bridal makeup step 6

Take a nude lip liner and highlight the outline of the lips. Next, apply a nude, pink lipstick to build a bold base and finish with a coating of pink matte lip gloss. 

Step 7 – Apply powder & setting spray

Romantic bridal makeup step 7

To reduce unwanted shine, apply translucent powder to the T-zone or any other troublesome oily areas.  Finish with a light spritz of setting spray to ensure your romantic look lasts from morning ‘I Dos’ to the evening firework display. 

Looking gorgeous! Now for the dress... 

Romantic bridal makeup step 8

B. Cosmetics

B. HD Radiance Powder Bronzed Highlighter


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How to Do a Pedicure at Home

At-home pedicure feature

Ever wondered how to achieve the perfect salon-worthy DIY pedicure? Well look no further… below is an ultimate guide to doing your pedicure at home, including everything from preparation and foot care to base coats and top coats.

At-home pedicure feature


A pedicure is only as good as the base it’s on so preparation is a must!


Begin by exfoliating the feet to remove any build up of dead skin cells. Invest in an express pedicure gadget for a super easy and quick result; it’s essentially an electronic foot file. Simply glide the micro-abrasive roller over the areas of hard skin to buff it away and within seconds, you’ll have smooth feet. Alternatively, use a foot scrub containing refreshing ingredients such as peppermint and massage it into feet, focusing on the dry areas, leave for 5-10 minutes and then wash off in the shower.

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For super smooth feet, apply foot cream after exfoliating. For an intensive moisture kick, massage into feet before bed, put cotton socks on over the top and leave overnight.

File and buff

Begin by filing the nails to achieve the shape you want. Hold the file parallel to the side of the toenail; avoid pushing it right into the corner of the nail as this can cause breakage. File from the outside to the centre of the nail and repeat from the other side. Don’t go back and fourth as you risk tearing and peeling the nail. Buff the nail surface, removing any ridges. Finally, use the buffer block on the nail’s surface for a healthy and shiny finish.

At-home pedicure 2

Ingrown toenails

If you notice the corners of your toenail are growing into the skin surrounding them, this is likely to be an ingrown toenail developing. The causes vary but when it comes to nail care, filing your toenails in the right way can help to prevent it from happening. Always hold the file parallel to the side of the nail – if you edge the file too far into the corner, you risk breakage and any remaining sharp edges of nail could pierce the skin and embed itself in it.  Or, if you file the corners of your toenails to short, it may encourage the skin to fold over the nail, leaving the nail with only one direction to grow: into the skin.

Scholl Scholl Ingrowing Toenail Complete Clip & Spray Kit £14.99 Buy Now

Cuticle care

After filing, gently massage nail oil into the cuticles and toenails and leave for 5-10 minutes. This will moisturise and condition the nails, as well as softening the cuticles, making them easier to work with. Next, use a cuticle stick to push the cuticles back to the base of the nails and then take a cuticle nipper or gentle nail scissors to trim any excess cuticle.

Toe separators

Pop some toe separators on to prevent toes from touching one another, minimising any smudging.

At-home pedicure1

Base coat

Apply a base coat to protect the nails from colour staining and to provide the nail varnish with an even surface to adhere to, preventing any streaking. If you have a specific nail concern such as weak or brittle nails, choose a base coat that also treats the nail.

Superdrug Superdrug 3in1 Base Coat, Ridge Filler, Growth Enhancer £2.99 Buy Now


Take your chosen colour of nail varnish and apply in slow, even brush strokes. A thin layer is all you need, as a second coat will be applied. When the first coat is touch-dry (this should take about 10 minutes), apply your second coat using the same technique. Sit back and relax for 20 minutes while your nails dry.

Rimmel Rimmel Nail Polish 60 Second Coralicious 8ml £3.49 Buy Now

Top coat

When your polish is dry, apply a protective top coat for a longer-lasting, chip-resistant pedicure. Finish with a quick dry spray or drops, leave nails for 5 minutes and then remove the toe separators.

Maybelline Maybelline SuperStay 3D Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat 10ml £5.99 Buy Now

Clean up

Use an old, clean lip brush, dip it into nail varnish remover and go around the edge of each nail to neaten.

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5 Diet Tweaks For A Healthier You

Diet Tweaks For a Healthier You

Finding it hard to fit in the recommended 5 a day? Or still haven’t quite got your head around how to incorporate spirulina into your diet? You’re not alone.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may sound attainable on paper, but it’s hard to know how to transform those goals into actions. Cue our easy-peasy healthy diet tips. With these simple tweaks, that healthier, happier you can soon become a reality.

Diet Tweaks For a Healthier You

Sprinkle Superfoods

Last year it was all about kale, courgetti and coconuts. And this year it’s raw cacao, turmeric and acai. There’s always a long list of ‘trending’ superfoods and unless you have a kitchen the size of a field and a recipe that can blend everything up into a tasty oblivion, it’s hard to know which ones to get into your everyday. We say, why pick? Opt for a superfood-packed powder and simply sprinkle over meals (eg. porridge) and smoothies to tick off a handful of healthy superfoods in a mere matter of seconds.

Smoothie Blast

The ultimate shortcut to achieving the 5 fruit and veg a day goal? A smoothie, of course. Simply blitz your fruit bowl favourites and add a splash of coconut water for added healthy points. For smoothie inspiration, check out these quick and healthy smoothie recipes.

Mark Your Water Intake

Whether you have a desk job or are on your feet all day, staying hydrated is vital. And while the recommended 2 litres a day (8 glasses) may seem easily achievable, it can be difficult to monitor. Instead of reaching for a glass each time you need water, start the day by filling up a 2 litre bottle and pour your daily intake out of this bottle. This will work as a handy visual aid and ultimately help you reach your H2O goals.

Protein, Protein, Protein

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it before, a protein-rich diet is not exclusively reserved for the body builders among us. Protein helps build and repair tissues. So to feel healthier from the inside out, try a protein supplement for that much-needed boost.

Vital Vitamins

Everyone has personal health goals and woes, so there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to tweaking a diet. But, if you want to ensure everyday features all the nutrients necessary for you, then opt for targeted vitamins. Taking these daily, coupled with a healthy diet, will help give your insides a little health MOT.

However, if you feel you’re seriously lacking in a vitamin consult your doctor or visit a Superdrug pharmacy for more advice.


Bioglan Multi-Vitamin Gummies for Women 60 Gummies


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5 Best Sun Cream Tips

Sun cream tips

When the time comes to stock up on sun cream, you know summer has well and truly arrived. Whether you’re pre-empting a heat wave on home soil or are preparing for an exotic escape abroad, these sun cream tips will come in handy when the sun has got his hat on.

Sun cream tips

Pick the Right SPF

SPF stands for sun protection factor and sun creams are rated on a scale of 2-50+. It’s the measure of how long you can stay in the sun without getting burned with sun cream applied versus without the sun cream. For example, if your skin tends to burn after 20 minutes of being in the sun, applying an SFP10 will means it will take 10 times longer to burn.

As a general guide, the paler the skin (most at risk of burning quickly) the higher the SPF advised. A higher SPF doesn’t mean any better protection but it allows you to stay in the sun for longer. Which leads us on to…

Reapply Regularly

Sun cream should be applied at least every two hours, but this can vary depending on your chosen SPF and skin type. However, other typical holidaying factors may mean that tops ups should be even more regular like swimming and sweating.

Apply Generously

Most people are aware that sunscreen should be applied to all exposed skin, but might not be applying enough of it. As a rough guideline, the NHS recommends two teaspoons of sun cream if you’re covering the head, arms and neck. And two tablespoons of sun cream if you’re covering the body in a swimming costume.

If you’re using spray-on sun cream and want to monitor how much you’re applying, then spray the recommended amount into your hand rather than directly on targeted areas.

Keep in Fridge

It may be tempting to keep your sun cream in your beach bag at all times, but storing in a cool place is the preferred condition for your lotion. Keeping it in the fridge also has the added benefit of a refreshing, cooling effect when applied on the skin.  

Always Check Expiry Date

If you spotted last year’s sun cream in the back of cupboard, don’t assume it’s safe to re-use. Always check the use by date after opening.

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How to: Natural Bridal Makeup

Natural Bridal makeup feature

If you’re a firm believer in the motto ‘less is more’ then we can predict that your wedding day style will be minimalist all the way. So to channel the stripped back aesthetic, opt for natural bridal makeup that’ll let au naturel canvas do all the talking. With a focus on radiant skin, our tutorial will help you achieve complexion perfection on the big day.

How Do I Create the Natural Bridal Makeup Look?

  • Illuminating primer
  • Silk liquid foundation
  • Concealer stick
  • Bronze shimmer stick
  • Translucent powder
  • Brow gel
  • Waterproof metallic eyeshadow crayon
  • Waterproof brown eyeliner
  • Eyelash curler
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Lip balm
  • Lip & cheek tint
  • Setting spray
GOSH Gosh Forever Single Eyeshadow SilverRose 1 £6.29 Buy Now

Step 1 – Apply primer & foundation

Natural bridal makeup step 1

For a wedding look that’ll stand the test of time, applying a primer is an absolute must. So with this in mind, start with an illuminating primer all over the face to give the base a natural glow. Over this, apply liquid foundation all over and cover any dark circles or blemishes with concealer.

Step 2 – Use bronze shimmer stick

Natural bridal makeup step 2

Take a bronze, shimmer stick (for added ease) and draw lines to the temples and cheekbones. Blend with a sponge or fingertips until you have a shimmering glow. To keep shine under control throughout the day, apply a translucent powder over the foundation. Focus on the T-zone area as this will minimise any unwanted shine, but will keep the cheeks looking dewy.

Step 3 – Use brow gel & apply eyeshadow

Natural bridal makeup step 3

Brush through brows using brow gel, this will help shape them and hold wiry hairs in place. Next, take a waterproof eyeshadow crayon and apply across eyelids up to the crease. Blend up towards the brows by dabbing with your finger as this will soften the look. Add definition to the eyes by drawing a thin line with brown waterproof eyeliner close to the upper lash line and the corners under the eyes. Blend with a brush to soften the lines.

Step 4 – Use an eyelash curler & mascara

Natural bridal makeup step 4

Give your lashes a little natural lift by using an eyelash curler, before coating with mascara. Always opt for waterproof products on the eyes (with mascara being no exception) as the big day is often an emotional roller-coaster! 

Step 5 – Apply lip balm & tint

Natural bridal makeup step 5

Coat lips in a layer of lip balm and add a hint of colour by using a lip/cheek tint in a pastel pink hue.

Step 6 – Set the look with spray

Natural bridal makeup step 6

To ensure your look will last, finish with a spritz of setting spray. Always hold the spray at a distance so that the application is a soft mist.

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