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How to: Boho Festival Makeup

Boho Festival Makeup

Boho festival looks are not only about flowers in your hair and hippie headbands – you can also rock the flower child look with this boho festival makeup idea, complete with daisies drawn on your face. And the best part is that you can get this look using makeup products that are very likely to already be in your beauty bag.

What will I Need to Get the Look?

  • Gold eyeliner
  • Blending brush
  • Blusher
  • White pencil
  • A spare five minutes before rushing out to the music festival
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Steps to Achieve Boho Festival Makeup

Boho Festival Makeup

Step 1: Line your eyes with a golden eyeliner

After you’ve done your brows, lashes and foundation, it’s time to line your eyes with a gold eyeliner. Simply line the top of your lashline and buff it out with a blending brush.

Boho Festival Makeup

Step 2: Use a blusher stick as a highlighter

To add some colour to your look, simply use a blusher stick and apply it where you would normally add highlighter. Sounds like something you would never do? Festival makeup is all about breaking the rules, so don’t be discouraged.

Boho Festival Makeup

Step 3: Start with a single daisy

You may think that this look is for those with artistic flair only – not at all! Anyone can achieve this cool daisy look. Start by drawing a circle in the middle using a gold pencil. After that, draw tiny petals around it with a white pencil.

Boho Festival Makeup

Step 4: Add more flowers

Draw more dainty daisies around your face – as little or as many as you want.

Boho Festival Makeup

Step 5: Give your lips a pop of colour

Grab that blusher stick again and apply some on to your lips and blend the colour in with your finger.

Boho Festival Makeup

Step 6: Add a few loose small plaits into your hair

This is a very fun yet easy look. Plait your hair in a few places, make sure your plaits are soft and small. You can add as many micro plaits as you want!

Boho Festival Makeup

Enjoy this cool boho festival makeup look!

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5 Reasons Why the Cross Trainer is the Ultimate Workout Buddy

cross trainer

It may not look as appealing as the high-tech treadmill in your local gym but the cross trainer is a piece of kit that should not be overlooked. Whether you want to tone up or trim down, regular sessions with this equipment could be the difference you need to reach your desired physique.

cross trainer

Not convinced? We’ve got 5 reasons why the cross trainer should be crowned the ultimate workout buddy:

  1. It’s awesome because you can work hard without worrying about the strain on joints. Unlike going for jog or a high-power sprint – which can be difficult for those with pre-existing injuries or conditions – the cross trainer is low impact compared to our friend, the treadmill. Perfect if you’re an avid runner or just starting to get the gym bug.
  1. On average cross trainers can help you burn between 8-12 calories per minute – which is a pretty fast rate compared to the effort levels needed.
  1. The cross trainer works out every muscle in the lower leg, so it’s perfect for building strength there and toning.
  1. The pace is set by you, not the machine. So you can take it as easy or as hard as your workout requires without any pre-set speed programmes.
  1. If you choose to incorporate the dual action handlebars to your cross trainer workout you’ll also be training your upper body too. Beat that, treadmill.

What Is a Cross Trainer?

No worries if you’re new to the fitness game, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

A cross trainer can be identified by its two long handles and two pedals, often spotted in the cardio section of the gym. It can also be referred to as an Elliptical Exercise Machine or Elliptical Bike.

It’s a machine that forces feet to move in elongated oval movement and is said to combine the movements of the stair climber, treadmill and classic exercise bike in one.

If you are prone to injuries, suffer from a physical condition or joint pain, always consult your doctor before engaging in physical activity.

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3 Looks 1 Eyeshadow Palette

eyeshadow palette

Now you can look gorgeous with just one product – your eyeshadow palette. Try these different looks for every occasion - easy!

eyeshadow palette
eyeshadow palette
eyeshadow palette

Look 1

Step 1: Eyebrows

eyeshadow palette

Start by doing your base makeup as you usually would. Next, using an angled brush, apply the eyeshadow colour that best matches the colour of your eyebrows and begin defining your brows.

Step 2: Eyelids

eyeshadow palette

Take a bronze gold colour from the palette apply across your eyelids with a soft eyeshadow brush. This will highlight your eyes and emphasise the eyeshadow colours you are about to apply.

Step 3: Eyeline

eyeshadow palette

Next, take the angled brush you used on your first step. Dip this in water to make the eyeshadow hold and not dust around the eye. Sweep a blue eyeshadow to the brush and apply first in the inner corner of your eye. Next, apply to your bottom eyeline, continuing onto a wing and bringing back across onto half of your top eyeline.

Step 4: Black Eyeliner

eyeshadow palette

Using the same angled brush, dip in water and apply black eyeshadow. Using the same motion as before, sweep across the top of your eyeline. It does not matter if it overlaps the blue eyeshadow.  

Step 1 – shimmer

eyeshadow palette

Choose the best highlighter colour for your skin tone: pearl, pink or golden. Dust onto the highest point of your cheekbone using circular motions.  To eliminate any harsh lines the product may have created, use a buffer brush to blend further.

Apply the highlighter to your brow bone, the bridge of your nose and cupids bow.

Step 2 – Lips

eyeshadow palette

Apply some lip balm to your lips to soften and to create an even surface.

With your finger, take some bronzed eyeshadow and sweep across your lips. Apply another coat of lip balm to soften the colour and to help the eyeshadow stay in place.

Look 2

Step 1: Eyebrows

eyeshadow palette

Again, start by filling in your brows with a colour from the eyeshadow palette that matches your eyebrow colour. 

Step 2: Eyeshadow

eyeshadow palette

Using a light, shimmery brown eyeshadow, brush evenly over your eyelids.

Step 3: Pop of Colour

eyeshadow palette

Mix the pink shimmery colour with the bright orange to add a pop of colour to this look. Apply all over your eyelids.

Step 4: Matte Pink

eyeshadow palette

To the creases of your eyes, add a matte pink colour from the eyeshadow palette to intensify your look. 

Step 5: Blusher

eyeshadow palette

Mix together the pink and coral colours to add a pop of colour to your cheeks. Smile to discover the apple of your cheeks and apply the blusher here with your fingers and later blend with a brush. 

Step 6: Lips

eyeshadow palette

Apply lip balm to your lips and then pick a pink colour for you lips to apply on top. Cover all of your lips using your finger. You can use a lighter colout for the centre of your lips to add more dimension.

Look 3

Step 1: Eyebrows

eyeshadow palette

Start by doing your base makeup as you usually would. Next, using an angled brush, apply the eyeshadow colour that best matches the colour of your eyebrows brush in the direction of your hair growth.

Step 2: Lip Balm

eyeshadow palette

Apply clear lip balm to you eyelids. This will help the eyeshadow colour look intensified and last all day.

Step 3: Copper Eyeshadow

eyeshadow palette

Using pressing motions, apply the copper colour from the eyeshadow palette to your eyelids. This will ensure a block colour is applied with no gaps. Apply until you reach your crease and soften with your fingers. Lastly, apply this colour slightly under your eyes where you applied your balm.

Step 4: Intensify further

eyeshadow palette

Taking a darker colour, softly apply to the creases of your eyes in a “V” motion with your eyeshadow brush.

Step 5: highlight

eyeshadow palette

Take a lighter colour to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. This will frame the look and make your eyes pop.  You can also apply this colour underneath your brow bone to define your eyebrow arch and shape.

Step 6: Mascara time

eyeshadow palette

As you have not applied any eyeliner, you can go heavy on the mascara. Apply a few coats to your top and bottom lashes.

Step 7: Highlighter time

eyeshadow palette

Using the same colour used in the inner corner of your eyes, apply to your cheeks to highlight. Use circular motions to blend, either with your fingers or a brush.

Also apply these to your nose bridge and your cupids bow.

Step 8: Lips

eyeshadow palette

Again, take your lip balm and apply to your lips and with the same colour you used to highlight your face, add this to your lips. Third look done!

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How to: Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braid

Beautiful braids have the power to take any sunshine-ready ensemble from drab to fab in a mere matter of minutes. And while they may look intricate to the most novice of hair stylists, we’ve decoded one of the most detailed of ‘dos – the waterfall braid.

A cross between summer beach waves and a mermaid-inspired look, our boho chic rendition of the classic hairstyle is sure to make a splash this season.

What will I need to Achieve the Waterfall Braid Look?

  • Detangler brush
  • Heat protecting spray
  • Curling wand
  • Hair grips and clip (for sectioning hair)
  • Tail comb
  • Hair serum
  • Hairspray

Step 1 – Brush hair & spray 

Waterfall Braid 1

Using a detangler, brush out any knots and apply heat defence spray all-over for a silky smooth starting point.

Step 2 – Section off hair & clip

Waterfall Braid 2

Separate hair into two sections (top and bottom) to aid the curling process. Fasten hair with a grip or clip, depending on the thickness to keep the layers defined.

Step 3 – Create curls with wand

Waterfall Braid 3

Using a styling wand, begin curling sections of hair – starting from the bottom layer before working up to the pinned back top layer. The aim is to create loose curls, not tight, so it is easy to braid after, so don’t keep hair on the heat for too long. Brush through curls with your fingers to create a more textured finish.

Step 4 – Create a centre parting 

Waterfall Braid 4

Create a central parting with the help of a tail comb. For a super straight line, position the comb in the centre of your nose and follow it all the way up. 

Step 5 – Smooth over with serum

Waterfall Braid 5

Apply a couple of pumps of serum to your hands and work through the fresh curls.

Step 6 – Begin braiding

Waterfall Braid 6

Now your hair is ready to begin the braiding process. Starting first with one side of the head, create three sections and begin a normal braid (overlap the two outer sections over the central section). Then start adding a section of hair from the top into the braid, by overlapping the centre section. Once overlapped, let this section of hair drop after pulling the tight for a neat waterfall effect. Then grab a section from the bottom and overlap the centre section until it reaches the top of the braid. Grab a piece from the top and overlap again. Repeat this technique until the braid is at your desired length and fasten with a hair grip. 

Step 7 – Braid the other side

Waterfall Braid 7

Moving onto the other side, begin the same braiding technique from step 6 and fasten with hair grip.

Step 8 – Smooth over with serum

Waterfall Braid 8

Apply hair serum to the sections of hair that have been dropped in the braid to define the waterfall finish.

Step 9 – Hold in place with hairspray

Waterfall Braid 9

Finish your look with hairspray.

All done - looking great!

Waterfall Braid
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How to: Half Winged Eyeliner

Half winged eyeliner feature

If your everyday look is too predictable for your liking – we’re looking at you, classic cat eye – then a little experimentation is a must. Armed with your trusty everyday tools, get to work creating this striking half winged eyeliner look. It’s easy to achieve and easy on the eyes!

What will I need to create the half winged eyeliner look?

  • Black felt eyeliner, ideally dual-ended or with a paddle tip (this allows for thick and thin lines)
  • Mascara


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Step 1 – Draw half a line on your upper lash line

Half winged eyeliner step 1

Using the edge on a dual-end felt eyeliner, draw a line on your upper lash line. Start from the middle and take it all the way to the end, so you’re only drawing half a line.

Step 2 – Draw a winged flick at the end of the line

Half winged eyeliner step 2

Switch to the precision side of the felt eyeliner to create a winged flick. To do this, hold the skin taut and draw a line angled towards the brows to create the bottom of the wing.

Step 3 – Fill in the wing

Half winged eyeliner step 3

Fill in the outline of the wing you have created by joining the bottom of the wing with the line along the lash line.

Top tip: Create the winged effect by applying the eyeliner in small strokes to avoid mistakes.

Step 4 – Draw a line at the bottom

Half winged eyeliner step 4

To add definition, draw a short line at the bottom of the wing into the lower lash line.

Step 5 – Repeat on other eye

Half winged eyeliner step 5

Run through steps 1-4 on the other eye until both appear symmetrical.

Step 6 – Apply mascara

Half winged eyeliner step 6

Add coats of mascara to your lashes for a flutter-worthy finish.

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Time to Pack: Travel Essentials for Top Long Haul Destinations

travel essentials

Are you ready for an exciting summer adventure? As the holiday season approaches, we've looked at some of the top long haul destinations to visit this year, and what to pack for them, whatever your interests may be. So adrenaline lovers, fans of sun, sea and sand as well as keen explorers, let’s start packing!

If You Are a Fan of the Sun:

Phuket, Thailand is a fantastic travel option for any sun lover: Beautiful beaches, flavoursome food and unforgettable views. If you are looking for a peaceful retreat, opt for going north. Beaches including Koh Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay and Patong Beach are really popular choices. If you are keen on fun activities while near the sea such as sailing, snorkeling, wind sailing as well as when you are inland - hello stunning mountain and forest hikes – Thailand is definitely that go-to destination.

travel essentials

If You Are a Fan of Adventure:

Bali, Indonesia is a cultural hub and can be the perfect destination if you seek adventure or are a keen explorer. Bali has it all: Diving in its crystal blue waters, hiking through the jungles, forests (you might even discover a stunning stone temple on your way!) and mountains.  Taking in all of the culture Bali has to offer is an adventure in itself.

travel essentials

Travel Checklist for Thailand or Bali:

If You Want to do Something Different Every Day

Miami, Florida can be that adventure that you are looking for. From a stunning sandy beach, cultural influences from Cuba (hello Little Havana!) to a sizzling night scene – Miami is a city where you can start a new adventure every single day. Don’t miss the Art Deco district, tasting some delicious local food and make sure you take a lot of photos next to the gorgeous pastel hued buildings!

travel essentials

Travel Checklist:

  • Sun screen if you plan on a few beach days
  • Sun care specifically for your face
  • Waterproof mascara and eyeliner when out and about
  • Sleep mask
  • Flight socks
  • Water bottle
  • First aid kit, mosquito repellant, including painkillers and rehydration sachets

If You Are Looking For a Cultural Trip

Tokyo, Japan could be that unforgettable experience if you are keen on a city that marries the old with the new. Get lost between the skyscrapers only to find yourself again next to the Imperial Palace built more than a hundred years ago. Take a stroll through the Harajuku district, take in the totally kawaii culture, which stands for cute in Japanese.

travel essentials

Travel Checklist:


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For a Quaint, Relaxing Break

Grand Baie, Mauritius is the perfect place to leave it all behind and simply enjoy the sun, sea and sand. This tropical paradise is the go-to choice for those keen a complete me-time holiday. If you want to catch up on your ZZZs: meditation zen time, zingy food and zest for life, make sure Mauritius is on top of your travel list.

travel essentials

Travel Checklist:

  • Check if you need to get any vaccinations before you travel
  • Sun screen if you plan on a few beach days
  • Superdrug Paradise Body Spray
  • Sun care specifically for your face
  • Hair clips (to clip your hair away while meditating)
  • First aid kit, mosquito repellent, including painkillers and rehydration sachets

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How to: Create Dramatic Eyeliner Looks

Making a statement at first sight is no easy feat. But, we’ve discovered the ultimate shortcut to ‘wow’.

It’s time to quit experimenting with the latest fashion trends and instead pay closer attention to your makeup collection. Proving that a bold beauty kit overhaul is all you need to cause a scene, our dramatic eyeliner tutorial is here to help you embrace all things avant-garde.

What Will I Need to Create a Dramatic Eyeliner Look?

  • Black kohl eyeliner
  • Blue eyeliner
  • Mascara


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The Look: Colour Block Lower Liner

Are you in desperate need of some colour therapy? This layered lower liner will make your look pop, even when your wardrobe is monotone.

Step 1 – Draw a line under the eye

Colour block dramatic eyeliner step 4

Using eyeliner that’ll juxtapose your natural eye colour (eg. blue eyeliner for brown eyes), draw a line through the lower lash line.

Step 2 – Go over line to thicken

Colour block dramatic eyeliner step 2

With the basic line in place, go over to thicken focusing on adding colour to the ends and inner corner of the eye.

Step 3 – Apply eyeliner to waterline

Colour block dramatic eyeliner step 3

Add colour to the waterline for a colour block effect.

Step 4 – Repeat process on other eye

Colour block dramatic eyeliner step 4

Using the same coloured eyeliner, repeat steps 1-3 on the other eye. Keep adding colour until you achieve a symmetrical finish.

The look: Under eye dots

Calling all fashion extroverts – prepare to go dotty for this playful look!

Step 1 – Draw a dot under the eye

Under dot dramatic eyeliner step 1

Using black liquid eyeliner, draw a single dot in the centre of your lower lash line.

Step 2 – Define & dot other eye

Under dot dramatic eyeliner step 2

With the dot in place, continue building on the size. Once it’s at the desired size, do the same process on the other eye.

Step 3 – Draw dots with white eyeliner

Under dot dramatic eyeliner step 3

Using white liquid eyeliner, for a striking monochrome contrast, draw smaller dots either sides of the central dot. Once the white dots are in place, take a black kohl pencil to round off the central dot.

Step 4 – Apply mascara to upper lashes

Under dot dramatic eyeliner step 4

To sharpen the look, add lashings of mascara to balance out the eye-catching dots.  

The Look: Cut Crease Eyeliner

Sorry smokey eye, you’ve been usurped. This cut crease look with kohl eyeliner is destined to become your new go-to for nights out.

Step 1 – Draw a line above the eye towards the outer corner

Cut crease dramatic eyeliner step 1

Using black kohl eyeliner, draw a line over the eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Step 2 – Draw a flick & line into the crease

Cut crease dramatic eyeliner step 2

Once you’re happy with the thickness of the upper line, add a flick at the end. Then take your liner and sweep up to line the crease following the natural arch.

Step 3 – Blend cut crease line

Cut crease dramatic eyeliner step 3

To soften the look, take a makeup brush and gently brush over the cut crease line to blend out the edges.

Step 4 – Repeat on other eye

Cut crease dramatic eyeliner step 4

Using the same eyeliner, repeat steps 1-3 on the other eye until you have a symmetrical finish.

Step 5 – Apply mascara

Cut crease dramatic eyeliner step 5

Add lashings of mascara to complete the crease cut look.

Simply smouldering!

Cut crease dramatic eyeliner step 6

Experimenting clearly pays off!

The Look: Dramatic Feline Eyeliner

A fiercely, feline look with a dose of added sparkle, this look is simply purr-fect for transfixing your date.  And makes a welcome change from a traditional cat eye.

Step 1 – Draw above upper lash line

Feline dramatic eyeliner step 1

Using black eyeliner, line your upper lash line from the inner to the outer corner. Exaggerate the outer corner, by creating a thick flick. And go back over the inner corner and draw a line down to the tear duct for a more feline finish.

Top tip: Hold the skin taut when creating the flick for added ease.

Step 2 – Draw line under lash line

Feline dramatic eyeliner step 2

Take the same eyeliner and draw a line under the lash line, connecting the inner and outer corners.

Step 3 – Repeat on other eye

Feline dramatic eyeliner step 3

Using the same eyeliner, repeat steps 1 & 2 on the other eye until you have a symmetrical finish.

Step 4 – Add a metallic outer line

Feline dramatic eyeliner step 4

Take a metallic pencil – silver works best against the black – and draw a line from the lower wing to the inner corner. This outlines the lower lash line and will amp up the attitude.

Complete your look with lashings of mascara – this will add definition.

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How to Deal with Hay Fever Symptoms

hay fever

A-choo! Bless you! We all know what this is about  – it’s hay fever season! But fear not, we’re here to talk about how to deal with hay fever symptoms and how to survive the season of blooms and sniffles.

Lady on a yellow background with hay fever symptoms with a bouquet of flowers in her hand

What is Hay Fever?

Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen, the medical term of which is allergic rhinitis. Pollen is a tiny powder that plants release into the air during the reproductive season of plants. What makes us allergic to it? Pollen has protein particles that can irritate our sinuses causing them to swell or inflame.

What Type of Pollen Can I Be Allergic to?

  • In spring: tree pollen
  • End of spring and the beginning of summer: grass pollen
  • Late autumn: weed pollen

Hay fever is more common than you think. It may affect 1 in 5 people at least once in their lifetime, though studies suggest that the condition may ease with age.

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How do I Deal with Hay Fever Symptoms?

While there is no cure for hay fever (boo), there are medications out there that may relieve the symptoms. Common symptoms can include

  • Sneezing
  • Running or blocked nose
  • Itching eyes that can be red and watery
  • Itchy throat

To help lessen the chance of getting an allergic reaction, some people opt for antihistamines. These can also work to help reduce the swelling and inflammation.

In milder cases, it’s worth looking at what medicine can help do the trick. These include nasal sprays, eye drops or tablets.

If you are suffering from severe and persistent hay fever, it’s best to consult with your pharmacist.

Top Tips To Help Manage Hay Fever Symptoms

  • Don’t suffer alone! Pop in to see your local pharmacist who can help you figure out what treatments could work best for you.
  • Did you know you can take multiple combinations of treatments, for example you can combine a tablet, nasal spray and eye drop? Always speak to your pharmacist if you are unsure.
  • Watch those pollen counts and try to stay indoors with the windows closed on days when they are really high.
  • Apply Vaseline underneath your nose. Doing so will help trap pollen so that less of it gets into your sinuses.
  • It’s time to wash Fido! If you have pets, it’s a good idea to wash them more often during hay fever season as pollen particles can get trapped in their fur.
  • It’s not only your beloved pet that can have pollen trapped in their fur, our clothes, hair and skin can too. So it’s a good idea to take that extra quick shower and change clothes regularly
  • Big wrap around sunglasses can help too!
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Essential Gap Year Travel Checklist

gap year

You’ve finished your studies and all you can think about is the exciting gap year ahead of you. It takes a lot of preparation to ensure your trip runs smoothly – let us help you along your journey by ensuring you’ve planned and packed your backpack successfully with our gap year travel essentials.

gap year

Your Gap Year Essential Products

Insect Repellent

A new country doesn’t just mean adjusting to the culture and climate change – the sheer amount of insects can be a shock to the system! Discourage the insects from giving you unplanned scars and bites by topping up on your insect repellent. Insect repellant such as DEET will be sufficient in ensuring they are deterred from biting you. Remember it isn’t just the nasty scars that you want to prevent – insects can carry diseases that are passed around through their bites. Stay protected.

Rehydration Treatment

Your body is made up of 80% water; therefore it’s important this remains constant. You will be losing a lot of water unintentionally, whether it is from something your stomach doesn’t agree with and you develop diahorrea as a result, having been sweating more or you have just forgotten to nurture your body and give it the 8 pints of water a day – make sure you stay hydrated! If you do get diahorrea a rehydration treatment can help to replace the lost fluids and salts.


Carrying bulky bottles of your favourite skincare can be exhausting and not always at the top of your priority list. Make sure you never forget your skin or hygiene routine with miniatures. Carry them around with you without the weight and hassle of your favourite full sizes.

Nivea NIVEA Body Lotion for Dry Skin, Irresistibly Smooth, 75ml £1.50 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug Rehydration Sachets 5g x 6 £2.99 Buy Now

Sun Protection

If you’re venturing to a tropical climate that this should be number one on your list. Not only should you be packing your SPFs (minimum of SPF15) and after-suns to protect you from burning and peeling, but also pack a cap. This will help prevent you getting sick from heat stroke – no one wants to be bed bound on their gap year travels.

Antibacterial Hand Gel

Your hygiene standards may slip – due to bad showering conditions or lack of time to fit it into your busy schedule. Make sure you are still protected from any germs with a simple antiseptic lotion. Use daily to prevent any nasty illnesses developing.


You’ll be going from bed to bed on your travels, meeting new people in different types of accommodation. Feel secure wherever you are with a simple padlock. Lock your bag up! Remember it may be small, but this will be the only security you have on your gap year and with your life practically in a bag, it’s important you keep your possessions safe.

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How to: Silver Unicorn Makeup

Unicorn makeup feature

Want to stand out from the crowds of flower crowns? Upgrade your festival style this summer by swapping pretty petals for a unicorn makeup look that’ll mesmerise. After all, there’s nothing more transfixing than this mythical creature.

Follow our handy step-by-step tutorial – now where’s that unicorn latte?  

What Will I need to Achieve the Unicorn-inspired Look?

  • Silver eyeliner
  • Face gems
  • Highlighter
  • Black liquid eyeliner

Revolution Pro

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Step 1 – Draw silver lines under brows

Unicorn makeup step 1

Draw a line under each brow with silver eyeliner, following the natural curves of your arches.

Step 2 – Draw silver lines under eyes

Unicorn makeup step 2

Using the same eyeliner, draw lines underneath each eye, with a teardrop in the middle.

Step 3 – Secure face gems under eyes

Unicorn makeup step 3

Coat the base of a face gem stone with eyelash glue and place under the eye in the centre of the teardrop. Repeat.

Step 4 – Draw a winged eyeliner flick

Unicorn makeup step 4

Using liquid eyeliner, draw a winged flick. Need help mastering the ubiquitous cat eye flick? Check out our tutorial, here.

Step 5 – Highlight cheek bones & nose

Unicorn makeup step 5

Using a shimmer palette or glitter-flecked stick, highlight your cheek bones and a touch on your nose for a flawless finish.

Step 6 - Apply pink-hued lippie

Unicorn makeup step 6

Complete your dreamy look with a pop of colour to the lips. We recommend a pastel pink or coral.

Step 7 – Use hair & scalp spray

Unicorn makeup step 7

Finish with hair & scalp spray to protect your locks from the summer rays. Optional tip: Sweep hair into two low ponytails to complete your look.

Looking great!

Unicorn makeup step 8

*confetti canon not included*

Top Tip: Embrace the unicorn vibe by finishing your look with a glitter-adorned horn hair piece. Cue the compliments!

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