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How to: Dye Your Fringe Coral At Home


Are you keen on a fresh new hair style that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd? A cool yet subtle coral fringe may just be the answer. Follow these super quick and easy steps to dye your fringe coral at home using Pick & Mix.


How to Achieve the Perfect Coral Shade Using Pick & Mix?

Using the Pick & Mix range is not only easy, but it’s also tons of fun. Bring your unique colour to life by mixing different hues from the range with each other or with the Chalk Finish.

To get the perfect coral shade, simply use the coral Pick & Mix colourant.


Quick note: You will get the closest colour match result if your hair is naturally light blonde or you have bleached it. If you use semi-permanent dye on darker hair, it may result in a less intense colour or simply a subtle tint, which can also look fantastic if this is the look you are going for. To make sure you are happy with how the colour looks on your hair, do a strand test.

It’s also worth adding that you should always do a patch test to check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients within the dye.

It’s time to go for a coral fringe!

Step 1: Brush and Straighten 

Wear an old T-shirt or top as the dye may drip. Brush through your front tresses and fringe to ensure the hair is straight and smooth.


Step 2: Grab a Towel

Cover your shoulders with an old towel or cape, and secure with a clip or pin. This will act as an extra layer to protect your skin and T-shirt in case the dye drips.


Step 3: Section off Your Hair

Pull your locks into a ponytail at the back. Section off the hair at the front leaving only the tresses you’d like to dye coral. To add more dimension to the look, don’t block colour the entire fringe, leave a few fringe strands out – these will serve as highlights.


Step 4: Dye the Roots First

Put latex, rubber or vinyl gloves on. Using a brush, starting dyeing the roots of the fringe, making your way through the fringe lengths and ends.


Step 5: Dye the Front Hair Next

Once you have finished colouring the fringe, dye the hair at the front. Just like with the fringe, start at the roots and make your way down through the lengths towards the hair ends.


Step 6: Massage The Colourant Into Your Hair

Massage the product into your locks gently. This will ensure even distribution and prevent any missed strands from popping up later.


Step 7: Wait and Wash Off

Wait for 30 minutes for Pick & Mix to work its magic on your hair. After that, wash your hair and rinse with cold water. This will help preserve the colour. Blow dry and style as you normally would.

Looking Good!

Enjoy your new coral fringe! 


Why not show off your new look by going for an edgy milkmaid braid look?

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Just Landed: Diamond Whites Black Edition Teeth Whitening


Are you looking for a natural way to whiten your teeth? The Diamond Whites Black Edition Teeth Whitening Liquid is a teeth whitening pulling mouthwash with organic coconut oil. Natural antibacterial oil pulling blends have been around for thousands of years as an Indian Ayurvedic remedy.


Diamond Whites have recreated the perfect blend by adding steam distilled essential oils, selected from certified organic crops and farms so that their oral care can benefit from their natural antimicrobial and soothing properties by reducing the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

How Does Oil Pulling Work?

The way oil pulling works is simple. As the oil hits your teeth and gums, microbes are picked up as though they are being drawn to a powerful magnet. Bacteria hiding under crevices in the gums, pores and tubules within the teeth are sucked out of their hiding places and held firmly in the solution. The longer you push and pull the oil through your mouth, the more microbes are pulled free. The oil needs to be swished around long enough for it to turn a milky white, which indicates that the bacteria has been ‘pulled’ off. This new blend is made with Organic Coconut Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil.

Diamond Whites also add 1g/100ml of Activated Charcoal from coconut shell to make it a mild abrasive therefore gently whitening.

How to Use The Black Edition Teeth Whitening Liquid?

  1. Simply shake the bottle
  2. Swish roughly 15-20ml for 10-15 minutes (the longer the better)
  3. Spit carefully into the sink
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How to Care For Asian Hair


Every hair type requires specific care, and Asian hair is no different. Find out what steps you should take to keep your locks bouncy, shiny and luscious.


What Makes Asian Hair Different?

Asian hair is often thicker but less dense than Caucasian hair and can also be prone to frizz. This can sometimes make it hard to manage. The good news is that the right washing and care can bring even the dullest and most tangled of Asian hair types into tip top shape.

What Steps Should I Take To Care For Asian Hair?

A Quick Pre-Wash Brush

Before washing your hair, consider a quick brush through. This is extremely helpful especially if your hair gets tangled easily. Use a paddle brush or a thick-toothed comb to smoothen your hair just before hopping into the shower.

Say No to Hot Showers

Hot showers are generally not ideal for any hair type (nor are they kind to your skin!), so consider going for a warm shower instead. Finish with a cold water rinse to lock in the moisture. The low water temperature will help close the cuticle and add shine and luster to your locks. You will spot the difference in no time.


Are You Using the Right Shampoo?

We all have days when our hair is frizzy and hard to manage. However, these days can become less frequent if you focus on the right type of shampoo. To tame the frizz and add shine, consider going for a shampoo which has natural oils in its ingredients. For example, if your hair is particularly frizzy, go for added coconut oil or neem oil. If you want some help with manageability, any shampoo with argan oil will be your friend.

Having said that, take a step back and think about how frequently you wash your hair. Did you know that shampooing your hair too often may cause more harm than good? It’s best to wash your hair every other day, 2-3 times per week. Go for a beautiful updo or use dry shampoo in-between washes.

Shine Bright

If you feel that your natural hair colour is getting dull too quickly between washes, consider changing your conditioner. Thankfully, there are many conditioners out there designed specifically to help add luster and shine to your tresses. If you are keen on extra shine – go for a shine spray or spritz.

Just remember, when conditioning or spraying your hair with a shining spritz, always focus on the ends and lengths of your hair rather than the roots to prevent your scalp from getting greasy or oily.


Oils, oils, oils,

Hair oils can be a life saver especially if your hair is thick and prone to frizz. They are not only fantastic when it comes to making tresses more manageable (looking at you, argan oil), but some combat hair loss – for instance castor or Indian gooseberry oil - and others, such as coconut oil, prevent scalp infections, and finally some oils including almond can help to keep those locks moisturised.

Identify what hair issue you’d like to combat using hair oil and go for one that targets that specific problem, rather than layering on the oils.

Go for a Hair Mask

Consider adding a hair mask into your regular beauty routine. Hair masks developed specifically for Asian hair can help not only to tame but also nourish your tresses. Look out for masks with egg protein that help lessen the occurrence of split ends, and if they are already there – conceal them.

Generally hair masks help add moisture to the hair, promote growth as well as make those locks appear healthier and shinier.

Shiny locks, here we come!

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What to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair Short

hair short

Cutting your hair short can be both terrifying and liberating. It’s a bold move to make for anyone that possesses long locks, and you don’t want it to be a choice that you regret. If your mind isn’t quite made up, then let us help you consider a few things before you take the plunge.

hair short

Figure Out Your Face Shape

Knowing your face shape has many beauty perks: you can find the best way to wear your makeup as well as how your hair can frame and flatter your face. When there are so many styles of short hair-do's around, it’s no surprise that not every single one will suit you.

More prominent shaped faces such as square or heart shaped are best to opt for a softer short hair style. Go for a swept back bob as this will soften your features and place less emphasis on your chin area, which is usually your most prominent feature.

Those with round or oval faces are lucky as there will be most styles that you can experiment with, as the restrictions of a sharper jaw or chin are not considered. A short bob will work well with these shape faces. Adding a fringe such as bangs to the look will add more angles to the face, making them more interesting and highlighting your facial features more.

TIP: If you are still unsure on what will suit you then bringing along pictures of styles you like will help narrow down the best style for your face shape.

Hair Texture

Whether you were blessed with straight or curly hair, considering your hairs texture is important before chopping your locks.

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair you can cut in some layers. This will take off some of the weight of the hair without looking blunt. It will also allow your curls to pop.

Use a curl enhancer spray or serum to really be bold with the look.

Straight Hair

If you have straight, fine hair then going for a short hairdo can thicken your locks.  This can be done by adding in layers and making it look more dimensional. 

Those with luscious thick hair should go for the blunt bob look.  This style makes it easier for you to trim yourself which you can do with hairdressing scissors.


With shorter hair, everything will seem more obvious. Your roots will appear to grow quicker because there is less hair for them to grow into. Therefore it’s best to go for a block colour. Find a shade that warms your face, as shorter hairdo's can often make your features appear hardened. 

A home dye kit will become your saviour if you get the colour right. It will save you lots of trips to the salon, thus lots of money spent on upkeep. Why not try a shade darker so you can avoid the dreaded roots.

New Hair, New Routine

With your new hair comes a new hair routine. A short hairstyle goes hand in hand with sleek, silky hair. Use oils or serums on your hair to achieve this look.These are to be applied to wet hair, and will give your hair the softness and bounce you've always desired. 

Wash your hair every day. It won’t be as time consuming as there is less hair to dry. Short hair will look greasier quicker so washing it frequently will help your keep your confidence with your new-do.

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Crème Excellence Creme 5 Natural Brown Hair Dye £6.99 Buy Now


If you decide to take the plunge and then automatically regret it, then just remember that this isn’t forever. Good hair care will keep your hair healthy and grow back quicker.

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How to: Dye Hair Lavender At Home


Violet or lavender hues can be an amazing way to add extra oomph to your blonde locks. Simply follow this super quick and easy tutorial on dyeing your hair violet at home using Pick & Mix, and get the hair shade of your dreams within just a few steps.


How to Get the Perfect Violet or Lavender Shade Using Pick & Mix?

Dyeing hair with Pick & Mix is not only easy, it’s also a lot of fun. Bring your unique colour to life by mixing different hues from the range with each other or with the Chalk Finish. This means you can achieve both vibrant, vivacious shades as well as subtle, pastel colours.

To get the lavender hair look, simply use the violet Pick & Mix colourant.


Quick note: You will get the closest colour match result if your hair is naturally light blonde or you have bleached it. Lavender or pastel violet shades will work best on platinum or ash blonde hair. Using semi-permanent dye on darker hair may result in a less intense colour or simply a subtle tint, which can also look fantastic if this is the style you are looking for. The best thing to do is a strand test to make sure you are happy with the outcome.

It’s also worth adding that you should always do a patch test to check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients within the dye.

Now that you have mixed the colours, it’s time to go for violet lavender hair!

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

Pop an old T-shirt or top on as the product may drip. Prep your locks by brushing through and getting rid of any tangles.


Step 2: Get a Towel or Cape

Go for an old towel or cape. Drape it across your shoulders and secure with a clip or pin. This will serve as an extra layer to protect your top and shoulders from dye drips.


Step 3: Dye the Roots First

Put on protective gloves – latex, rubber or vinyl will all work perfectly. Starting at the roots, use a brush to spread the dye mix though the hair lengths towards the ends. If you have long hair, it may be easier to work in sections.


Step 4: Spread the Dye

To make sure you’ve covered your hair in colourant evenly, spread the dye by massaging your locks with your fingers and hands. 


We don’t want any missed patches popping up!


Step 5: Wait and Wash Off

Wait for Pick & Mix to work its magic for around 30 minutes. Afterwards, wash your hair thoroughly and follow with a cold rinse. Blow dry your hair and style as normal.


Looking Good!

Enjoy your beautiful new lavender or pastel violet shade!

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How to: False Eyelashes 3 Ways

False Eyelashes 3 Ways

A party lover’s go-to piece of kit, false eyelashes have got a bit of a glamorous reputation. But did you know they don’t always have to bring the drama? Discover three different looks using false lashes and get set to flutter your way through any occasion – from important meetings at work to date night and beyond.   

Natural Eyelashes

If you’re looking for a daytime look that adds a bit more definition than using mascara, this natural finish is for you.

Step 1 – Coat lashes with mascara

False eyelashes 1

Take your favourite mascara wand and coat your lashes evenly. This will step allows your lashes to stick to the false lashes easily so will make your application easier to achieve. 

Step 2 – Apply lashes

False eyelashes 2

For a daytime-appropriate look the trick is to pick a pair of lashes that will add definition subtly – so always go for lashes that mimic the natural spacing of your lashes.

Coat the lash line with glue, leave for 30 seconds to dry before lining up with your upper lash line. You can use tweezers to line this up or gently press with your fingertips. Give your natural lashes a pinch to secure to your falsies.

Individual Lashes

Create a bespoke set of lashes without leaving the house by mastering the art of applying individual strands.

Step 1 – Curl lashes

False eyelashes 3

Use an eyelash curler to give your natural lashes a little lift. Pump the lashes gently from root to tip.

Step 2 – Insert lashes

False eyelashes 4

Individual lashes can be tricky to position into place so use your trusty tweezers to your advantage. Coat each lash line with glue and secure to the outer corners of your lashes as this will create a flattering feline look. Once this has dried, layer up another set until both eyes are even and flutter-ready.

To make your individual lashes appear as natural as possible, finish with a coating of mascara to disguise the falsies.

Winged Eyelashes

Live by the rule ‘go bold or go home’? Then this winged look brings the drama and will be the perfect finishing touch to your killer LBD.

Step 1 – Start with mascara

False eyelashes 6

Lightly coat lashes with mascara to help with the sticking power. Don’t do a full application as the winged lashes are a little heavier than the natural set.

Step 2 – Check length & secure

False eyelashes 7

The biggest false lash faux pas is when it droops to the edges and this is usually because the lashes are not the right length. So before you even think about picking up the glue, measure these lashes against your natural upper lash line and trim if there is any overhang. Once they are the perfect size secure into place, using tweezers to help position.

Step 3 – Feline fabulous

To accentuate the cat eye look, add a flick of liquid eyeliner – the purr-fect finishing touch!

False eyelashes 8
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How to: Fix Broken Makeup

How to fix broken makeup feature

Have you ever watched your favourite beauty product fall in slow-mo and shatter into a million pieces? We feel your pain. But before you resign said obliterated product to the beauty graveyard, check out our savvy tricks to fix broken makeup.

Whether you choose to repurpose, reshape or restore, there’s a handy tip for any meltdown moment.

Makeup Drama 1: Broken Blusher

If your blusher is more cracked that the Sahara desert, you have two options to choose from…

Restore Broken Blush

To hit rewind and take the compact back to its former glory, simply add a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol into the mix. Mix it in by using the back of a brush and leave to set. Et voilà – return of the shimmer!

Blusher fix broken makeup

Transform from Blusher to Tinted Moisturiser

Or if you have only managed to salvage a few crumbs of blusher, then you could transform it into a tinted moisturiser instead. Simply take your favourite moisturiser and place into the centre of the compact, the ration should be 1:1.

If there are too many blusher flecks you can always put some to one side and reset using option 1 (above). Next, mix the formula together using a small teaspoon or the back of a brush. Don’t be afraid to break up any clumps so that it’s easy to glide on.  

Blusher 2 fix broken makeup

Makeup Drama 2: Clumpy Mascara

To lengthen the life of your trusty, in-date mascara (if you’ve had it too long then unfortunately the bin is the only way to go!) all you’ll need is a glass, hot water and 3 minutes spare. The heat from the water will help break through the clumps and give those lashes the wow-factor not the spider-factor.

Mascara fix broken makeup

Makeup Drama 3: Broken Lipstick

Whether your lipstick has snapped in two or the slant is a little on the horizontal side – we got you!

Reshape the slant

We all have our own technique when it comes to applying lippie and sometimes this can impact the angle of the slant. Restore to beauty factory settings by holding the lipstick near a candle flame to heat it up, but not to melt it. Next, use the back of a spoon to gently press to a 45 degree angle. Leave for 5 minutes to cool before using.

Lipstick fix broken makeup

Transform from lipstick into lip/cheek stain

If there’s barely any colour left salvaging from a lipstick snap, do not head straight for the bin. Instead, break off the remaining stick and press into an empty compact using the back of a spoon. Smooth it down and enjoy your new lip and cheek stain!

Lipstick 2 fix broken makeup

And for when your fav product is beyond repair, only a new one will do…

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Just Landed: Lottie London Makeup

Lottie London

Inject fun, fun, fun into your makeup routine with Lottie London. From the rainbow highlighter to the smoothest, most velvety liquid lipsticks in town – this makeup range is one to look out for!

Lottie London

Lottie London – Bold Colours

If you are looking for unique makeup shades, look no further than Lottie London. The Slay All Day liquid lipsticks and lip liners are sure to get those heads turning with surprising shades of deep blue, brown or berry.

Beautiful Brushes

It’s not only makeup that comes in beautiful shades when it comes to Lottie London. The brand’s brushes are every colour-lover’s dream. From pretty pastels to glowing metallic – the range is not only functional but also fabulously beautiful.

Flawless Complexion

For those of us who are always on the move – stick foundation and highlighters are a must. Simply draw on and blend, blend, blend. Suddenly, your makeup application is fast as lightening. Actually no, faster!

Lottie London

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How to: Side Knotted Ponytail

Side Ponytail

Are you looking for a fun twist on an everyday hairstyle? The knotted ponytail can be just the thing – it’s quick, easy and oh-so gorgeous. Follow our steps to achieve this look in no time.

What Will I Need To Achieve This Look?

Now that you have prepped your hair, it’s time to start the tutorial. To achieve this look, you will need:

  • Hair brush
  • Hair bands
  • Hair spray
  • A spare five minutes


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Steps to Getting a Knotted Ponytail

SidePony 1

Step 1: Gather all of your hair to one side

Brush through and gather all of you hair to one side and secure with a hair band.

SidePony 2

Step 2: Conceal the hair band with your hair

We don’t want anyone to see the hair band, so wrap a small strand of hair around the ponytail to conceal it. Once wrapped, secure the hair with a pin.

SidePony 3

Step 3: Time for your first knot

Take two strands from the back of your ponytail, bring them to the front and pull them into a knot. Make sure you keep your knot tight!

SidePony 4

Step 4: Keep knotting

Wrap the same hair strands around, add hair from the back to each strand and pull it into another knot. Keep repeating this technique, adding more knots into your side ponytail, and getting a beautiful hair chain or rope finish. The number of knots you should add will depend on the length of your hair.

SidePony 5

Step 5: Secure with a band

After you have completed your last knot, secure the hair style with a band.

SidePony 6

Step 6: Fix with hair spray

To tame any flyaways, finish the look with hair spray.

SidePony 7

Looking Good!

Enjoy your new knotted side ponytail!

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How to Put on Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is the perfect combination of bold yet subtle that will last you throughout the whole day with minimal top-ups. Perfecting this look takes a little finesse so here’s how you can transform your lips with our lipstick masterclass.

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How to Put on Matte Lipstick


Nothing ruins a killer look lipstick like dry lips. When it comes to matte lipsticks, they aren’t as forgiving as your average lipgloss so exfoliating is essential.


Step 1: Apply some lip balm to your lips and then press and rub a cotton bud up and down your lips to remove any dead skin. Using a toothbrush will also have the same effect.


It’s important to moisturise your lips when wearing matte lipstick as it has drying qualities which can cause the dreaded dry-lip look to creep up after just a few hours of application.


Step 2: Apply your lip moisturiser to smooth out your lips and create an even surface. It will also act as a barrier, preventing the matte lipstick from drying your lips.

Lip Liner

Find a lip liner that is the same shade as your lipstick and use to perfect and define your lip shape. Inserting an even cross in the middle of your lips will produce a symmetrical cupid’s bow.


Step 3: Outline the natural shape of your lips. If you prefer the plumper look then you can insert the lip liner on the outside edge of your lip shape.

Tip: Covering your whole lips with the lip liner will ensure the lipstick lasts longer, as well preventing the dreaded lip liner, naked lip look.


For the hard to get to places such as the corners, use a lipstick brush to apply your colour to maintain your perfect lip shape.


Step 4: Fill in your lips with your desired matte colour. 

TIP: If smudges were made along the way, grab your concealer and brush and neaten up the areas outside your lips this way.

Remove Excess


Final Look

Add Smokey Eyes

Adding smokey eyes to your matte lips makes for the perfect evening look. 

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