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The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Eyebrows

woman covering eye with hand

Perfectly groomed brows instantly frame your face and add definition. Here’s everything you need to know about getting perfect arches...

Plucking, Waxing or Threading

Young brunette female getting her eyebrows threaded available at Superdrug beauty services


This is ideal if you have sensitive skin, if you’re allergic to wax or if you find threading too painful. To keep your brows looking groomed but natural, follow the natural shape of your brow, only plucking stray hairs that fall above or below, and pulling in the direction
of the hair growth. Take care not to over-pluck, so work slowly and assess the look regularly. To reduce the pain, pluck brows after a shower, when the warm steam has opened the follicles and softened the hair. Results will last up to three weeks.

Pros: It’s cheap and can be done at home.

Cons: It’s easy to get carried away and over-pluck. Results won’t last as long as waxing or threading.


This is both a quick way to achieve neat brows and arguably less painful than threading. It can be done at home using wax or eyebrow shapers, but it’s best done professionally. Waxed brows look super-defined, with sharp, clean lines.

Pros: Waxing lasts longer than plucking or threading and encourages thinner, softer regrowth – so it’s best for those who have thick, coarse hair.

Cons: Not recommended for sensitive skin types as it tugs at the skin and leaves a temporary red ring around the brows.


This is the answer if you want a super-sharp arch.
The technique uses a piece of thread and removes hairs in lines, including all the super-fine ones that tend to be missed when using other methods. The results are better than waxing and last longer.

Pros: You’ll get a more detailed, defined brow, and a more natural finish because your therapist will be working closely with individual hairs.

Cons: The treatment is more expensive than waxing and takes longer.

Choosing Tweezers

There are three different types recommended for eyebrows: choose the ones you feel most comfortable using.

Slant-tip tweezers

These are the traditional shape and the ones most widely used. They have an angled edge, so you can use them point-up directly against the brow bone
to remove longer hairs or use them the other way round to
get rid of shorter or lighter hairs.

Point-tip tweezers

These are good for removing
extra-fine or ingrown hairs. Steer
clear of them, however, If you’re a beginner:  with the sharp points you may nip your skin instead of the hair.

Combination-tip tweezers

As the name suggests, these are a combination of slant tips and point tips. You use them like the classic slant-tip tweezers, but the fine tip means you get more control and precision; they’re not as sharp as point-tip tweezers, though.

Defining Your Brows

With pencil Choose a shade lighter than your natural colour and draw fine, hair-like strokes in the gaps rather than block-colouring them. Remember, you’re not trying to reshape your brows, you’re just giving them a more uniform, neater finish.

With gel An eyebrow gel is great for taming unruly or curly brows – and a quick option. Gels are tinted or clear and come with a grooming brush called a spoolie, which you comb through brows for instant definition.

With powder Make pencil-like strokes using an angled brush and a powder that’s lighter than your natural colour. Once you’re happy with the shape, comb through brows with a spoolie, and spread the powder evenly. You can finish with a clear eyebrow gel to keep them under control all day.

Matching Your Brows With Your Hair

If you’ve got dark hair, the key to keeping your eyebrows looking natural is to go one or two shades lighter than the hair on your head, whether it’s dyed or natural. For light hair, you do the opposite, going one or two shades darker than your dyed or natural hair colour.

Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

It’s not a case of one size fits all when it comes to eyebrows, so we’ve listed the five most common face shapes and the shape you should be opting for.


Avoid eyebrows that are too angular. Choose a shape that’s groomed but quite soft.


Round face shapes need brows that are arched at the outer corners to balance out the face. A statement arch can help add definition to bone structure.


Avoid arched brows or brows that extend downwards. Instead, add balance and a natural look by having brows that are flat and straight.


Heart-shaped faces tend to have more delicate features, so brows need to strike the right balance between thick and thin and be kept groomed but controlled.


This face shape needs classic, balanced brows. They should start at the bridge of the nose and finish slightly further than the outer corner of your eye, with the arch about two-thirds of the way across.

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How to Apply False Lashes

Do you want long, lustrous lashes in a matter of minutes? Go for false eye lashes. The technique of how to apply false lashes is quick and easy, simply follow our step-by-step guide.


Step 1 - Apply Makeup First

Ensure your face makeup is applied before putting your false lashes on. Pick your preferred lashes ranging from dramatic to demure, natural-looking lashes.

First, curl your natural eyelashes and apply a coat of mascara. This layer will help the false lashes to set when applied as well as add volume. 




Step 2 - Size Up Your Lashes

Peel the lashes away from the packaging starting from the outer corner using tweezers. Measure the lash against the size of your eye and cut to your preferred length with scissors.

The lashes should start a few millimetres away from the corner of your eye and should not go beyond the end of your eye.







Step 3 - Prevent the False Lash Pop

False lashes have a tendency to sometimes flick outwards at the corners. By wrapping the lashes around a makeup brush or any cylindrical object, you'll ensure that the curve of the lashes stays intact to create a more voluminous look. This also makes the lashes less stiff and easy to adjust when applying. 





Step 4 - Apply the Adhesive

Now that you have the perfect length and shape of your false lashes, it's time to start applying the adhesive. Using the applicator brush, dot the glue along the strip of the lashes.

Wait 30 seconds before transferring onto your eyes as the glue needs to be tacky, not wet. Go ahead and put more glue on if you are wearing the lashes for a long period of time for extra strength. 






Step 5 - Apply the Lashes

You can use your hands or your tweezers for this step. Holding the corner of the lash, gently place the lashes just above your natural lashes but as closely to the lashline as possible. Don't apply directly onto your lashes as this increases the risk of your natural lashes being ripped off when removing the falsies. Press the false lashes down and hold in place for 20-30 seconds.




Step 6 - Add the Finishing Touches

With eye liner, fill in the area from where the lashes start near the corner of your eye and continue to apply along your lash line, filling in any gaps as you go along.

You can also add eye liner to the end of your eye, creating a cat flick to elongate your lashes. Finally, apply another layer of mascara for extra volume. Repeat on the other eye and you are ready to go!

Taking your false eye lashes off is quick and easy. Read our guide on removing false lashes to find out all the steps.



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How to Grow Your Hair Faster

Blonde female with pink highlights in a black long sleeved top standing in front of a grey background

Do you feel that no matter how patient you are with your hair, it never seems to grow longer than a certain length? Well, your dream of long, luscious hair can become a reality! We've tracked down the best tips and tricks you can try in your quest for thicker, longer and all-round healthier hair in no time.

6 Tips: How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Blonde female with pink highlights in a black long sleeved top standing in front of a grey background

1. Reduce Your Use of Heat-Styling Tools

Yes, to those hair straighteners and curling devotees out there, if you're trying to grow your hair -  step away from the heat tool. Styling your hair on a regular basis with a heated tool can damage your hair and cause the ends to split. Sad times.  Try and embrace your natural locks, or try out some heat-free styles like a messy bun or braids.

If you just can't embrace your natural hair everyday then ensure you are protecting your hair with a heat-protection spray and turn the temperate to a lower level on your chosen tool.

2. Hair Growth Products

Give your hair a helping hand by trying out a selection of hair growth products. There's shampoos, conditioners and intensive treatments to treat yourself too containing ingredients such as caffeine which stimulates hair growth.  If your hair is fine or thinning, try a hair loss treatment that builds up the hair fibre with keratin protein.

3. Go For Regular Trim

Go on, treat yo'self (and your hair)... to a trim every 6-weeks. This will prevent split ends and breakages, keeping your hair healthy and strong from root to tip.

Brunette female having her hair cut in a salon

4. Diet and Supplements

If you've given all your hair the external treatments you can think of, it may be time to treat your hair from the inside too. Our hair can thrive with the right vitamins, including biotin, zinc and selenium which help to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. If you feel your diet is lacking in any of these, or you simply want to give yourself an extra boost, it may be worth exploring these supplements.

Always consult with a pharmacist or your GP first, though, as they may want to check for any deficiencies and advice you on the best course of action.

A healthy balanced diet should provide your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly, including the cells that make up each hair strand. So fill your plate with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein-rich foods such as lean meat, seafood and eggs, to ensure you’re supplying hair with the nutrients it needs to remain strong and healthy.

5. Indulge in a Daily Head Massage

Indulge in a little R&R with a little scalp and head massage. This daily action will help increase blood flow -  and therefore the supply of nutrients - to the hair follicles, stimulating and aiding hair growth.

Spread your fingers evenly over your scalp and work from the centre of the head outwards in a circular motion towards the temples and then towards the back of the neck. Make sure you use your fingertips and not your nails, which can snag the hair and break off.

6. Switch To a Wide Tooth Detangling Brush

Fine tooth combs and hairbrushes can stretch the hair and snap it off from the root, especially if it’s tangled. Use a wide tooth brush at all times, as this will glide gently through the hair without pulling at it.

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How to Lighten Hair

Girl with wavy long blonde hair
Girl with wavy long blonde hair

Looking for an easy hair update? Create a subtle lightened glow or maximum-impact ice blonde in just a few steps with these fuss-free, at-home, hair-lightening products…

Lightening spray

A hair-lightening spray has a low hydrogen peroxide concentration and is a great way to go lighter gently and gradually, with minimum effort. Check the product is suitable for your hair: some hair lighteners are formulated specifically for blondes, while others can also be used on brunettes to achieve a lighter brown, sunkissed hue.

Lightening sprays can be used to achieve different looks. Spray all over for a complete lighter finish, spray directly onto roots to touch up any outgrown colour, or spray on selected strands to create highlights. Exposure to heat or the sun can intensify the bleaching effect of the spray, so spending extra hours outdoors and blow-drying your hair will provide even lighter results.

Step-by-step to using hair-lightening sprays

  1. After showering, spray generously onto towel-dried hair. For maximum lightening, use a hair-lightening spray over the course of 10 washes; for a gradual result, use over three to five washes.
  2. Blow-dry hair and you’re good to go.

Hair-highlighting kits

Highlighting kits achieve a multidimensional lightened finish that doesn’t involve dying the entire head of hair. At home kits include latex gloves, a colourant cream, a bottle of developer, an applicator brush and a conditioner.

Woman with long silky blonde hair

Step-by-step to using at-home hair-lightening kits

  1. Wear the latex gloves to keep mess to a minimum and to avoid the bleach staining your hands.
  2. Place an old towel on your shoulders to protect clothing from splashes of dye.
  3. Add the colourant cream to the bottle of developer and shake for 3-5 seconds to mix.
  4. Section the hair down the middle into two halves with a tail comb.
  5. Squirt the mixture into the grooves of the applicator brush.
  6. Starting with the first section, brush the mixture down the hair in vertical movements to create streaks of colour. Repeat on the second section of hair. Leave on for the time specified on the packet (usually 20-45 minutes).
  7. Wash out thoroughly until the water runs clear, then generously apply the conditioner. For a moisture kick, leave conditioner on the hair for 5 minutes before rinsing out.
  8. Air dry or blow-dry hair, then style as usual.


Hair bleach

For the ultimate icy blonde result, apply a toner immediately after bleaching and then once every 6-8 weeks thereafter (or when you feel your hair needs a boost) to get rid of any brassy tones and revive colour. 

Step-by-step to using hair bleach

  1. Wear the latex gloves to keep mess to a minimum and to avoid the bleach staining your hands.
  2. Place an old towel on your shoulders to protect clothing from splashes of dye.
  3. Add the colourant cream to the bottle of developer and shake for 3-5 seconds to mix.
  4. Section the hair down the middle into two halves with a tail comb.
  5. Starting with the first section, use the applicator brush (or fine nib on the bottle) to apply the mixture to the hair.
  6. Start at the roots and work the mixture down to the mid-lengths and ends. Massage throughout the hair to ensure it is fully covered. Repeat on the second section of hair, then leave on for the time specified on the packet (usually 20-45 minutes).
  7. Wash out thoroughly until the water runs clear, then generously apply the conditioner. For a moisture kick, leave the conditioner on the hair for 5 minutes before rinsing out.
  8. Air dry or blow-dry hair and then style as you usually would.


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