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Your birth beauty guide

  Your birth beauty guide

Beauty isn’t the priority after giving birth, but a girl still wants to feel her best and look presentable once the selfies get going. Read on for our no-fuss birth beauty know-how

We’re not suggesting a Kate Middleton-style makeover after you’ve made it through labour, but a few beauty essentials in your hospital bag will help keep you cool, calm and photo-ready.

Follow these tips before labour...

Skip the mani-pedi
Buff your nails to a healthy shine instead of painting them with polish. You will feel more groomed (and not have to worry about chips) during labour and in those newborn weeks. What’s more, it’s advised to keep nails bare in case you need an emergency C-section.

Get groomed before you enter Babyland
Book a haircut and touch up your roots before your due date. Once your little bundle arrives, you’ll have less time to skip off to the salon.

Get your lashes and brows tinted
If you’re very fair, tint your lashes and brows so you can go make-up-free in the hazy, early days, when visitors descend on you.

Help yourself during labour...

Keep cool between contractions
Hospital wards can be very warm (and that’s before your contractions have even started!), so pack a face spritz to cool, freshen and keep your skin hydrated.

Fuss-free hair
Keep hair off your face and neck during labour. Pack some non-slip hairbands, hair grips to secure fringes or an Alice band to push hair back and keep you cool.

Ease into baby’s first days...

Freshen up for family photos
Trust us: you will be beaming with delight at your new arrival, so you can keep your make-up simple. Even out your skin tone with a light BB cream, reduce any redness or dark circles with a concealer, perk up washed-out cheeks with a cream blush, and finish with a slick of mascara. Done!

Bedside grooming
If you’re unable to get to a sink or shower after labour, cleansing water, dry shampoo, cleansing wipes and antibacterial gel will help keep you fresh and clean without you having to leave your bed.

Switch your shower products
If you can jump in the shower post-birth, make sure you use a body wash that is gentle, soothing and scent-free if possible. The texture of your hair can change after birth, so go armed with a smoothing conditioner and a detangling brush that will ease out knots gently.

Keep your skin in check
Changes in hormones, breastfeeding and warm wards can zap moisture from your skin. Pack a nipple balm for sore nipples (this also doubles as a great lip balm!), along with a hand cream and your favourite face cream.

By Lisa Durant

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