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Sun safety for babies

Sun safety for babies

The sun has got his hat on – and so should your little one! Follow our top tips for keeping your baby safe in the sun

The sun is shining – of course you want to get out there and enjoy it with your family. Our sun-safe tips mean you can all have fun in the sun, including the smallest member of your brood.

Find a shady spot
Babies under the age of six months should be kept out of direct sunlight, so find a shady spot where your little one can have an alfresco snooze.

Older children should also be in the shade when the sun is at its strongest – between 11am and 3pm – but that doesn't meant the fun has to stop. Drape sheets and blankets over trees and chairs (whatever you can find in the garden) to create their very own play tent, and fill the space with cushions and toys.

Slap on the SPF
Babies' skin is so delicate and sensitive that SPF on a sunny day is a must. Choose a sun cream formulated for babies. These tend to be factor 50, so you know your little one is getting the maximum coverage. Apply it to any skin that is exposed to the sun. Take extra care to rub sun cream into the hairline, especially if your baby has fair hair and not much of it.

Summer accessories
The easiest way to make sure your baby's skin is protected from the sun is to cover it up with clothing. Opt for loose, light, baggy T-shirts or dresses that will keep them cool but covered up. Sun hats are also essential to protect the top of baby's head, neck and shoulders. Look for cotton hats with wide brims or waterproof hats with panel covers at the back of the neck – which are also brilliant to wear when swimming.

By Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith

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