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Starting nursery – the essential buys

Starting nursery – the essential buys

Your child’s first day at nursery will be emotional for them and for you. Ease the pain with these practical nursery products

Starting nursery is a big deal for little ones and parents alike. It marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter of discovery, but it can be daunting for mums and dads to be leaving their most treasured possession in the hands of someone new. There are a few things you can do to help ease the transition from home to nursery. Making sure you have these nursery essentials is one of them.

The bag
Number one on your list should be a small bag, which you can leave with your child at nursery at drop-off time. As we know, toddlers are fiercely independent characters, who often like to be in charge of their own things. With this in mind, you might want to consider a mini toddler-sized rucksack that your little one can carry.

The clothes
It’s probably a good idea to avoid packing your child’s Sunday best. Your toddler will probably be painting, crafting and going on muddy adventures outside, so pick clothes that are comfy and won’t harm if they get mucky. Multipacks of T-shirts, jogging bottoms or leggings and jersey tops are great buys for adventure-filled days at nursery. Pack spares in their bag, to cope with the inevitable multiple outfit changes throughout the day.

The waterproofs
Many nurseries love to include an element of outdoor play, so you might also need to pack waterproofs and welly boots. All-in-one rainsuits are ideal as they’ll give your tot the freedom to jump in puddles without getting soggy socks.

The labels
All of these new purchases will need to be labelled so they don’t get lost. Some parents prefer name tags that you can sew onto garments as they can be longer-lasting. However, if you haven’t got time for sewing, buy iron-on versions, which are often just as good.

The lunchbox
Some nurseries and preschools don’t have a kitchen on site, which means you’ll need to send your tot to nursery with a packed lunch. While it can be tempting to go for a cartoon-themed lunchbox or pick the one with the prettiest picture, a canvas cool-bag style can keep sandwiches fresher for longer.

The bottles
You’ll need a drinks bottle or beaker that your tot can easily drink from. For younger children who are still drinking milk during the day, you might also need to invest in some extra bottles to keep at nursery.

The favourites
If your little one has a favourite cuddly toy or snuggly comfort blanket, now might be the time to invest in an extra one. It’s a good idea to have a ‘stunt double’ of a favourite comforter – and don’t forget the nametag!

By Molly Forbes, parenting blogger at Mother’s Always Right

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