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Quick nail looks for new mums

Quick nail looks for new mums

You might not feel you have the time, but never underestimate the pick-me-up power of a mani. These nail tips can be done in no time at all

Groomed nails can make you feel pulled together, even if you haven’t slept a wink and there’s baby rice on your top. Here are seven easy ways to transform your nails fast.

Buff and shine nails
Make the most of your natural nails (without having to worry about polish chips) by buffing the surface to create shiny, healthy, smooth nails.

Oil up for an instant mani
No time to paint? Massage in nail oil to nourish dry cuticles, boost circulation and give neglected nails a glossy gleam with little effort required.

Stick on perfect nails in a flash
Forget wobbly paint jobs and polish spills – if you want to make over your nails in minutes, go for stick-ons. Just match the right shape to your nails, stick on and file to your preferred length. No drying, no mess - and they’re easy to remove.

Go for a mum-friendly nude
Opt for a natural or nude polish to hide a less-than-perfect paint job and any chips. Any shade from the palest pink to caramel and tan always looks clean, polished and sophisticated.

Join the glitter party
Glitter or shimmer-loaded polish not only looks more high maintenance than it is, it’s pretty chip-proof and can be applied in a hurry. Try a glitter topcoat over another shade or on bare nails for a fast update.

Haven’t got time to wait for polish to dry?
Try quick-drying aids such as drops or sprays after you’ve applied your polish. Or go for ready-to-go polish stickers instead. Just peel, press firmly onto clean, dry nails and use a nail file in a downward motion across the top of your nail to remove the excess sticker.

Nail art made easy
To create a simple, mistake-free half-moon mani, paint your entire nail, then apply paper reinforcement rings onto the base of your nails (half on, half off your nail), then paint a contrasting colour over the remaining part of the nail. Peel off the template and apply topcoat to seal.

By Lisa Durant

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