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Newborn changing essentials

Newborn changing essentials

Stock up on a few newborn essentials before your world is turned upside down by the new arrival. Our stylish blogger has all the gear you'll need

I had my second child recently, and I have realised how many things we thought we really needed the first time around we didn't actually use. Other things we didn't stock up on enough in preparation for our new arrival.

Like with many things in life, it's trial and error, but there are a few essentials you really can't go without, and I wish someone had told me about them when I first became a parent. You should also remember that, as well as caring for your newborn, you need to look after yourself: you have both been through a lot.

Nappy rash
Nappy rash cream is an essential. Dry skin can often affect newborns, so always have some fragrance-free hypoallergenic body lotion to hand when doing nappy changes too.

Gentle skincare products
A gentle bath wash is also good for newborns as it can be used both on the body and hair.

Wipes and nappies
You'll be surprised at how quickly you go through these. In those first two weeks, you'll want to go out as little as possible, so make sure you have enough wipes and nappies to last.

Muslin squares
These are very versatile, and it's worth picking up a pack for your newborn. I use them on the changing mat, as the waterproof cover makes the mat rather cold for a newborn. Placing a muslin square on top makes it more comfortable – and also more absorbent in case of any changing accidents. The squares are also very useful for burping.

Baby nail clippers
A newborn's nails grow really quickly and need to be kept short, otherwise your baby can end up scratching themselves. As newborns have such tiny fingers, baby clippers are better suited than adult ones.

Bottle of water
If you're breastfeeding, you'll know that it's very thirsty work. Make sure you keep some water in your changing bag and then when you're out with baby, you'll always have it to hand.

By Laura Schwormstedt, blogger at Side Street Style

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