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5-minute hairstyles for busy mums

5-minute hairstyles for busy mums

Not only will these looks disguise your night-feed bed head, they're super-easy and will make you look and feel put together in minutes

The half-up half-down knot
Keeps hair out of your eyes (and baby's reach) and works on most hair lengths and textures, too.
• Using your fingers, roughly section off the top part of your hair above your temples.
• If your hair is shorter, pull the top section into a ponytail and secure, looping the ends inside the band. For longer hair, twist the ends of the ponytail into a bun and secure with pins.
• Leave hair loose and textured at the bottom, spritzing with a salt spray if you want to create even more texture.

The bad-hair-day bun
Hides a multitude of hair sins – split ends, frizz and greasy roots.
• Make a centre parting and, using a brush, smooth hair into a low ponytail on the nape of your neck.
• Twist the end of the ponytail until it ‘ropes' back on itself, then twist around the hairband into a bun.
• Pin the bun with hair grips – or, for speed, secure with another hairband.

The frizz-disguising side plait
Quickly whip ends into a cute, messy plait to hide wayward ends.
• Create a middle or side parting and pull the ends over one shoulder.
• Plait the ends of your hair to one side – this can be as haphazard as you like.
• Loosen the shape of the plait by gently pulling pieces out, and secure with a hairband.

The tie-and-go topknot
Go from a bird's nest to a pretty knot in seconds.
• If your hair is a little greasy, spritz in some dry shampoo – this will also give your knot grip and texture.
• Rake hair up into a high ponytail on or above your crown.
• If your hair has natural texture, bundle up into a haphazard knot high on your crown. If your hair is fine, build extra volume by lightly back-brushing the ends before securing into a messy knot.

The instant-volume flip
If you've woken up with limp, flat hair, these fast tweaks will reboot your style fast.
• Spritz volumising spray into the roots of your hair, then tip your head upside down and blast with a hairdryer to lift limp roots.
• Whether you usually wear your hair on the side or middle, part it the opposite way – a deep side parting will give the most volume and interest.
• Spray with hairspray to lock in the volume and keep your new parting in place.

By Lisa Durant

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