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Date night ideas for new parents

Date night ideas for new parents

Reconnecting and recalibrating is important for you as a couple, whatever the age of your baby. Read our ideas and schedule in a date night

Having your gorgeous baby has taken over your lives, but it’s important to have some couple time, too. Plan a date either at home or out if you have a reliable sitter, and bring the romance back.

Staying in
With a bit of effort you can make your home into a romantic haven, although it might be a good idea to tidy the baby toys away first!

• Have an indoor picnic
Put baby to bed, stick on the baby monitor, tidy all the baby stuff away, spread the picnic blanket and indulge in some of your favourite finger foods for a chilled night in. If the weather’s good, you could picnic in the garden and snuggle up together watching the stars.

• Try a games night
Keep it to just the two of you, or invite a few friends over and try a pub quiz, an evening on the Wii or a board-games night with nibbles and drinks. Cheaper than going out, and you don’t have to worry about leaving the baby.

• Film fun
Who needs the cinema? Make it an extra special night in watching a favourite movie. Stick the popcorn in the microwave and put your feet up together. For the finale, why not watch old films or look at photos of yourselves from your pre-baby days?

• Dinner à deux
Forget cooking and splash out on a takeaway. Turn your home into a posh restaurant by clearing away the toys and highchair and setting the table with wine glasses, candles and flowers. Then have a bath and slip into something sexy for a night to remember.

Going out
You may be nervous about leaving the baby, but hopefully your grandma can’t wait to babysit. A few hours alone will leave you both refreshed and relaxed.

• Stay close
Choose a nearby restaurant or a local pub for your first outing without your baby, so you don’t ruin the night by panicking about getting back. Tell your sitter where you’re going, and give them your mobile numbers in case they need to get hold of you.

• Have a lunch date
It doesn’t have to be a night out. You may prefer the idea of a daytime date. You can still get dressed up and make it an extra special occasion. Just grab an hour or two together.

• How about bowling?
Bring back the fun with a bowling night out. It will give you the chance to have a laugh together and needs little organisation.

• A walk and a talk
How about a simple walk? Walking is free, and fresh air and exercise are good for everyone – and essential for new parents. With no other distractions, it will give you the space to communicate fully with each other.

Remember to go easy on the booze if you’re still breastfeeding. It takes about two hours for a small glass of wine (125ml) to go through your system. If you fancy a drink, feed your baby beforehand or express for later.

By Julia Shaw

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