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Best pregnancy beauty buys

Best pregnancy beauty buys

Pregnancy can do all kinds of things to your regular beauty regime, so you may need to switch some of the products you're using. These pregnancy beauty products all come bump approved

Body oil
When you're pregnant, your baby saps all the nutrients and vitamins you put into your body, leaving poor old mum-to-be with hardly any. A side effect of this can be that your skin gets really dry, so you may need to swap your usual body lotion for a more hydrating body oil.

Avoid any that that have lots of aromatherapy oils as they can enter your bloodstream. Instead, use coconut oil or baby oil. The more hydrated your skin is, the more supple it will be, which can help with reducing the appearance of stretchmarks.

Water spritz
You know the pregnancy glow everyone talks about? Well, we all sweat during pregnancy! And if you are having a summer baby, your internal temperature could really rise.

Try to keep things cool by having a facial water spritz handy, and lightly spritz yourself whenever you get too hot. It's also great to use on swollen pregnancy feet and a must-have for your hospital bag.

Face mask
Spots, enlarged pores, dryness… these are all things you can end up with when expecting, thanks to that surge of pregnancy hormones. Make sure to stock up on face masks to help treat whichever issue you are tackling.

Slather on a face mask and take 10 minutes out to rest and relax while the ingredients get to work sorting out your skin. Use it as an excuse to get a bit of ‘me time'.

Pregnancy supplements
If you've never been a fan of taking supplements, now is the time to change that. We can't always get all the nutrients we need from food.

Pregnancy-specific supplements are ideal for making sure your baby is getting everything it needs for optimum development. They also provide you with the extra vitamins and minerals you need to help you feel happy and healthy during your pregnancy.

Make sure your supplements contain folic acid and vitamin D – essential nutrients for mum and baby.

By Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith

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