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Silicolskin 50ml

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Bind and reduce bacteria, Clear excess oil, Reduce spots and blackheads

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Product Information

Bind and reduce bacteria, Clear excess oil, Reduce spots and blackheads


Colloidal silica gel for problem skin. 10 minute gel to: -Bind and reduce bacteria, -Clear excess oil (sebum) and impurities, -Reduce spots and blackheads silicol®skin has a unique mode of action physically binding nasties from the skin. Its key ingredient, colloidal silica works naturally to adsorb irritants, impurities and bacteria. These may be the cause of problem skin, spots and blackheads. Dermatologically tested for skin tolerance with a 5 star rating.


In a recent study conducted by Dermatest* 95% of trialists rated silicol®skin good or very good, 95% felt they had less oil on their skin, 90% would recommend silicol®skin to a friend. Measurements showed an 81% reduction in skin sebum and more than a 30% decrease in bacteria. *Trial conducted summer 2019 to assess the effectiveness of silicol skin. Patients all suffered from spots, acne or ‘problem’ skin. Subjective assessment and also lab measurement of oil and bacteria reduction

Warnings or Restrictions

For sensitive skin, test on a small area first.

Product Specification

Hydrated silica, sorbic acid, sodium benzoate, citric acid

Size (50) Unit (G) Width (NULL )

Product code: 804273


Carton recycled as card

Product Uses

Shake tube well before every use. Wet the skin and apply a thin layer of silicolskin to the desired area (avoid the eye area). Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes, or until the product turns white on the skin. When dry, gently rinse off with water. You may experience tingling, tightening and redness of the skin during use. This is completely normal and will only last a few minutes. If skin dryness occurs use a neutral moisturiser after rinsing. Apply once a day (maximum five applications per week on the same area)

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