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Sensse Led Light Therapy Mask

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The SENSSE LED Face mask uses high grade silicone for safe & comfortable use & is flexible for any face shape. 90 lights to emit wavelengths.

More Product Information

Product Information

The SENSSE LED Face mask uses high grade silicone for safe & comfortable use & is flexible for any face shape. 90 lights to emit wavelengths.


RED LED Light helps to improve blood circulation, delay skin aging and helps to stimulate collagen growth to repair damaged and old tissue as well as tightening the skin.
Wavelength interval in nanometers 622nm

BLUE LED light helps in the reduction oil production in the skin.
Wavelength interval in nanometers 463nm

YELLOW LED light helps promote lymphatic drainage, improve skin elasticity and helps prevent skin drying, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
Wavelength interval in nanometers 592nm

PURPLE LED light combines BLUE AND RED LED light to help improve the appearance of skin imperfections.
Wavelength interval in nanometers 425nm

The LED mask emits light at specific wavelengths and frequencies that can penetrate the skin, depending on the light colour selected. Each light colour targets specific cells and has its own results helping to improve most skin concerns.

A handheld remote control to change settings and also acts as a charger.

4 different LED light options for specific skin concerns
90 led lights – emit into skin

Warnings or Restrictions

Keep Away from children

Product Specification

Size (400) Unit (G)

Product code: 807692

Product Uses


The SENSSE Professional LED Face mask was developed for improving a multiple of skin concerns, from improving blood circulation, reducing wrinkles, stimulate collagen growth to improving age spots and skin imperfections. The 90 LED lights omit at different levels to treat a number of skin concerns, giving you a noticeable difference in your skins appearance after using for 4-6 weeks.


To charge the control panel, attach the charging cable to the controller at the bottom where the round circle is – this is the charging point. This will start to charge the control unit.

White LED Lights will start to appear as the unit charges – M1 will appear first – all the way to M4. Once all four white LED lights on the controller are lit, your control panel is fully charged. Remove the charging cable. (All 4 LED lights will then go off which is normal)

Connect the control panel to the cable attached to the mask and you are ready to commence treatment.


When you first start to use the mask we recommend you only use once every 3 days, no more than 5 minutes at a time, so your skin can get used to the therapy treatment.

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