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Philips Oneblade Replaceable Blades 2-pack QP220/50

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OneBlade to trim, edge & shave any length of hair.
Designed to cut hair, not skin.

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Product Information

OneBlade to trim, edge & shave any length of hair.
Designed to cut hair, not skin.


Unique OneBlade Technology
The Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary new electric grooming technology designed for men who wear facial styles and grow beards. OneBlade is designed to trim, edge, and shave any length of hair.The unique OneBlade shaving technology integrates a fast moving cutter (200x per second) with a dual protection system – giving you an efficient comfortable shave on longer hairs. OneBlade does not shave too close – so your skin stays comfortable.
Durable OneBlade
The blades are designed for lasting performance. For optimal performance, you will only need to replace the blade every 4 months*. Replacement is easy and hassle free.


The Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary new hybrid styler that can trim, shave and create clean lines and edges, on any length of hair. Forget about using multiple steps and tools.
OneBlade does it all.

Warnings or Restrictions

These blades used with a Oneblade handle can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities or lack of
experience and knowledge if
they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning
and user maintenance shall not
be made by children without
supervision. Always check the blades
before you use them. Do not use the blades if damaged,
as this may cause injury.

Product Specification


Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (11) Width (10) Depth (2.3)

Product code: 711323


see local recycling

Product Uses

You can use the blades with a Oneblade handle to trim, edge or shave facial hair (beard, moustache and sideburns).
Shave for a smooth result, trim to obtain a certain
length and edge to create perfect edges and sharp
lines. These blades are not intended for shaving,
edging or trimming hairs on lower body parts or
scalp hair. Take your time when you first start to
use the Oneblade handle and blade. You have to acquire practice
with the Oneblade appliance.

Tips & Advice

Make sure that the blade is in full contact with the skin by placing it flat on the skin.
For the best result, move the Oneblade against the grain.
Make long strokes while you press lightly.
You can use the Oneblade dry or wet with gel or foam, even in the shower.
Shaving a clean beard and face gives the best results. You can also use both edges of the blade to create sharp lines and perfect edges. Hold the appliance in such a way that the blade is perpendicular to the skin and one of its edges touches the skin. This allows more precise detailing of sideburns and the area around the mouth and nose.

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