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Black Eyeshadow

Whether you’re trying to create dramatic, smokey black eyes or you’re going all gothic with Halloween vibes and want to create mysterious, dark eyes, black eyeshadow is a great starting point as it works great on any skin tone, whether that be fair, olive, dark or brown, and can be a versatile product as you can use it to create a powder eyeliner look, or use when wet for a more bold, intense look. From single black that offer an opaque, high-impact look, to black eyeshadow palettes that will help you to build a well-blended look which slowly graduates in colour - bring out you dark side. Coming in in matte, shimmer and satin finishes as well as being available in powder, cream, or liquid format, decide what finish you want and which formula you prefer. Finish your inky look with a sweep of eyeliner and a slick of mascara to really amp up your coal eyes.

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