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Eat Enjoy Glutalytic Digest Supplement

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Specially formulated digestive enzyme supplement created to help you enjoy gluten foods again (formerly EatEnjoy Gluten).

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Product Information

Specially formulated digestive enzyme supplement created to help you enjoy gluten foods again (formerly EatEnjoy Gluten).


Do you wish you could eat gluten rich foods again like bread pasta pizza cakes and biscuits but just cannot face the unpleasant effects of gluten sensitivity? Why not try EATENJOY GLUTALYTIC While not suitable for coeliacs it is estimated that up to 13% of the UK population may be sensitive to gluten. Some people are aware of their problem and others live unaware that their bodies do not digest gluten efficiently.

Warnings or Restrictions

This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent coeliac disease or any other digestive disorder nor is it a substitute for gluten-free food. It is not recommended for children people hypersensitive to any of the ingredients present in the product as well as pregnant women and babies.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage of 3 capsules per day.

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. A balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for your health.

Product Specification

Enzyme blend PhysioZyme Digestive – 400mg per capsule
Amylase 7.500 DU
Protease 25.000 HUT
Bromelain 500.000 PU
Papain [contains sulphites] 500.000 PU
Glucoamylase 10 AGU
Alpha Galactosidase 150 GaIU
Lactase 500 ALU
Acid Stable Protease 25 SAPU
Phytase 10 FTU
Cellulase 500 CU
Lipase 500 FIP
Hemicellulase 1.000 HCU
Pectinase 10 endo – PGU
DE 111 Bacillus subtilis 5 Billion CFU

Other Ingredients: capsule:hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; anti-caking agent; magnesium stearate; filling agent; maltodextrin; colour E171

Allergens: Contains: sulphites Soy wheat and lactose are used during the fermentation of enzymes.

Size (21.5) Unit (G) Width (NULL )

Product code: 815452

Product Uses

In case of difficulty in digesting gluten and symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort such as bloating and stomach cramps.

Adults: 1 capsule immediately before or during a meal containing gluten.

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