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Geemarc Amplidect Combi 295 CID & Cordless Telephones

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Corded and cordless telephone combo with answering machine, talking keypad and CID. Can also be paired with Amplidect 295

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Product Information

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Corded and cordless telephone combo with answering machine, talking keypad and CID. Can also be paired with Amplidect 295


ŸAdjustable receiving volume control up to 30dB Ÿ4 one-touch memories with 3 pictures. ŸRedial function for last 10 outgoing calls. Ÿ50 phonebook memories. Hearing aid compatible. ŸMute/pause function. Speaker phone. ŸLarge keys. ŸDimensions Base unt L 170 x W 200 x H 120 mms. Handset L 70 x W 75 x H 180 mms


Combidect 295 phone and answering machine which is amplified and hearing aid compliant on both units allows flexibility of taking the cordless phone with you to make and receive calls and when you can't take the call, allow the caller to leave a message the answering machine can hold up to 15 minutes of recording time. Accessing the messages from away from home is a cinch. Just call in and enter a unique PIN number and you can listen to the messages. Also you can retrieve the messages from either the main phone or from the cordless phone while at home. The handset as well as the cordless phone can be amplified by up to 30 decibels by a press of a button. The really loud ring on the handset and on the cordless phone with a combination of different ring tones makes sure you don’t miss that call. The desk top handset allows up to 50 numbers to be stored in the phone book. Scrolling through the last ten numbers on the phone allows you to dial any one of these numbers at a press of a button .The main handset has the facility of storing four numbers directly onto the handset, three of these memory buttons have the facility to insert pictures or symbols of your choice for ease of use. Large display with black font on a white background 4 gives great contrast for easy reading this is on the main desk top phone as well as the cordless phone. On the cordless phone talk time is 8 hours, standby tim .days between charges. The outdoor range is 300m and indoor is 50m

Product Specification

Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (1) Width (1) Depth (1)

Product code: 729750

Product Uses

Connect the telephone cable into the socket on your telephone and into the telephone line wall socket. Connect the curly cord to the base. Connect the power adaptor into the base of the cordless handset and the mains power.Plug the battery connector into the socket inside the handset battery compartment and insert the battery. Charge for at least 12 hours and you are ready to go

Tips & Advice

Phone requires mains power for all features to work. Mains adapter included.

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