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BioSURE HIV Self test kit

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BioSURE HIV Self Test Kit is an easy to perform testing kit which provides a simple to read, accurate result in 15 minutes.

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Product Information

BioSURE HIV Self Test Kit is an easy to perform testing kit which provides a simple to read, accurate result in 15 minutes.


99.7% Accurate
The FIRST legally available, CE marked device for HIV self testing
Simple, discreet, reliable, convenient
As seen on BBC, ITN, Sky News and Huffington Post
MATERIALS PROVIDED: 1 Box containing;
1x BioSURE HIV Self Test Pouch containing:
1x BioSURE HIV Self Test Kit
1x Safety Lancet
1x Plaster
1x Pack of desiccant
1x How to test guide
1x Product insert
1x Opaque plastic disposal envelope


Why BioSURE?
No HIV test is easier! The test simply requires a fraction of a drop of blood and does not require any measuring or mixing. You get your own result in just 15 minutes.
BioSURE HIV Self Test was the first test to be CE marked. This means that it has been proven that the product is easy for you to use and at least 99.7% accurate.
It puts you in control.
BioSURE HIV Self Test is the Number 1 selling kit in the UK

Warnings or Restrictions

Not suitable for needle-phobic users
Not suitable for the detection of HIV infections that have been acquired within the last three months
Not suitable for users with a bleeding disorder
Not suitable for use testing infants
Not suitable for users receiving any form of treatment for HIV
Not suitable for users that have been included in an HIV vaccine study

Do not use the device if the pouch has been perforated. Do not use the device if the Desiccant Packet is missing.
Each device is for single use only and is designed for self-testing by one person.
To ensure an accurate result, the test device must be inserted into the Buffer pot immediately after the blood sample has been applied to the device
Adequate lighting is required to read the test result

Product Specification

Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (14.5) Width (9) Depth (12)

Product code: 705660


To dispose of your BioSURE HIV Self Test please place all of the components back into the box and place the box into the opaque disposal bag included. The bag can then be sealed to help protect your privacy and thrown away with your normal rubbish.

Product Uses

No HIV Self Test is easier to use!
1. Prick: You only need the tiniest drop of blood. The simple, paediatric lancet only makes a very small cut in your finger (you might not even feel it!)
2. Suck: The test collects exactly the right amount by simply touching the tip onto the drop of blood
3. Poke: Push the tip of the test to the bottom of the pre-measured buffer pot. That's it! You get your easy to read result in just 15 minutes.

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