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MyDay Daily Disposable Contact Lenses (30 lenses)

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MyDay® daily disposable contact lenses - for when perfromance matters. Our most advanced daily disposable contact lens, designed to deliver performance where and when you need it.

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A valid, in date contact lens prescription is required to order these lenses. We will ask you to provide your prescription details which our Optician’s team will verify.

Product Information

MyDay® daily disposable contact lenses - for when perfromance matters. Our most advanced daily disposable contact lens, designed to deliver performance where and when you need it.


MyDay® daily disposable is incredibly soft, with built in moisture throughout that's designed for all-day comfort. MyDay® daily disposable is also made from a highly breathable material for a healthy lens wearing experience, plus built-in UV protection to give you added piece of mind. Trusted optical designs mean you never have to compromise on vision quality. All of this in the convenience of a daily disposable lens, that is soft, yet easy to apply and remove.


MyDay® daily disposable delivers excellent performance - excellent vision, excellent comfort and a healthy lens-wearing experience, even with long wear times. Brought to you from a world-leader in contact lens manufacture.

Warnings or Restrictions

1. For all types of lenses, your eyecare practitioner will recommend a lens wearing, cleaning and replacement regime. Do not vary these. If in doubt seek the advice of your eyecare practitioner.
2. If your eyes become red or irritated or you experience any pain or unexpected changes in vision, remove your lenses immediately and consult your eyecare practitioner.
3. Avoid contaminating lenses with make-up, aerosol sprays or wearing them near noxious fumes.
4. Replace damaged, contaminated or scratched lenses immediately.
5. Avoid long nails, which harbour bacteria and could damage the eye or lens. A scratched eye is vulnerable to infection.
6. Keep your lenses out of the reach of children.
7. Only use your lenses for water sports if watertight goggles are worn
1. DO NOT sleep in your lenses unless your eyecare practitioner has advised it is safe to do so.
2. DO NOT wear your lenses beyond the period recommended by your eyecare practitioner.
3. DO NOT use household products (e.g. disinfectants) on your lenses.
4. DO NOT wear your lenses when using eye drops (unless advised to do so by a medical practitioner).
5. DO NOT use saliva to wet your lenses.
6. DO NOT rinse your lenses or lens case with tap water

Product Specification

Stenfilcon A 46%, water 54%

Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (3.1) Width (5) Depth (15.2)

Product code: 783485


Blister - PP, Carton - cardboard. There are no specific instructions for the disposal of the device; however, it should be disposed of in accordance to any applicable local/national regulations. Do not dispose of lens into water course.

Product Uses

1. Before insertion, ensure the lens is not inside out. Place on your index ?nger to verify the shape.
2. Using the middle ?nger, hold your lower lid down. With the index ?nger of the other hand, raise upper lid. Place the lens onto the eye . Repeat for the other eye.
Separate the lids with the middle ?nger of each hand. Look up and with the index ?nger of the lower hand; slide the lens and lift out with the thumb and index ?nger. Repeat for the other eye.
Re-wet with disinfecting, soaking or rinsing solution following strictly the instructions as directed by your eyecare practitioner.

Tips & Advice

For application and removal and care of your lenses, please speak to your optician.

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