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Hayfever Tablets

No matter what strain of hayfever you suffer from, whether it be allergies to tree pollen grass pollen or ragweed pollen, or if you suffer from seasonal or perennial hay fever, you still suffer with the same dreaded symptoms of runny, blocked noses, relentless sneezing, watery, itchy eyes and coughing. Allergy season and hay fever season are no mean fete though, and to be able to be able to survive all that for months on end, well you’ve got to be some kind of warrior. For days when you’re not feeling so strong or up to the battle though, you want hay fever tablets that will treat your allergy symptoms and relive your hay fever fast. Hay fever tablets work great in the fight against allergens and pollen as they get to work quickly, relieving allergies from, pollen, dust, pets and skin, with some working in as little as 15 mins, and giving up to 24 hours of hay fever relief, without making you feel drowsy, so you can be fighting fit for the whole day ahead of you. All you need to worry about is getting a good night's sleep. Read More >

Any hay fever tablet that contains antihistamine will help to reduce symptoms and relieve your hay fever as well as any other allergy symptoms. Loratadine and Cetirizine are commonly found in hay fever tablets which are different types of antihistamine that help to relieve inflammation in the nose and throat. However, both work very differently and have their own benefits so you need to find the best hayfever tablet that works for you.

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