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Pirinatural Spray 100ml

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PiriNatural Breathe Clean nasal spray is a preservative-free, 100% natural isotonic sea water solution.

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Product Information

PiriNatural Breathe Clean nasal spray is a preservative-free, 100% natural isotonic sea water solution.


PiriNatural Breathe Clean is recommended to: • Gently cleanse the nasal cavities when the nose is blocked, e.g. during a cold or in allergic conditions, by washing away the excess mucus or the allergen particles such as dust or pollen; • Soothe the irritated nasal passages; • Moisturise the nasal mucosa when dry or irritated in case of minor nasal irritations or due to low humidity (e.g. due to heated/air-conditioned rooms, high altitude, air travelling); • Thin and loosen nasal secretions and help their removal. PiriNatural Breathe Clean is suitable for daily nasal cleansing.


This product contains natural powder of AloeVera plant, which is known to have soothing and moisturising properties.

Warnings or Restrictions

PiriNatural Breathe Clean is suitable for children over 2 years of age and adults. For children below 11 years, PiriNatural Breathe Clean should be used under adult supervision. In elderly or disabled people, the use of the device may require assistance.

Product Specification

AloeVera powder, sea water and purified water. Preservative free. Nitrogen is added as an inert propellant gas in the pressurized device.The propellant gas is not in contact with the solution.

Size (100) Unit (ML)

Product code: 793904

Product Uses

The usual frequency of use is 1-2 times a day per nostril. If necessary, the product can be used as often as needed. 1. Blow the nose if necessary. 2. Before and after using PiriNatural Breathe Clean, wash your hands carefully. 3. Remove the protective cap of the spray. 4. If the spray has not been used for a long time, prime the spray once into the air before use. In case the spray nozzle is blocked, clean it under hot running water and dry it properly with a clean tissue. 5. * For children who cannot use the product on their own: Lay the child on their back with the head tilted to one side, so the liquid can drain off more easily. * For children and adults who can use the product on their own: Lean your head forward, over a basin, tilted to one side, so that it is as horizontal as possible. 6. Insert the nozzle in the nostril and spray briefly (2 to 3 seconds). 7. Then, tilt the head to the other side and repeat in the other nostril. 8. Allow the product to act for a few seconds. Do not blow the nose during this time, but wipe it if necessary. 9. Then, blow the nose if needed. 10. After each use, clean the nozzle under hot running water, dry it properly with a clean tissue and put the protective cap back on. 11. Clean the actuator with hot water. Do not use chemical materials or dishwashing liquid or disinfectant. Do not microwave.

Tips & Advice

The nose plays a crucial role in warming and humidifying inhaled air and in filtering out small particles, protecting of the lower respiratory tract from dust, irritation and dryness.Thus, it is important to keep the nasal cavities clean and moisturised to allow the nose to properly fulfil all its functions.

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