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Claripharm Claricup Menstrual Cup Size S

by Claricup

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Claricup™ is a menstrual cup made from antimicrobial, biocompatible medical grade silicone, available in 2 sizes: S and L, supplied with Claribox, its microwavable storage and decontamination box. Claricup™ can be reused as needed, day and night, when travelling and during sporting activities throughout the entire menstrual cycle. Claricup™ is a healthy, eco-friendly and economical solution.


Size S: capacity 18.5 mL / dimensions Øint31/ Øext38.5 mm L 74 mm (inc. stem). The only cup with an antimicrobial agent sold with Claribox to carry, store and clean the cup.


Protection up to 12 consecutive hours, Reusable up to 5 years, Does not inhibit physical activity, Cannot be felt while wearing, Does not cause irritation or dryness, can be worn overnight, no menstrual odor, not linked to TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

Warnings or Restrictions

Claricup™ should only be worn during menstruation
Claricup™ is not a contraceptive
Claricup™ does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Remove Claricup™ prior to sexual intercourse
If a contraceptive device is worn, such as an IUD or contraceptive ring, consult your doctor before using Claricup™
Do not use Claricup™ if you are allergic to any of its components

Following childbirth, surgery, miscarriage or termination, give your vagina time to recover before using Claricup™.
Use a sanitary pad/towel if you have a vaginal infection or are receiving treatment with a vaginal suppository or other intra-vaginal cream
If you experience irritation, a burning sensation, urinary discomfort or pain, stop using Claricup™ immediately and contact a doctor.
Claricup™ is intended for personal use only.
Keep Claricup™ out of children reach.

Information about toxic shock syndrome (TSS):
Since their use began in 1930, menstrual cups have never been linked to TSS. If you have a history of TSS, ask your doctor's advice before using Claricup™
Never use petroleum products (Vaseline), essential oils, corrosive cleaners, perfumed soaps or dish soap to clean your Claricup™.

Product Specification

100% antimicrobial & biocompatible medical grade silicone

Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (2) Width (2) Depth (2)

Product code: 718545


The cardboard box containing your claricup and its claribox can be recycled in the appropriate paper bins.

Product Uses

Size L is recommended for women with a heavy flow and/or who had a vaginal delivery. Wash your hands thoroughly before use. Fold your Claricup™ into a punch down fold or a U shape, insert your Claricup™, once your Claricup™ is full, remove your Claricup™, firmly pinch the base of your cup and squeeze to release the seal, gently pull the stem or the base of your cup, empty/clean/decontaminate Claricup™, reuse your Claricup™.

Tips & Advice

Size S is recommended for women with a light to normal flow and who never had children or a vaginal delivery. Wash your hands thoroughly before use. Check to make sure the holes a the top of your Claricup™ are correctly pierced. Clean your Claricup™ with hot water and Clarigyna intimate wash or a gentle soap and rinse thoroughly with water. Always release the seal by pinching the base of your Claricup™ to let air in, before pulling on the stem. The stem can be trimmed to the desired length. More details about using Claricup™ can be found in the instructions leaflet supplied with the cup.*packaging may vary


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