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$( document ).ready(function() { var peeriusCarousels = document.querySelectorAll('.peerius-tiles-carousel'); console.log(peeriusCarousels); for (var i = 0; i < peeriusCarousels.length; i++) { var $objId = $('#' + peeriusCarousels[i].getAttribute('id')); if (peeriusCarousels[i].hasChildNodes()) { $objId.on('click', '.owl-item a.item__image, .owl-item a.item__productName', function() { Peerius.smartRecsClick($(this).parents('div.item__content').attr('data-id')); }); $objId.on('click', '.owl-item .add_to_cart_form button', function() { Peerius.smartRecsSendClick($(this).parents('div.item__content').attr('data-id')); }); } } });

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