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Blush Palette

Do you like to dial up or down your blush game depending on the season and how tanned your skin is? You may find that when your skin is more tanned you’ll need to use a more vibrant blusher to help it stand out. Or do you like to switch up your blusher depending on your lipstick, eyeshadow, hair colour or the clothes you’re wearing? However you choose to change your look, you want your blusher to match. To help you always get you blush right, chose a blusher palette which contains an array of different blusher shades from pink blusher, peach blusher to a rouge red blusher.

So, no matter how your skin or other makeup products may change, you’ll always find a blush to suit. Not only are these beautiful blush palette suitable for your ever changing style and taste, they help you to achieve a glowy finish too with illuminating powders which have a subtle shimmer which will allow you to easily highlight and shine, as well as contour, all in one cheeky palette.

How to apply a blush palette?

Take a blusher brush and swirl it in your chosen blusher colour and tap off any excess. You don’t want to go too overboard with a brush that has too much product, and you can always gradually build your blusher to a shade you are happy with. Smiling, brush the product over the apples of your cheeks for a natural blush. For your highlight and contour, apply this as you usually would along the highs and hollows of your cheeks.
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