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Black Friday Health and Fitness Deals

Get back on track with your health and fitness goals with Black Friday offers that you won’t be able to resist.

Give your body a much-needed boost of vitamins to be fighting fit against any virus and to put a spring back in your step, as well as weight loss meal replacements and shakes to help you shed the pounds on your body and save the pounds in your purse. Snap up our Superdrug Black Friday savings as they’re too good to miss as Black Friday deals like this only come round once a year.

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XLS-Medical Fat Binder 1 Month Pack 180 Tablets

£59.99 each 33.33p per 1tb

Slimfast 7 Day Variety Kit
Sorry, Store Pick-up Only

£20.00 each £1.86 per 100g

Shreddy Chocolate Cookie Dough Protein

£15.00 each was £20.00 £2.94 per 100g

Shreddy French Vanilla Protein

£15.00 each was £20.00 £2.94 per 100g

Shreddy Salted Caramel Ice Cream Protein

£15.00 each was £20.00 £2.94 per 100g

Shreddy Peach Iced Tea Daily Dose Multi-Vitamin Drink 240g

£16.50 each was £22.00 £6.88 per 100g