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Philips 4-in-1 healthy baby food maker SCF875/01

by Avent

139 Health & Beautycard points


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Effortless nutritious baby meals


Unique steam technology
Steaming is a healthy way of cooking. Our unique technology lets the steam circulate upwards from the bottom, making sure all the ingredients are evenly cooked without boiling.
Steam, flip and blend
You'll find everything you need to make nutritious baby food in one single jar. Once your ingredients are steamed, all you have to do is lift the jar, flip it over and lock it in place, so you can blend to your desired consistency.
Food for every weaning stage
From very finely blended fruit and vegetables to combining ingredients and finally offering chunkier textures. Our 4-in-1 healthy baby food maker supports every step of the way.
Unique 4-in-1 design
The 4-in-1 healthy baby food maker enables you to prepare nutritious homemade meals, all in the same jar. You can serve the food immediately or store it in the container included, and reheat it later on with the easy-to-use reheating or defrosting functions.
Tasty and nutritious recipes
With the help of child nutritionist Dr. Emma Williams, we offer weaning advice, along with tasty, fresh cooked recipes and meal ideas to help you give your baby a healthy start in life and to set good, lifelong eating habits.
Multiple meals in one go
The 4-in-1 healthy baby food maker also helps you save precious time and plan ahead. The jar has a 1000ml capacity, so you can cook up to four meals at one time. Serve one meal and store three in your fridge or freezer for later.
Easy to clean
Even when you've finished cooking your meals, the 4-in-1 healthy baby food maker is very practical. The jar and blade are dishwasher safe, and with its open design, the water tank is easy to clean and refill, allowing you to cook with clean steam, every time.
Download and discover more
Download the app for advice on weaning your little one. Find nutritious and easy-to-prepare recipes that keep step with your baby as they're growing. Read step-by-step cooking guides, watch fun and informative videos and find many useful tips and tricks to help make weaning as smooth as possible.
Beeps when ready
A distinctive beep will tell you when the food is cooked to perfection. All you need to do is flip the jar, blend and serve or store for later use.


We understand that nutritious food is essential to your baby's healthy development. The Philips Avent healthy baby food maker helps you prepare tasty homemade meals, tailored to your baby's needs, in a simple way.

Warnings or Restrictions

Check that the voltage indicated on the appliance
corresponds to the local mains voltage before you
connect the appliance.
Do not use the appliance if the plug, the power cord
or the appliance itself is damaged. If the power cord is damaged, you must have it replaced by Philips; a service
center authorised by Philips or similarly qualified persons
in order to avoid a hazard.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible
for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not
play with the appliance (including accessories).
Keep the appliance and its cord out of the reach of
children (including accessories).
Do not touch the blades, especially when the appliance
is plugged in. The blades are very sharp.
Take care when handling the sharp blades, emptying the
jar, and during cleaning.
If the blades become stuck, unplug the appliance before
you remove the ingredients blocking the blades.
The appliance gets hot during or shortly after steaming(especially surfaces with this symbol ) and may
cause burns when touched. Only lift the jar by its handle. Hot steam comes out of the jar during steaming and
when its lid is removed.
Beware of hot steam that comes out of the water tank
when you open its lid.
When the steaming cycle is finished, hot steam will
continue to come out of the steam outlet on the water tank lid and the steam hole in the jar for some time. Be careful when you lift the jar off the water tank.
If the appliance is used improperly, hot steam could
escape from the edge of the water tank lid. Refer to the
Troubleshooting chapter for preventing or resolving
this. Take extra caution when pouring hot liquid into the jar as the liquid may splash.
Always put previously blended food in the storage pot if you want to reheat or defrost food with this appliance.
Do not use this appliance to chop hard and sticky
Never use bleach or chemical sterilizing solutions/tablets
in the appliance.
Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaners or aggressive
liquids such as gasoline, acetone or alcohol to clean the
Always let the appliance cool down for 10 minutes after
one steaming cycle before you start steaming again.
Do not let the appliance blend for more than 30 seconds at a time. If you have not finished blending after 30 seconds, release the button to stop blending and wait a few seconds before you continue. If the main unit
becomes hot, let it cool down for a few minutes before
you continue.
Never put water or any other liquid in the jar for steaming
to avoid damaging the appliance.
Always remove the storage pot lid before using the pot
to heat up food in a microwave.

Product Specification


Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (2) Width (2) Depth (2)

Product code: 699601


see local recycling

Product Uses

Before first use: Remove all packaging material from the appliance.
Clean all parts thoroughly before first use. Refer to the chapter Cleaning
and descaling. Make sure that the water in the tank does not exceed the MAX water level marking on the side of the water tank (250 ml) or the MAX water level
indication in the water tank.

Tips & Advice

We recommend running one steaming cycle with an empty jar before using the appliance for the first time. Refer to chapters Filling the water tank and Steamingin the user manual,. We recommend using soft or purified water, as the minerals in mineral or tap
water cause limescale buildup to occur more quickly inside the water tank.


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