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    Babyliss Silky & Smooth Shaver 8663

    Babyliss Silky & Smooth Shaver 8663

    Introducing the BaByliss 8663DU Silky Smooth Shaver; A Silky Smooth shaver with hypoallergenic shaving foil to minimise irritation

    Dual trimmers cut longer hair for an ultra smooth finish. Can be used wet in the shower or dry. Battery operated for convenient cordless use.

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    Braun Silk Epil 5 Purple - Leg Epilator 5180

    Braun Silk Epil 5 Purple - Leg Epilator 5180

    Designed for efficient, long-lasting and extra gentle hair removal, the new Silk-pil 5 is ideal for women who are new to epilation. It includes Close-Grip technology with 40 tweezers that even remove short and fine hair.

    It also has a comfort system with massage rollers that stimulate the skin, plus a cooling glove to soothe after epilation.

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    Philips Wet And Dry Ladyshave HP6341/00

    Philips Wet And Dry Ladyshave HP6341/00

    With this all-round Ladyshave you can shave your whole body quickly, easily and safely.

    The secret is the small shaving head that cuts quickly while protecting your skin. A soft and smooth feeling after every use!

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    Rio Total Body Waxing

    Rio Total Body Waxing

    Total Body Waxing includes traditional soft wax for waxing larger areas, such as arms and legs, and salon hard wax for more sensitive areas such as the bikini line, underarm and facial hair. Hard wax is applied directly without the use of strips for quick precision hair removal.

    The wax heater is great for home use. Your complete kit for waxing at home.

    Contents: compact heater, soft wax, salon hard wax, 20 spatulas, wax strips, wax remover and DVD. Contents may vary.


  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Deluxe soft and salon hard wax
  • Rapid heat up
  • 20 worth of wax and waxing accessories included
  • includes waxing DVD
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