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B. Home > B. Get the look > Boost your look with blusher

Step 1: Prepare your skin

Prepare the skin by applying a light coverage foundation such as B. Naked, Light Hydrating Foundation. Apply a thin layer all over the face using your fingertips to blend.

B. Naked Light Hydrating Foundation Linen 10

Earn 4.49 Point
now 4.49
save 4.50
was 8.99
£1.50 per 10ml
In Stock

Step 2: Boost

Boost your look by adding colour to the face with B. Cheeky, Blusher. Try B. Cheeky, in Candy Cane. Start from the apple of the cheeks, blending up towards the hairline. Remember, you can always build the colour up, so apply in layers.

B. Cheeky Blusher Macaroon 130

Earn 2.99 Point
now 2.99
save 3.00
was 5.99
£99.67 per 100g
In Stock

Step 3: To finish

Finish the look with a slick of B. Glossy, Shimmering Lip Gloss.

B. Glossy Shimmering Lip Gloss Champagne 121

Earn 3.49 Point
now 3.49
save 3.50
was 6.99
£10.58 per 10ml
In Stock