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Diet & Fitness

Think fit and focus on healthy living for a happier, more positive you! It is easy to get distracted while busily trying to enjoy life, and so finding small wins to build into the everyday is an ideal solution. Your diet should contain SuperFoods such as salmon and almonds, top this goodness up by including vitamins into your routine for an easy boost. Did you know getting enough sleep and drinking at least 2 litres of water a day contributes to a faster metabolism? It's true! So drop the tape measure, stay off the scales and love your body instead. Whether your goal is to gain, sustain or lose weight, it's a combination of small positive steps that make a big difference to your long-term health.

  • Meal Replacement
    Maintaining a healthy eating plan on the go can be a dieter's nightmare, busy lives and 5.2 diet followers will appreciate our nutritious and varied Meal Replacement range.

  • Sports & Protein
    Amp up your workout with protein shakes which are fab for improving recovery after exercise. Protein makes you feel fuller for longer- which helps with weight loss too!

  • Diet Supplements
    Give your healthy eating plan a boost with dietary supplements that can help to speed up weight loss by gently speeding up your metabolism.

  • Detox & Superfoods
    Your wellbeing will improve from introducing detox and SuperFoods into your diet- even if you're not following a strict detox program, the additional benefits are plentiful!

  • Where do you fall down?
    Take time to eat well, drink plenty of water and sleep as much as you can. Introduce exercise into your routine and remember to love yourself, think happy thoughts and enjoy life!

  • Free From Foods & Healthy Snacks
    Keep sensitive tummies happy with choices from our Free-From Foods range. Snacks can be guilt-free on-the-go with healthy bites to sustain you between meals.