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On some rare occasions you may still be receiving email from us even though you have unsubscribed. This is because you may have tried to unsubscribe with different email address than the one you signed up with or you're signed up to another of our newsletter lists.

For webmail users like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. You will need to send an email to with unsubscribe as the subject. You must make sure that you are sending the email from the address you signed up with, otherwise it won't work and you'll still receive newsletters from us.

If you use an email client like Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, or Mac Mail. You can click here to open your email client and it will fill in the details for you, all you need to do is click send.

The unsubscribe function will only work when it receives an email from the address in our database. So it won't work if you are being forwarded emails from other people or if you have changed name and your previous email address is forwarding mail automatically to your new address.