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You don't have to spend big on visiting the salon when there are plenty of ways to get a sun kissed glow without leaving the comfort of your home!

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Our Guide to Faking it!


Starting off on the right path will help you achieve a gorgeous summer glow, so 24 hours before you tan grab a mitt and and get exfoliating. Freshly invigorated skin will hold a flawless tan for longer, ensure smooth, even coverage and enable it to fade more naturally. This is also the perfect time to remove any unwanted hairs so your skin has time to recover!

For best results: Do not exfoliate too hard, gently massage your skin using Garnier tonic scrub as you need some of the amino acids that occur naturally on your skin to help the tan to develop.


Moisturising will help make sure your tan absorbs evenly into the skin. Tan tends to cling to the dry patches on your hands, elbows, ankles and knees which can leave the dreaded dark patches! Try using Garnier Intensive 7 day gel cream peach its non-greasy and quick absorbing!

Be careful not to moisturise just before you tan because if the moisturiser hasn't dried properly, it's a sure-fire way to getting a streaky uneven tan.


To make tanning easy we recommend that you always wear gloves or a mitt when applying the tan, that way you'll avoid those tell-tale orange palms! Rub the tan in circular motions until it's absorbed into the skin, don't forget your knees, elbows and toes. St Tropez self-tan mousse is our favourite bronzer it dries in just 60 seconds, is oil-free and compliments your skin tone!

If you are looking for a subtle glow and are not used to self-tan, why not use St Tropez gradual tan body as an easy way to build colour. Use every day in the same way you would a normal moisturiser.


Carry on using the Garnier Intensive 7 day gel cream peach moisturiser to keep skin hydrated and the tan to last longer

Tantastic tips

Need that sun kissed look in a hurry?
Try a bronzing gel. This will give you a quick burst of natural colour. One application will give you a warm golden glow!

Oh no...ended up a shade darker than you intended?
Don't panic, you can fade the colour by gently exfoliating, or try using a tan corrector. These come in handy wipes that can easily remove any tanning mishaps!

Nails stained by fake tan?
Clean up with nail varnish remover.

Haven't quite gone dark enough?
Once you're sure the tannter has completely absorbed into your skin, and is fully developed, apply another coat.

It's time to unleash those pins! We have all the tips you need to get super smooth legs for summer.

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Exfoliating will expose small hairs from under the skin, remove dead skin cells and prep your legs for hair removal.


Garnier Tonic Scrub - the formula contains a unique mixture of sugar, exfoliating particles and natural apple fruit extract to leave skin silky soft!

Exfoliating gloves -The ultimate body scrubbers. Work up from the feet using sweeping motions, making sure you don't skip an inch.


Like fake tans, choosing from the many varieties of hair removal methods can be confusing and time consuming. We have simplified all the different methods with the all-important pain factor rating!


What you need: A razor. You may need to experiment with razors until you find the perfect one for you. Razor with lubricated strips, pivoting heads and spring-mounted multiple blades work the best. Why not try Venus Pro Skin Sensitive Blade

What it does: Cuts the hair off the skins surface

Best on: Legs and underarms

Lasts: Up to two days

Pain factor: Nil - but use a shave cream or gel to avoid nicks and razor burns! Quick fix tip - hair conditioner works a treat!

How: Apply a shaving cream or gel, shave upwards and then downwards, rinse & moisturise!


What you need: A cream formulated for the area you want to treat. We recommend Veet suprem'Essence Hair Removal Cream 90ml

What it does: Dissolves the hair just under the skins surface

Best for: Anywhere. You can use Depilatory creams on almost any part of your body

Lasts: Up to two weeks

Pain factor: Nil - unless you leave it on for too long. Always use the time stated in instructions as a guide.


Hair growth needs to around a 1/4 inch so the wax is able to stick to it.

What you need: Wax strips or wax and a spatula. Our favourites are Veet ready to use wax strips or Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit

What it does: Pulls the hair out right at the root

Best for: All body areas, from the legs, to the bikini to the face.

Lasts: Four to six weeks

Pain factor: Medium to high. It varies from person to person. It's over before you know it

How: Dust legs with talcum powder first to dry up any skin oils, which may prevent the wax from sticking. Working in small sections, apply hot wax wax in the direction of hair growth. Before wax cools, firmly press a strip to the applied area, leave for 2-3 seconds and pull quickly in the direction of hair growth.


Pick up a super-rich moisturiser to hydrate the skin. At night, use a lotion with gradual tanning properties so you awake with a golden glow!


St Tropez Gradual Tan - infused with aloe vera this nourishing moisturiser gradually builds up a gorgeous glow.

Garnier Intensive 7 day Gel Moisturiser - non greasy...quick absorbing...lightweight texture, what more could we ask for!

Baring your feet in summer can be almost as scary as wearing a revealing bikini. After a winter of being stuffed into thick socks and boots, your feet may be looking a little less than sweet. Your first port of call should be an expert DIY pedicure!

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Add some bath creme to a bowl of warm water and soak feet for 15-20minutes. As well as cleansing your feet, this will soften your skin, cuticles and nails ready for your pedicure! A treat for the feet is I love... Strawberries & Milkshake Bath Creme.


Dry feet and rub a couple of drops of Andrea Fulerton Cuticle Eraser Gel into the bed of each toenail. Gently push back cuticles with an orangewood stick. Using toenail clippers trim your nails, cutting straight across and then file over the edges in one direction to straighten and neaten the nail.


Refill the bowl with clean water, and thoroughly exfoliate both feet with a coarse foot scrub and rinse them clean. Remove hard skin and dead skin cells with a foot file or pumice stone.


Rinse off the scrub and rub a generous portion of Scholl dry skin recovery cream into your feet to soften and hydrate your skin.


Wipe nails with Superdrug Nourishing Nail Polish Remover before slipping in a pair of foam toe separators, this will remove any excess oils and prevent your polish from chipping. Apply a base coat to strengthen your nails and protect them from staining.


Pastel shades have been spotted all over the catwalk for Summer 2012, Barry M have a gorgeous selection of ice cream shades Mushroom, Peach Melba or Mint. Apply three strips of polish, one up the centre, then one on either side. Let it dry completely before you apply the next coat. Follow with a topcoat to seal for longer lasting colour. This will make your nail polish last longer.
Smudge or chip dilemma, don't panic! Dab your fingertip in nail vanish remover to smooth over the surface, and then reapply colour and top coat.


Apply top coat every few days to keep colour looking fresh - and to prevent colour from chipping

Keep your feet silky smooth by a light daily foot exfoliator

Moisturise your feet with a lotion daily. This will keep them feeling soft and supple.