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Dove - Maximum protection
Dove Maximum Protection anti-perspirant cares for skin

Dove Maximum Protection is the ideal antiperspirant for women who want to feel beautiful but need strength too. It is scientifically proven to give protection against wetness and at the same time moisturises underarm skin with Dove 1/4 moisturising cream. What's more, it features a signature fragrance to leave you feeling clean, fresh, and beautiful, making it the ultimate combination of protection and care.

The best part? Dove Maximum Protection is 2x stronger than the leading antiperspirant*.

What could a little more support, a little more confidence, a little more strength do for you?

*2x protection against sweat based on clinical trials


I am very impressed with Dove Maximum Protection. It feels really soft when it goes on, I feel dry and confident all day long and it doesn't make any marks on my clothes. It's everything you would want in a deodrant.

Having tried Dove maximum protection for a week, my first impressions are very positive. It is really easy to apply, and doesn't feel clammy like a lot of other anti-perspirants do. I've had problems with other high protection products causing irritation. But so far, Dove seems to be great!

I was very impressed with Dove Maximum Protection. I don't usually use a cream based deodorant but I loved the way it smelt and it absorbed into my skin in no time. The scent lasted all day and kept me feeling fresh and clean.

*Independent reviews by consumer "Bzz agents" who have been given Dove Maximum Protection to test