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Bourjois - Your Power Brows Masterclass
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  • First, identify the natural shape of your brow. Hold your Bourjois Eyebrow pencil parallel to your nose on each side and tilt to positions A, B & C on the diagram to find the  points of your brow.
  • Expert Tip
  • Step 1 - Using your brow pencil, lightly define your brow shape, applying the pencil in small short lines to mimic your natural brow hairs.
  • Step 2 - Brush through your brows with the small brush on the end of Bourjois' Eyebrow Pencil to blend out the colour and soften any harsh lines.
  • Step 3 - To set the look and hold the hairs in place, comb through brows with Bourjois’ Eyebrow mascara.
  • Find your perfect shade of Bourjois' Eyebrow pencil
  • Bourjois Brow Pencils Blond Clair
  • Bourjois Brow Pencils Noisette
  • Bourjois Brow Pencils Brunette
  • Bourjois Brow Pencils Chatain