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Ted Baker London

Ted Baker

Designed with the same unswerving attention to details as his menswear, womenswear and accessories collections, TED BAKER fragrances appeal to style-conscious men and women who trust Ted to help make an unforgettable impression and to deliver something out of the ordinary.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker

Introducing TED BAKER ESQ

While Ted Baker's travels around the world have become the stuff of legend, it was his triumphant return to Britain in 1988 that saw him establish himself as a shirting specialist of some repute.

Ted quickly went on to develop a wide range of exceptional menswear and womenswear designs, not to mention all manner of stylish accessories.

Having set the standard, Ted knows that everyone has to come to expect something a little different... and he hates to disappoint.

TED BAKER Fragrances

Having ensured the stylishness of his customers' wardrobes, Ted's keen sense of smell led him to concoct a wide collection of fine fragrances - lovingly crafted and liberally spiced with his irreverent personality and irresistible style.

After all, while love may be blind, Ted's always believed it has a keen sense of smell.

Ted Baker