We have to say, 2016’s meme game has been very strong. And what better way to see in the New Year than by showing you a small selection of our faves? From highlighting goals to winged liner that we’ll forever be in awe of, we’ve got it covered…

We just couldn’t help but laugh at this one – but HOW incredibly on point is that flick?!

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This is how we look every time we get our hands on a new glow palette…

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… and THIS is how we feel!

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Cat lovers, contain yourselves. Not only is this one of the cutest kitties we’ve ever seen, but LOOK how well lined her eyes are! Total. Goals.

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Five minutes? Pah. It takes way longer than that to perfect our contour.

Anyone else feel like this when they have a near miss with an eyeshadow palette and a concrete floor?!

Everyone’s guilty of this one. You’ve had a long day, you get into bed, kick back and rela… OH, WAIT A MINUTE. 

If you can’t quite master the art of dabbing in dance form, fear not… the beauty blending sponge has always got your back!