Perfume. Set of Various Woman Perfumes

Spraying on your favourite scent can be a very personal experience – a  small spritz can often evoke forgotten memories and feelings.

Although fragrances are popular, there are a few misconceptions about how and when they should be worn. Spraying a scent incorrectly will either result in the fragrance not lasting for long enough, or the scent may even change altogether.

Perfume. Set of Various Woman Perfumes

Here’s a list of fragrance dos and don’ts as well as a few hints to help you make the perfect summer selection.

Fragrance Do’s

Target Pulse Points

Traditionally, you might spritz perfume onto your wrist. However, this method is a thing of the past as there are far better areas of the body to spray your perfume onto to help increase its longevity.

Target areas where blood vessels are closer to your skin’s ‘pulse points’ as this is where most heat will be given off. Good areas to focus on include your ankles, behind your knees, décolleté and near your elbows.

Spray After Moisturising

The perfect time to spray aftershave or perfume is right after moisturising as moisturised skin holds fragrance better.  After a shower,  your pores are also open and able to soak up both moisture and scent.

To find your morning spritz, choose bright, light and fun notes that are ‘physically refreshing’. Look for fragrances that contain citrus blends such as lemon, orange and grapefruit – all of which add a little zest and freshness to your aroma. Water-based notes capture ocean breezes and ozonic fusions will keep your scent clean, crisp and refreshing.

Lightly Spritz

If you want to apply perfume correctly, a little restraint goes a long way. Spraying fragrance into the air not only creates a mist  and goes to waste, but it may also lead to lightly coloured clothes and jewellery becoming stained.

Instead, opt for a light spritz – roughly  two or three times at close range on the pulse points  mentioned earlier.

Match Your Body Spray and Fragrance

This doesn’t just apply to your body spray, but also soaps and body washes. Although you might love the body wash you’ve been using for years, the scent may be a complete mismatch with your fragrance.

Be careful – mismatched scents  or too many scents mixed together can be a little overwhelming to the senses. The best option is to use a very light natural body spray as this won’t overpower or alter your perfume or aftershave.

Fragrance Don’ts

Store in Extreme Temperatures

The best place to store your perfume or aftershave is in a cool, dry area. Although you may want to show off your scent on a windowsill or in the bathroom, direct sunlight or moist air won’t do it any favours.

Direct sunlight or other extreme elements can completely change  a product’s composition, so your sweet-smelling scent may become something entirely different.  It can also happen in as little as a few months!

Dab, Roll or Rub

Dabbing, rolling or rubbing on your perfume or aftershave is a big no-no! Doing any of these things  will damage or negatively affect your scent.

Although rollerball applicators might seem very convenient, every time you roll the perfume it becomes more and more contaminated with your skins’ natural oils, which gradually degrades the scent.

Rubbing the fragrance after it’s been sprayed onto your skin is another mistake. Rather than releasing the scent, it actually bruises the notes and this will affect its overall smell and longevity.

Applying perfume behind the ear lobes is also a common mistake. This can mix with substances that the skin releases and gives off an unpleasant odour.

Wear the Same Fragrance All Year

Over time, you may get used to a particular scent and its attraction will seem to fade. It makes sense to change your fragrance seasonally as spring and summer notes are very different to autumn and winter notes. And what’s more, the change won’t go unnoticed as people will compliment your new aroma!

It’s also a good idea to change your scent day and night. As the sun sets, stronger notes such as jasmine, musk and patchouli are a great choice. These branch into the woody oriental realm, which is perfectly suited to evening events. Although they may be heavier, these scents will last throughout the night.

How Often Should a Fragrance be Applied?

Generally a fragrance should be reapplied every 5-7 hours, but this can  depend on the quality of the fragrance and how potent its base notes are. A scent is broken down into three distinct notes and over time, one note will fade as another becomes more prominent.

As the name suggests, top notes are the first scents you’ll smell after spritzing, which can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours and are normally floral or citrusy.

Heart notes, also known as middle notes, are introduced after top notes. They don’t usually appear until 3-5 hours after the fragrance has been sprayed.

The final notes are base notes, which are stronger and bolder as well as being the foundation of an entire scent. These can last anywhere from 5-10 hours and are normally earthy smells such as wood and musk.