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Lady Gaga Perfume

Never one to accept the status quo, Lady Gaga's first signature fragrance challenges every existing industry standard. Where there was light, she brings darkness. Where there was transparency, she brings mystery. Where there was fruit, she demanded poison. The result is Lady Gaga Fame, an opulent, crushed-floral fragrance that's black in colour like the soul of fame but transparent once airborne.View the Lady Gaga Signature Collection Microsite
  • Lady GaGa Fame 30ml EDP Gift Set

    Lady GaGa Fame 30ml EDP Gift Set

    now 12.00
    save 12.00
    was 24.00
    Earn 12.00 Point
  • Lady Gaga Fame 100ml

    Lady Gaga Fame 100ml

    now 20.00
    save 34.00
    was 54.00
    £20.00 per 100ml
    Earn 20.00 Point
  • Lady Gaga Fame 30ml

    Lady Gaga Fame 30ml

    now 10.00
    save 14.00
    was 24.00
    80.00 per 100ml
    Earn 10.00 Point
  • Lady Gaga Fame 50ml

    Lady Gaga Fame 50ml

    now 31.00
    £62.00 per 100ml
    Earn 31.00 Point
  • Lady Gaga Fame 50ml EDP Gift Set

    Lady Gaga Fame 50ml EDP Gift Set

    now 15.50
    save 15.50
    was 31.00
    Earn 15.50 Point
  • Lady Gaga Fame Soap

    Lady Gaga Fame Soap

    now 4.99
    save 5.00
    was 9.99
    £3.51 per 100g
    Earn 4.99 Point