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Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser

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Product Information

Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser

TensCare Elise digital Pelvic Floor Muscle Exerciser stimulates your pelvic floor muscle with the touch of a button to help treat all forms of incontinence - Stress, Mixed and Urge.


Features include:
- Comfortable Stimulation
- Easy Start - One Touch Memory - The Elise remembers the last programme and strength setting used.
- Clinically tested programmes
- Safety Duration Override - Ensuring that the pelvic floor muscle is not overworked.
- Rechargeable Li-ion battery

Incontinence is a common problem for women, affecting their long term quality of life. 1 in 3 women of all ages ? to 50% of women over 40 will suffer from some form of bladder weakness during their lives; be it post child birth or later in life as pelvic floor muscles weaken. Exercising the pelvic floor muscle is recognised as the most effective way of preventing and treating symptoms of incontinence. Yet, 1 in 3 women do not know how or are unable to voluntarily exercise their pelvic floor muscle themselves and require assistance.


The Elise can see such an evidently common problem treated in one safe, discreet and easy-to-use solution. This portable EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) unit helps by building the muscle strength whilst educating women how to control their pelvic floor muscles.

The Elise has four preset programmes, one for each type of incontinence (Stress, Mixed and Urge) and a fourth for toning the pelvic floor muscles. All four programmes have been clinical proven with patients demonstrating a considerable improvement in a few weeks, freeing women of containment pads and possible surgery.

The Elise is the first electrotherapy unit to use a slimline rechargeable Li-ion battery. It gives a long and slender profile in a well tried format.

The Elise, through a vaginal probe or pads, sends a gentle stimulation to your pelvic floor muscles using clinically recognised programmes. The Elise works the pelvic floor muscles for you and helps you to develop your own muscle control. Use in conjunction with Kegel exercises for best results

Warnings or Restrictions

Do NOT use the Elise under the following circumstances:
- If you have a heart pacemaker or a heart rhythm problem
- If you are pregnant
- If you have been diagnosed or treated for cervical, or any pelvic, cancer
- If you have, or have had epilepsy
- Whilst driving, or during any activity in which involuntary muscle contractions may put the user at undue risk of injury
- Within 12 weeks of surgery in the area. Scars should be fully healed before use
- If you have a urinary infection or any skin irritations within the vagina
- If you have a SEVERE prolapse, or any discomfort occurs when inserting the probe, consult your medical advisor before use
- If you use a copper IUD

Keep in a cool and clean environment. Remove battery from your Elise machine if the unit is unlikely to be used for a long period.

Product Specification


Size (110) Unit (G) Height (4.5) Width (24) Depth (6)

How to Use

Product Uses


- Remove the back cover and insert rechargeable Li-ion battery
- Connect the lead to the probe and the USB plug into the machine
- Insert the probe with the two silver plates side to side, one silver plate on the left and the other on the right. Insert leaving the flat plastic end visible
- Turn on by holding the top ON / OFF button
- Press P to select your programme of choice
- Increase the intensity by pressing the + button until you reach a comfortable strength of stimulation
- Note: Once you have reached a comfortable level, four seconds after you stop pressing the button, the intermittent work/rest phase will start
- Your Elise will count down from 20 minutes. 20 minutes is the recommended daily usage time

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