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Shadow folding adjustable Switch Stick

Shadow folding adjustable Switch Stick

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Product Information

Shadow folding adjustable Switch Stick

Switch Sticks® has revolutionized institutional walking aids into fun, giftable, fashionable accessories. We have a full line of walking sticks with bold, contemporary and colorful designs, helping consumers age independently with confidence, dignity and style.


Lightweight and strong, Switch Sticks folding walking sticks come in a wide range of elegant and contemporary designs to compliment your wardrobe and are made from high quality aluminum, with shaped wooden handles for comfort. Includes a co-ordinating wrist strap, velcro band, rubber ferrule and discreet weatherproof carry bag for handy storage when folded. They are rigorously tested to British Standards. Safe & secure with CE certification. Conveniently adjusts from 32 - 37 in 1 increments to support varying user heights.


Switch Sticks is the range of award-winning stylish walking aids that keep people moving and looking good. They are the latest fashion accessory and doing to walking aids, what SwatchTM did to watches; making a dull functional item, fashionable and fun.

Warnings or Restrictions

Supports up to 264 lbs

Product Specification


Lightweight, high grade aluminium


Size (0) Unit (EA) Height (30) Width (17) Depth (5)



How to Use

Product Uses

1. Remove protective packaging. 2. To unfold, gently shake the stick by the handle so all the sections fall into place and automatically lock. 3. To re-fold, pull apart at each joint and fold the sections back on themselves. If the stick is difficult to re-fold, simply tap the bottom of the stick on the ground, at an angle a few times and it should be easier to re-fold. 4. Judging the length of the stick: Stand with weight evenly on both feet (wearing usual shoes), look straight ahead with arms relaxed by your sides (remember not to hunch up shoulders or lean forward!). Then ask someone to measure from the prominent bone of the wrist to the floor; this is the length of walking stick required. 5. To adjust the length of the stick: (a) Unscrew the safety locking band by turning clockwise once to loosen. (b) Press in the pin at the top of the stick and slide the top section up or down to a more comfortable height, then simply pop the pin back into the appropriate hole, making sure it is fully released. (c) Re-tighten the safety locking band and you’re off!

Tips & Advice

Although Switch Sticks are carefully designed and manufactured to very high standards, using some of the