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Pantoloc Control 20mg Gastro-Resistant Tablets - 7 Tablets

Pantoloc Control 20mg Gastro-Resistant Tablets - 7 Tablets

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Product Information

Pantoloc Control 20mg Gastro-Resistant Tablets - 7 Tablets

Pantoloc Control is used to relieve heartburn.

This is a Pharmacy Medicine item. We will ask you to complete a questionnaire to ensure this is appropriate for you which our pharmacist will check.


Gastro-resistant tablet.
Yellow, oval biconvex film-coated tablets imprinted with P20 in brown ink on one side


You may start to experience symptomatic relief after approximately one day of treatment with pantoprazole, but it might be necessary to take it for 7 days to achieve complete heartburn control.

Warnings or Restrictions

Patients should be instructed to consult a doctor if:
•They have unintentional weight loss, anaemia, gastrointestinal bleeding, dysphagia, persistent vomiting or vomiting with blood, since it may alleviate symptoms and delay diagnosis of a severe condition. In these cases, malignancy should be excluded.
•They have had previous gastric ulcer or gastrointestinal surgery.
•They are on continuous symptomatic treatment of indigestion or heartburn for 4 or more weeks.
•They have jaundice, hepatic impairment, or liver disease. They have any other serious disease affecting general well-being. They are aged over 55 years with new or recently changed symptoms.

•Please consult your pharmacist or doctor before using this medicine if you are currently pregnant, likely to get pregnant or breastfeeding.
•Please consult your pharmacist or doctor if you are currently taking any other medicines as this may cause an interaction.
•If you think you may be allergic to any of the ingredients contained in this medicine, please seek medical advice before taking.
•If you have any questions after you have bought this medication, please speak to your pharmacist.

Product Specification


Active ingredients: pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate
Other ingredients:
Core: Sodium carbonate, anhydrous, Mannitol (E421), Crospovidone, Povidone K90, Calcium stearate
Coating: Hypromellose, Povidone K25, Titanium dioxide (E171), Yellow iron oxide (E172), Propylene glycol, Methacrylic acid-ethyl acrylate copolymer (1:1), Sodium laurilsulfate, Polysorbate 80, Triethyl citrate
Printing ink: Shellac, Red iron oxide (E172), Black iron oxide (E172), Yellow iron oxide (E172), Ammonia solution, concentrated


Size (7) Unit (TB) Height (4.4) Width (11.3) Depth (1.6)

How to Use

Product Uses

Take one tablet (20mg) per day.

Pantoloc Control 20mg gastro-resistant tablets should not be chewed or crushed, and should be swallowed whole with liquid before a meal.