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Oxysept 1 Step 30 Day Pack

Oxysept 1 Step 30 Day Pack

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Product Information

Oxysept 1 Step 30 Day Pack

Range: Oxysept 1step System

A powerful, hydrogen peroxide based, disinfecting and neutralising system for soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogels


Oxysept 1step with delayed release tablet technology allows soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogels, to be disinfected in one simple step. This offers powerful protection against a broad range of bacteria and microorganisms

Warnings or Restrictions

# Always read the manufacturers instruction before use

# Do not put un neutralised Oxysept 1step disinfection solution directly into your eye.

# Do not put un neutralised lenses directly into the eye.

# Should this happen remove lenses and rinse the eye with water seek advise from your eye care professional

Product Specification


Hydrogen Peroxide 3.0%, Catalase (0.1Mg/Tablet), Subtilisin, (0.4Mg/Tablet) Ocupure Preservative, 0.005%


Size (30) Unit (EA) Height (20.2) Width (7.6) Depth (7.2)

How to Use

Product Uses

# Always read maufacturers instructions before using product

# Use the specially designed Oxysept lenscase

# Either clean your lens with separate cleaner or rinse with sterile saline solution

# Place the lenses in correct lenscase basket

# Fill lenscase with Oxysept 1 disinfection solution to the line on case

# Add Oxysept 1step neutralising tablet.

# Place the Lensbasket into the disinfecting solution and close the lenscase tightly

# When the lenscase is tightly closed invert it 3x times to ensure the inside of the lenscase is fully disinfected.

# After a few minutes air bubbles will form on the surface of the tablet and foaming may occur.

# The solution will turn light pink indicating the tablet has been placed in the case and starting to disolve.

# The pink solution does NOT indicate neutralisation

# Lenses should be left in solution for a minimum of 6 hours or overnight.

# Lenses are now ready to wear. Discard the used solution and rinse case with sterile saline and leave to air dry.

# If unopened the lenses can be stored in lenscase for up to 7 days.