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Love My Skin Spotlight 3

Love My Skin Spotlight 3

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Product Information

Love My Skin Spotlight 3

Range: Love My Skin

A revolution in clearing spots with active cell regeneration.


Using red light therapy developed by NASA, but cunningly disguised to look like your favourite lipstick, the LMS Spotlight:3 can help you get rid of spots and acne, fast. It uses advanced Red Light Therapy, transmitted at a specific wavelength, to promote active cell regeneration. This speeds up the time it takes to heal and repair spots and blemishes while also reducing redness. The LMS Spotlight:3 is perfect for use on individual spots by those suffering mild to moderate acne and can be used on the face, chest, neck and back. The LMS Spotlight:3 works by increasing new skin cells by 155%* to help clear spots fast. Using Red Light Therapy, a technology developed by NASA, the LMS Spotlight is Clinically proven with no side effects, is safe and easy to use without drying your skin. *2001 Harry T Whelan Effect of NASA Light-Emitting Diode Irradiation on Wound Healing - In vitro study compared to untreated controls.

Warnings or Restrictions

Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult when using this productDo not use when pregnant.

Do not look directly into the LEDs

Anyone with (or suspected of having) photosensitive epilepsy should consult a healthcare professional.

Product Specification


Size (27) Unit (G) Height (1) Width (1) Depth (1)

How to Use

Product Uses

To use LMS Spotlights, simply hold the button for a couple of seconds to activate the therapeutic red light and hold over the affected area for as little as one minute, three times a day until the spot has gone. All LMS Spotlights are battery operated, so can be used anywhere and at any time.